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filterscript(other) Dynamic Trucker Job XStormiest 27/05/20166
filterscript(systems) Simple Anti-DDos System DavidHoward 26/05/201651
filterscript(systems) Simple SprayCan system! JawsCraft 25/05/201641
filterscript(other) MiniJob - Truck v2.0 Lzy 25/05/201638
filterscript(other) [FS]Rules Command With Dialog TheseMan 25/05/201638
filterscript(other) Simple Admin General Chat - /Schat. DropFX 25/05/201614
filterscript(systems) GTLS's Random Weather System GTLS 24/05/201636
filterscript(other) How to Add Filterscript More than 16 Samp BlackbirdXd 22/05/201677
filterscript(other) Aircraft airdrop AbyssMorgan 22/05/201657
filterscript(other) Textdraw Login Screen Meller 22/05/2016119
filterscript(other) Tuneable Cars shiftlol 22/05/201656
filterscript(other) textdraw atm click able ratxrat 22/05/201647
filterscript(other) [JOB] Player Modding TwinkiDaBoss 22/05/201675
filterscript(other) Suicide bomber [In Car or In Foot] MBilal 21/05/201643
filterscript(other) [JOB] Dynamic Garbage Collector TwinkiDaBoss 21/05/201653
filterscript(systems) Spawn protection system - unique ALiScripter 21/05/2016113
filterscript(other) Dynamic Robberies rootcause 19/05/201690
filterscript(other) Parking Slot (savable)! JawsCraft 19/05/201696
filterscript(other) Bleeding Correlli 19/05/201651
filterscript(other) CoolTuneBullet shiftlol 17/05/201687
filterscript(other) Vehicle Name Lzy 16/05/2016159
filterscript(other) Vehicle Container ! JawsCraft 16/05/201693
filterscript(other) Tuxedo Suit V.2.0 Mark_Samp 15/05/2016109
filterscript(systems) Injury System GoldenLion 14/05/2016208
filterscript(systems) Simple Vote System oMa37 13/05/2016166
filterscript(systems) Simple Bounty System [INI][TextDraws] oMa37 12/05/2016158
filterscript(other) [TDEditor] New TextDraw maker with Preview models. Badreddine 11/05/2016167
filterscript(other) GVMs - Gun Vending Machines rootcause 10/05/2016126
filterscript(other) Secure My Account [MYSQL] [BETA] [NO MORE ACCOUNT HACKINGS] Wizzard2H 09/05/2016137
filterscript(other) Server Rules Dialog Lzy 09/05/2016167
filterscript(other) DrugDealer for my server ! JawsCraft 09/05/2016114
filterscript(systems) Simple Dodge system by !Pumpkin !Pumpkin 08/05/2016135
filterscript(other) MAP MOVER 2.1 (Supports textures, new cursor move mode!) adri1 07/05/2016116
filterscript(other) Create a free SAMP Server 100 slots FTP,MYSQLDB,PANEL StAnCeD 07/05/2016319
filterscript(other) MiniJob--DrugDealer Lzy 07/05/2016143
filterscript(other) Minijob--Simple Trucker Lzy 07/05/2016120
filterscript(other) Anti / Detect > s0b sob s0b.eit < Only BlueEclipse Scriptery 06/05/2016206
filterscript(other) Tuxedo Suit Mark_Samp 06/05/201691
filterscript(other) Teleport script using lolcode. Wizzard2H 05/05/201696
filterscript(other) Minijob--Harvet Farm Lzy 05/05/2016114
filterscript(other) Roadblocks By DJRambo (Useful for Roleplay Modes) DJRambo 05/05/2016109
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Faction System [SQL | EasyDB] Private200 04/05/2016178
filterscript(systems) Yet Another Banking System rootcause 04/05/2016188
filterscript(other) Advanced TextDraw Creator! yton 03/05/2016133
filterscript(other) New Texture studio 0.3.7 yton 01/05/2016176
filterscript(systems) SS_Gang System [SQLITE] By Sreyas Sreyas 27/04/2016326
filterscript(systems) C-Gang System [Saving Gangs+Many CMDS] Crosslife 26/04/2016263
filterscript(other) Mining Job by ChuckyBabe [Good for RP Servers] ChuckyBabe 24/04/2016199
filterscript(other) Server-Sided Stunt Bonus NaS 20/04/201679
filterscript(other) Video Game v.1 By DarkLight DarkLight 19/04/2016104
filterscript(systems) RoadBlock and Spikes System [Pics Included] MrEdinLaw 17/04/201628
filterscript(other) Car spawner (clickable text draws) UltraScripter 16/04/2016125
filterscript(systems) Advanced DM System V 2.0 [ZCMD] Sreyas 10/04/2016130
filterscript(other) Racing/tuner decals on non-tuner vehicles! darles92 03/04/201616
filterscript(systems) Air Advanced Family System[Dynamic War,GangZone,Hq] Airblog 02/04/2016352
filterscript(systems) Burke's Admin System [v1.0a] - Based on OnPlayerClickPlayer (Simple) KevinExec 31/03/201624
filterscript(systems) Real Phone Signal System (Use Pvars to link to your Own Script) AdrianG 14/03/2016185
filterscript(systems) Weapon system with save v 1.0 By Sreyas Sreyas 15/02/2016180
filterscript(other) ☼•:. Armed_Car .:•☼ DarkLight 06/02/201614
filterscript(other) Headphones rootcause 22/01/201680
filterscript(other) Logging [Bios]Marcel 21/01/201630
filterscript(other) [MySQL] SX Events | DM/TDM/Derby/Fallout/CTP | SystemX 21/01/20168
filterscript(other) Simple Random-MSG Elegy 08/01/201615
filterscript(other) rPanel v0.1 Scripter18 31/12/201558
filterscript(systems) Yet Another Business System rootcause 19/12/201597
filterscript(other) Cops and Robbers AleemIqbal1 11/12/201579
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Gate System IceBilizard 25/11/2015133
filterscript(systems) sbAdmin - Advanced MySQL Administration System SecretBoss 04/11/20152
filterscript(other) Rules Command ALiScripter 24/10/20152906
filterscript(other) Simple /rules command Gilespi 24/10/20151970
filterscript(systems) Ban System On [MySQL] jlalt 23/10/20152676
filterscript(systems) System Event Halloween Edw 22/10/20152680
filterscript(other) NEED SCRIPT ANTI CHEAT asnan1998 18/10/20151459
filterscript(other) Register/Login Basic AlbaniaMafiaRP 18/10/20153835
filterscript(systems) [FS] Car crusher system at LosSantos Quel 17/10/20151844
filterscript(other) [REQUEST] asnan1998 15/10/2015984
filterscript(other) GM UNICA URGENTEMENTE. sdguente 15/10/20151306
filterscript(systems) Orginal Vehicle System MojorX 14/10/20153740
filterscript(other) MapFix - texture bugs fixes OstGot 12/10/20151141
filterscript(other) CM Event Coringa253 12/10/20151470
filterscript(systems) Simple Car Tune System markparker12 12/10/20152128
filterscript(other) Map Revealing rootcause 11/10/2015554
filterscript(other) AE - Actors Everywhere RogerCosta 08/10/2015736
filterscript(other) [SYE] Random messages jeffery30162 08/10/20151075
filterscript(other) Teleport to Abandoned Airport (/aa) raizo 08/10/2015520
filterscript(systems) [SYE] Mysql Register/Load/Save Player System jeffery30162 08/10/20152080
filterscript(other) [FS] Shark-Killer NullBot 08/10/2015742
filterscript(other) Zombie Apocalypse Map Packs. HyperNova 06/10/2015851
filterscript(other) Old York [BETA] TheModern 04/10/2015623
filterscript(systems) Yet Another Taser System rootcause 03/10/2015762
filterscript(systems) Courier Delivery Job/System! FreAkeD 02/10/20151345
filterscript(other) UCP NugiAlvian 02/10/20151216
filterscript(other) Drive-in Cinema | By OTACON OTACON 01/10/2015992
filterscript(other) Gun Dialog Scripter18 01/10/2015635
filterscript(other) BlueXman-ADMIN SISTEM NugiAlvian 30/09/2015892
filterscript(systems) GAdmin System V3 Iceblizard 29/09/20153369
filterscript(other) Minigun in Patriot | BASE | By OTACON OTACON 29/09/2015618
filterscript(other) iOS calculator remake in TD Sellize 29/09/2015505
filterscript(other) New chat 2.0 | v0.01 BASE | By OTACON[ OTACON 28/09/2015995
filterscript(other) Menu player click tab StreetRP 27/09/2015906
filterscript(other) Job Constructor/Builder Edw 26/09/20151252
filterscript(systems) DJ System dh240473 26/09/20152862
filterscript(systems) I want a speed system simple one Gabolla 25/09/2015544
filterscript(systems) Dynamic House System maskof 25/09/20152506
filterscript(other) Simple Rcon Commands! ahameed4755 25/09/2015712
filterscript(other) SAMPDictionary - English Dictionary for SA-MP Lordzy 24/09/2015274
filterscript(systems) Help to Create a Scavenge and Survive Vip System SinisterAvenger 24/09/2015640
filterscript(other) Random ads in TextDraw - Simple! .Skool_. 22/09/2015656
filterscript(other) Simple Vehicle Speedometer/Health/Vehicle Name FreAkeD 22/09/20151309
filterscript(other) PowerSprunk Tika Spic 22/09/2015468
filterscript(other) >> AntiCheat |[ Best For Cheaters ]| [v1.0.0] M0HAMMAD 22/09/20151483
filterscript(other) ~EXTREAME LONG TUBE ~ GET ITS NOW!!! sayaunta 21/09/2015393
filterscript(other) Rgate JOHNMAGDY 21/09/2015428
filterscript(other) Rlabel JOHNMAGDY 21/09/2015364
filterscript(other) Rvip JOHNMAGDY 21/09/2015698
filterscript(other) Rvehiclecontroller JOHNMAGDY 21/09/2015390
filterscript(systems) Stats TextDraw System dh240473 20/09/20152179
filterscript(other) More Admin CMDS v1 nournasser 20/09/20151030
filterscript(systems) Fly System By John_Magdy JOHNMAGDY 20/09/2015906
filterscript(systems) ZVip System By Nour nournasser 20/09/20151119
filterscript(other) Teleport Gun Scripter18 20/09/2015646
filterscript(systems) Simple Color System [By MrCreed (Mr.Chucky)] MrCreed 20/09/2015536
filterscript(systems) Admin LuxAdmin System v1 nournasser 19/09/20151911
filterscript(other) Test Filterscript nournasser 19/09/2015297
filterscript(systems) Headshot & Knife Killing System (2nd FS) ALiScripter 18/09/20151401
filterscript(other) Rap Radio (1st FS) ALiScripter 18/09/2015482
filterscript(other) Dynamic Object Creator/Delete/Editor DarkLored 16/09/2015881
filterscript(systems) dMySkin - Dialog MySkin System DoubleNicca 16/09/2015637
filterscript(other) IG'Radios + Search + Favorites + Ingame Configuration IgorLuiz 16/09/2015420
filterscript(other) Ship Wars rootcause 15/09/2015574
filterscript(other) Dynamic3dTextLabel Save & Load dh240473 15/09/2015603
filterscript(systems) Mega Event System [different System] khRamin78 14/09/20151472
filterscript(systems) ADVANCED ANIMATIONS SYSTEM | 273 Animations | UNIQUE JasonSchneider 13/09/20151198
filterscript(other) Trucker Job Spoff 13/09/20151025
filterscript(other) MSReaction Scripter18 13/09/2015273
filterscript(other) RANK + SCORE + MONEY (TEXTDRAW) FACCOESRIO 13/09/20151357
filterscript(systems) Afk System jlalt 12/09/20151614
filterscript(other) sAnD sTrOm Gammix 11/09/2015265
filterscript(other) Random Music OnPlayerConnect GreenEye 11/09/2015688
filterscript(other) Super Jump GreenEye 11/09/2015467
filterscript(other) Mask Filterscript JohnLedingham 11/09/2015551
filterscript(other) Raven's roleplay (HELP) Gabolla 10/09/2015297
filterscript(systems) AymX Food System V1 (Cookies, Cakes, Biscuits, Icecreams ) AlexandreAymanito 10/09/2015602
filterscript(systems) [T-Turbo + NEON] Trollerz Turbo system with NEON! Trollerz 09/09/2015906
filterscript(systems) Interior Teleport System xTURBOx 09/09/2015900
filterscript(systems) I need Rank System Script please Mine16 08/09/2015617
filterscript(other) Çete sistemi gerekli BydaNger 08/09/2015526
filterscript(systems) [T-Turbo] Trollerz Turbo system Trollerz 08/09/2015458
filterscript(systems) Airstrike System [a0.1] Wizzard2H 07/09/2015588
filterscript(other) AFK Checker DarK_FeneR 06/09/2015754
filterscript(systems) Gang System DarK_FeneR 06/09/20153085
filterscript(other) AymX Admin Action Commands AlexandreAymanito 06/09/2015561
filterscript(other) Messages Fancy 06/09/2015491
filterscript(other) Script Collection [63 Items] SickAttack 06/09/2015757
filterscript(other) Role Play gates mongi 05/09/2015765
filterscript(other) Death Animation Fancy 05/09/2015834
filterscript(other) Headshot script. Shadow5 05/09/2015748
filterscript(systems) Patent system in TextDraw [v1.0] iTakelot 04/09/2015840
filterscript(systems) Events system jlalt 04/09/20152248
filterscript(other) aview — Animations Browser SoNikMells 03/09/2015514
filterscript(systems) SanFierro Teleport system by Turbo xTURBOx 03/09/2015427
filterscript(systems) BuySkin system Save jlalt 02/09/2015942
filterscript(systems) Vehicle Bomb System By Bomber07 V1 Bomber07 02/09/2015510
filterscript(systems) Xtreme Event system v1.0 xTURBOx 02/09/20151217
filterscript(other) Calculator FanHamMer 02/09/2015437
filterscript(other) DELETE PLEASE SkillNasr 02/09/2015333
filterscript(other) nSkin v2.0 w/ Blocked Skin (BUG ESC FIXED) NullBot 02/09/2015483
filterscript(other) nSkin v1.0 NullBot 01/09/2015341
filterscript(other) NPC Drivers - Citizen & Fully working Taxi script - (FS-Version) NaS 01/09/20151010
filterscript(systems) Automatic AFKSystem xGame 01/09/2015720
filterscript(other) Calculator UltraScripter 31/08/2015383
filterscript(systems) Vip System V.10 by Sweet (Wiper) Mariciuc223 30/08/20152067
filterscript(systems) Gungame Mod System V 2.0(new) [Advanced System] khRamin78 29/08/2015651
filterscript(systems) Advanced Statas System(new Idea) morjan 29/08/2015631
filterscript(other) Awesome robbery & sell CAR DarkLight 29/08/2015550
filterscript(other) Bank Robbery rootcause 28/08/20151168
filterscript(other) Mega Jump Fancy 28/08/2015426
filterscript(other) Flash Light [usefull for RP] CraTzy 27/08/2015859
filterscript(other) ADVANCED STAR EVENT BY THEANTIPATIK [HONOR] theantipatik 27/08/2015360
filterscript(systems) Gungame Mod System [Perfect System] khRamin78 27/08/2015871
filterscript(other) [FS]Player color's CraTzy 27/08/2015514
filterscript(systems) Iam searching for a gang system with bandana colors. Hamza30 26/08/2015454
filterscript(other) Advance Hit Sound Fancy 26/08/2015404
filterscript(systems) Jizzy Online Shop [Perfect Shop System] khRamin78 26/08/20151010
filterscript(other) Weapon Shop Toxik 25/08/2015929
filterscript(other) Basic PaintBall For RP\DM\... khRamin78 25/08/2015525
filterscript(systems) Simple Dynamic House System (basic structure) Twine 24/08/20151093
filterscript(other) Anti S.0.b.e.i.t request br155 24/08/2015738
filterscript(other) Simple rcon panel [zcmd] iFoxTheRoleplayer 24/08/2015495
filterscript(other) Red County Pagle 23/08/2015461
filterscript(systems) Vip System jlalt 23/08/20152058
filterscript(other) M's Controllable Balloon Fancy 22/08/2015302
filterscript(other) Weapon anti cheat + ammo anticheat UltraScripter 22/08/2015516
filterscript(other) Music MrGtasagamer 22/08/2015796
filterscript(other) New Bank Textdraw Pagle 21/08/2015826
filterscript(other) Dynamic Label creator. MichaelJones 21/08/2015563
filterscript(other) MyNameisJeffBot | Simple Script iMTube™ 21/08/2015512
filterscript(systems) PaperBoy Job system ! DarkLight 21/08/2015941
filterscript(systems) DVIP System 1Deagle1 21/08/2015786
filterscript(systems) Corpses System EdinsonWalker 19/08/20151076
filterscript(other) Need Speedometer Albion 19/08/2015814
filterscript(other) GTA V - Wasted (+SONG) Hwang 19/08/20151389
filterscript(other) Anuncio por textdraw Miguelito9801 19/08/2015304
filterscript(other) Help! FAST bigmama 18/08/2015288
filterscript(other) InGame Traffic Sign Creator huhboy 18/08/2015545
filterscript(other) Random message's Tutorial By Toxik Toxik 17/08/2015339
filterscript(systems) X337 Gang System (MySQL) X337 17/08/20151318
filterscript(other) My second [FS] Add Minigun To your Car xXSoUhAiLXx 16/08/2015445
filterscript(systems) Dick System ! My first [FS] xXSoUhAiLXx 16/08/20151166
filterscript(systems) iT Farming job system. [NEW] V1.0 iTakelot 16/08/2015940
filterscript(other) ۩:.|Math_Quiz|.:۩ For cash + RPG by ►HitMan◄ HitManxPLAYER 15/08/2015756
filterscript(other) |=ஜ_Reaction-Test_ஜ=| By ►HitMan◄ HitManxPLAYER 15/08/2015663
filterscript(other) sampctrl - Show your server's changelog easily (/updates) Lorenc_ 14/08/2015359
filterscript(other) Vietnam Pipe Tobacco Gasman 11/08/2015395
filterscript(other) [FS] New Yankee - Ecola | LuisPrz14 LuisPrz14 11/08/2015316
filterscript(systems) badWord System Harward 11/08/2015881
filterscript(systems) Mask System JohnLedingham 11/08/20151128
filterscript(other) GAdmin v2 - Integrated form with many new features (0.3.7 R2-1+ only) Gammix 10/08/20151081
filterscript(other) Dialog Weapon AwaisMalik 10/08/2015474
filterscript(other) ZNPC: Zombified Non-Player Characters [v1.0] by Weponz Weponz 09/08/2015605
filterscript(other) [FS] Balloon jlalt 08/08/2015676
filterscript(other) Textdraws box for information Metharon 08/08/2015745
filterscript(other) Unique & Modern Speedometer [CODE ONLY] Metharon 08/08/2015830
filterscript(other) [Tutorial] Admin Slap Command by ShadowCoder ShadowCoder 07/08/2015528
filterscript(other) The Hell TenTen 07/08/2015469
filterscript(other) zDivines Actor Studio - Version 1.0 zDivine 07/08/2015403
filterscript(other) Terrorist Job Kucin666 07/08/20151021
filterscript(other) Default SAMP zone names (fading textdraw) Gammix 07/08/2015437
filterscript(other) [UFC-RNPC] San Andreas Ultimate Fighting Championship Gasman 06/08/2015480
filterscript(systems) Sam's VIP System AbdullahShahid 06/08/20151551
filterscript(systems) Sam's Random Messages System AbdullahShahid 06/08/2015439
filterscript(other) Dynamic Vehicle with ORM justice96 05/08/2015448
filterscript(systems) M's Teleport System Fancy 05/08/2015931
filterscript(other) PingBuster | No need for laggy players and ping teller. MafiaOink 05/08/2015269
filterscript(other) J'S Simple Anti Fall On Spawn jamesmith12 05/08/2015253
filterscript(other) TDEditor 1.16 Update - BUGS FIXED! CristianHG 05/08/2015463
filterscript(other) Air Trafficking From GTA V rootcause 04/08/2015653
filterscript(systems) Sam's Hidden Package System AbdullahShahid 04/08/2015541
filterscript(systems) Sam's Dynamic Bank System AbdullahShahid 03/08/2015798
filterscript(other) M's Roleplay Filterscript Fancy 03/08/2015385
filterscript(other) Player name TextDraw 1Deagle1 03/08/2015933
filterscript(systems) M's Headshot System Fancy 02/08/2015809
filterscript(other) tuss's Simple Delivery Job (w/ Textdraws) tuss 02/08/2015292
filterscript(systems) Music System Inn0cent 01/08/20151750
filterscript(other) Admin Announcement An Chat Fancy 31/07/2015588
filterscript(other) play for all a voice(google voice) morjan 31/07/2015358
filterscript(other) IG Welcome Textdraw's jamesmith12 31/07/2015810
filterscript(other) VehicleController 1Deagle1 31/07/2015649
filterscript(other) M's Vehicle Spawner Fancy 30/07/2015644
filterscript(other) M's Anti Cheat Fancy 30/07/2015716
filterscript(other) Text Object Editor Loaded (Scripted by irinel1996) jamesmith12 29/07/20151387
filterscript(systems) how to create filterscript system cairohost 29/07/2015509
filterscript(other) M's Basic Server FilterScript Fancy 29/07/2015223
filterscript(other) Car SpeedHack for admins rodrijose2009 29/07/2015544
filterscript(other) Play Music SAMP DJ 0.3.7 Jimmmy 29/07/2015842
filterscript(other) Speedometer Wizzard2H 28/07/20151468
filterscript(other) Simple Real Time Clock SA:MP Mariciuc223 28/07/2015668
filterscript(other) [Textdraw] Speedometer for RPG Server Edw 28/07/20151153
filterscript(other) AimData - Basic information while aiming. EnzoMetlc 28/07/2015334
filterscript(other) Compiling errors in an include (errors 017 adamazhim123 27/07/2015170
filterscript(other) Silencer & Scope TwinkiDaBoss 26/07/2015386
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Map System Abagail 26/07/20151204
filterscript(systems) Weapon Save System kaZax 25/07/20151163
filterscript(systems) tAdmin System TenTen 25/07/20152170
filterscript(other) Military transport + HQ iTakelot 24/07/2015770
filterscript(other) Announces Textdraw sheNdjze 24/07/2015622
filterscript(other) IG'Status IgorLuiz 24/07/2015462
filterscript(systems) Signature system (call of duty styled signatures with in game editor) Gammix 24/07/2015778
filterscript(systems) trablon's Group System[MYSQL-R7][THREADED QUERIES][GROUP TAG(scoreboard)] trablon 23/07/20152013
filterscript(other) Toxik's Animation's Toxik 22/07/2015379
filterscript(other) Remy's Server BOT Remy0 22/07/2015757
filterscript(other) Remy's Connecting Music FS Remy0 21/07/2015335
filterscript(other) Useful Roleplay Commands VoltMeter 21/07/2015445
filterscript(systems) Boombox System v0.1 by Djuke ( gruja ) Djuke 20/07/2015909
filterscript(other) Texture Studio - Texture your maps Crayder 20/07/20151146
filterscript(systems) Group System [Sqlite(EasyDB)] Gasman 20/07/20151120
filterscript(other) Chat and ID Color Changer ( With RGB Colours 0-255, Released!) SpikY_ 20/07/2015470
filterscript(systems) Remy's Animation System Remy0 20/07/2015504
filterscript(other) Rainbow Neons Jakwob 19/07/2015546
filterscript(other) Cars Cameras nezo2001 19/07/2015760
filterscript(other) Clan Tag Creator (v1.3.1) MySQL added PrinceKumar 19/07/2015705
filterscript(other) Connect Messages iGodfather 17/07/2015523
filterscript(other) SAMP Clock hamzajaved780 17/07/2015864
filterscript(other) [Admin Command]Reset A Single Weapon iGodfather 17/07/2015332
filterscript(other) Treasure Hunt v2.1 | New Features | TRL | TheRaGeLord 16/07/2015437
filterscript(other) Cleo Crash 0.3.7 Protect BrasilPlayGames 16/07/2015699
filterscript(other) Daily Login XStormiest 16/07/2015653
filterscript(systems) TRL Treasure Hunt System TheRaGeLord 15/07/2015482
filterscript(other) Rampage/Killfrenzy FS fshianasan 15/07/2015236
filterscript(systems) Alhambra Club Music System Kucin666 14/07/2015587
filterscript(other) Deagle Deathmatch iMouiz 14/07/2015417
filterscript(other) all vehicle names TenTen 14/07/2015582
filterscript(systems) firework system Dipsy1000 14/07/20151313
filterscript(systems) TRL Driving Test System| Saving | Roleplay Servers| TheRaGeLord 14/07/2015769
filterscript(systems) TRL Freeze System | 2nd Script TheRaGeLord 13/07/2015272
filterscript(systems) S-Giftbox dynamic giftbox system (2nd fs) simo0000 13/07/2015836
filterscript(other) Anti SpeedHack - Stop speedhack cheaters! Face9000 13/07/2015657
filterscript(systems) S-AFK system (1st fs) simo0000 13/07/2015529
filterscript(systems) Advance Jail System sbJail SecretBoss 13/07/2015925
filterscript(systems) Simple Hair System Face9000 12/07/2015841
filterscript(other) TRL Ammunition Store v1.0 - First script TheRaGeLord 12/07/2015251
filterscript(systems) Simple Cage System for newbies TenTen 11/07/2015449
filterscript(systems) Rissam's Truck Deliver System v 1 Rissam 11/07/2015531
filterscript(systems) |=- AFK SYSTEM -=| KingServerIRAN 08/07/20151390
filterscript(other) Vehicle Repair+Speed Boost+Vehicle Jump KingServerIRAN 08/07/2015700
filterscript(other) Mouiz' Map Editor v1.2 Released! Mouiz 08/07/2015440
filterscript(other) Actor Studio - Creating Actors made easy! v1.0 Lynn 07/07/2015485
filterscript(other) Movable Objects dawoodshah 07/07/2015593
filterscript(systems) Movable gate system dawoodshah 07/07/20151141
filterscript(other) Movable gate dawoodshah 07/07/2015427
filterscript(other) Mouiz' Map Editor v1.0[Best And Easiest Map Editor][All Objects Supported][Fastest And Simple Use] Mouiz 07/07/2015408
filterscript(systems) Real Date and Time System by SecretBoss SecretBoss 07/07/2015627
filterscript(other) Street Robbery Jakwob 06/07/2015546
filterscript(systems) Personal Messaging System [v2.0] VoltMeter 06/07/2015459
filterscript(systems) Group system jlsrios 06/07/20151148
filterscript(other) Samsung Galaxy SIII [EDIT | FIX] VoltMeter 05/07/2015955
filterscript(systems) Personal Messaging System [1st FS] VoltMeter 05/07/2015274
filterscript(systems) Private Messages System (Simple and Good) SecretBoss 05/07/2015455
filterscript(other) MRcon Console v1.0 Mouiz 04/07/2015565
filterscript(systems) System 'Skate' | By OTACON OTACON 03/07/20151404
filterscript(other) ¿Anyone help me? teamz 02/07/2015370
filterscript(other) IsPlayerPaused Garnet 02/07/2015345
filterscript(other) Textdraws tips (GTA V Textdraws...) adri1 01/07/20151028
filterscript(systems) Systems Pack Mouiz 29/06/20151236
filterscript(other) Give me a blowjob, bitch! Abagail 29/06/2015717
filterscript(other) Car Dealership in LS VanillaRain 29/06/2015870
filterscript(systems) Bomb System By Bomber07 Bomber07 28/06/2015647
filterscript(systems) Dynamic vehicle creator system! MichaelJones 27/06/2015915
filterscript(other) Speedo UltraScripter 27/06/2015990
filterscript(other) Credits of Your Server [Textdraw] M0HAMMAD 26/06/2015762
filterscript(systems) Very simple Mine system - KillerDVX. KillerDVX 25/06/2015510
filterscript(other) Extreme Health | Get health more than original(100.0) | Using Progress Bars 2 MafiaOink 25/06/2015456
filterscript(other) Head&Heart Shot,My First FilterScript Roberto80 25/06/2015309
filterscript(other) Dynamic Actor Creator Acke 24/06/2015612
filterscript(other) mClans - MafiaOink Clans - BETA(ALPHA) Testing Stage MafiaOink 24/06/2015418
filterscript(other) 0.3.7 Tube Connector 1.10 (Matite tubes) adri1 23/06/2015825
filterscript(systems) Bank System [Edit] Jakwob 22/06/20151799
filterscript(other) Lose Money KillerDVX 22/06/2015496
filterscript(systems) Venom's Anti fake kill system *TESTED in my server VenomMancer 20/06/2015561
filterscript(other) Car for newbie( my first fs so dont be rude) Zeddclarity 20/06/2015352
filterscript(systems) Player Reconnect System Alpay0098 19/06/2015649
filterscript(other) Los Santos Brothel (SAMP 0.3.7) PSPgamer_10 18/06/2015836
filterscript(systems) K-Admin System || By Karan007 || karan007 17/06/20151606
filterscript(other) Anti-2Shoot. WaJeeH 17/06/2015472
filterscript(other) Simple Dynamic ATM Creator by Hanz Hanz 17/06/2015351
filterscript(other) [FS] Ultimate RCON security. b3nz 17/06/2015546
filterscript(systems) Vehicle chop-shop system for RP gamemodes. BKarner 16/06/20151003
filterscript(systems) trablon's FireFight System(Fight with Fire!) trablon 16/06/2015340
filterscript(other) Rappelling Vesion 3. quochuy 16/06/2015297
filterscript(other) TextDraw. quochuy 16/06/2015985
filterscript(systems) Google sound play in samp system!!! SNAKE12 15/06/2015796
filterscript(systems) CD System - first version TheRohlikar 14/06/2015602
filterscript(other) Repelling Script. Prokill911 13/06/2015247
filterscript(other) Indicator HP/Armor TextDraw Ayzek 12/06/2015604
filterscript(other) HeadShoot [Easy code] SheftVRC 12/06/2015447
filterscript(other) End of the world SheftVRC 12/06/2015416
filterscript(other) Drift Project X SheftVRC 11/06/2015664
filterscript(other) Beach spawn, fun map SheftVRC 11/06/2015375
filterscript(other) San Fierro - Wang Cars SheftVRC 11/06/2015532
filterscript(other) Cow Parkour SheftVRC 11/06/2015425
filterscript(other) PizzaPuntjes Website Displayer v1 PizzaPuntjes 10/06/2015478
filterscript(other) Bank UltraScripter 10/06/2015723
filterscript(other) » Abandoned Airport (xSF Copy) SheftVRC 10/06/2015596
filterscript(other) Farmer job(Sowing/Harvest/Transport,etc..) Gasman 09/06/20151378
filterscript(other) [FS](LiveStats,SpeedMeter,WorldClock)Textdraw v0.1 ExcLus 09/06/2015717
filterscript(other) [FS]Simple Wasted Textdraw ExcLus 08/06/2015749
filterscript(systems) Morjan Admin System SNAKE12 05/06/20151096
filterscript(systems) ViP SyStEm FplayerGR 05/06/20151689
filterscript(other) IRC admin script RuNBoY 05/06/2015707
filterscript(other) [SHOEBILL] Gamemode Reloader mk124 04/06/20151379
filterscript(systems) HeadShot System[Whit Gametext and music] SNAKE12 04/06/20151160
filterscript(systems) Admin Check-in system Stev 01/06/20151425
filterscript(other) FightStyles! MouizGhouri 30/05/2015542
filterscript(systems) Awesome! Jobs (System) | Version 3.0 | Akzmal 30/05/20151949
filterscript(other) Easy Object Creator and Save! GTLS 30/05/2015697
filterscript(systems) Advance Fish System [AFS] (Saving - Loading [Y_INI]) Many features.. FailerZ 30/05/20151073
filterscript(other) GodMode FilterScript >>(My first filterscript)<< MouizGhouri 29/05/2015325
filterscript(other) wTuningCar V1.0/V2.0 Whoo 29/05/20151010
filterscript(other) PositionSaver - Save your positions easily [Multi-Lang support] xXmAn40100Xx 29/05/2015367
filterscript(systems) Count_Down System (Original) Akzmal 28/05/2015853
filterscript(other) Editor NPC (NPC easy creation) | By OTACON OTACON 27/05/2015717
filterscript(other) Detect Driving on the wrong side of the road cessil 24/05/2015674
filterscript(other) Command helps in TextDraw. LuisFerreira 24/05/2015593
filterscript(systems) Register/Login System Uses y_ini! durd2001 24/05/20152010
filterscript(systems) SIMPLE NEON SYSTEM LMaxCo 23/05/20151022
filterscript(other) Debug Mode [D-Mode] FailerZ 22/05/2015305
filterscript(other) Taxi Stop! | By OTACON OTACON 21/05/20151207
filterscript(other) Siren, Taxi Sign, Police Light for All vehicles bondowocopz 21/05/20151703
filterscript(other) AZ car cable Azula 20/05/2015477
filterscript(other) Teleports with dialog UltraScripter 20/05/2015565
filterscript(systems) DDB System justice96 19/05/2015781
filterscript(other) 100 Pedestrians Neutralneu 18/05/20151332
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Explosive System (C4) + Defuse Mike0 16/05/2015680
filterscript(other) include <sscanf2> Matei123 15/05/2015188
filterscript(systems) C_ACTOR (Advanced Actor System) C4SH 14/05/2015859
filterscript(other) Textdraw logo CoolSInteX 13/05/20151279
filterscript(other) Gold Bar Hunt - Event (0.3.7) Jakwob 13/05/20151072
filterscript(other) AZ MY_SHIP [FUN] ¶new version¶ Azula 13/05/2015626
filterscript(other) AZ SHIP [FUN] Azula 12/05/2015285
filterscript(systems) Music/Radio System By Toxik Toxik 09/05/20151462
filterscript(systems) Bank Account System C4SH 09/05/20151624
filterscript(other) Simple ping kicker LeXuZ 09/05/2015343
filterscript(other) Create your own server Teamspeak 3 in 2 minutes, for free. Diminished 09/05/20151247
filterscript(other) Player Labels (/pl - good for spectating and 3D player stats!) Gammix 08/05/2015592
filterscript(systems) Christmas Gift System Devon007 08/05/20151688
filterscript(other) 0.3.7 Siren command benjaminjones 06/05/20151535
filterscript(other) 0.3.7 police, medic siren codeshadow 06/05/20151351
filterscript(other) Teleport Pack MouizGhouri 05/05/2015905
filterscript(other) Editor 'a_actor' - v0.1| By OTACON OTACON 05/05/2015705
filterscript(other) Player & Car remains (Dead body & Wreckage) Correlli 05/05/2015553
filterscript(other) Easy Anti-Money Hack giorgosdim12 04/05/20151252
filterscript(other) Login Textdraw minijackc 03/05/20151933
filterscript(systems) Job System Hardicore 02/05/20153872
filterscript(other) Wheelie gesior7 02/05/2015782
filterscript(other) SA-MP Visuals gesior7 02/05/2015685
filterscript(systems) New GodMode System Player + Vehicle is Invulnerable aizeah555 02/05/2015889
filterscript(other) Teleports with 22 Teleports added (GOOD FOR STUNT SERVERS) aizeah555 02/05/2015490
filterscript(other) Drinking blood knife[new] Ezzo 02/05/2015477
filterscript(other) CreateActors DeepCode 02/05/2015651
filterscript(other) Help me plase Moldovas 02/05/2015200
filterscript(systems) GAN-ADMIN SYSTEM build 1! giorgosdim12 01/05/20151352
filterscript(other) SA:MP 0.3.7 Actors (RC6) LMaxCo 01/05/20151069
filterscript(systems) [NEW] Car System 0.3z Jason_Zaden 30/04/20152172
filterscript(other) [ANTI] Server Advertising Tisot 30/04/2015957
filterscript(systems) trablon's Rent-Car System(for RPG servers) trablon 30/04/2015804
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Explosive System (C4) + Defuse DanLore 30/04/2015479
filterscript(systems) Air Advertising Board System [Dynamic] Airblog 29/04/20151341
filterscript(systems) Legends (Jueix) House System, Blank Interiors and Furniture Saving LegendOfScripts 29/04/20151596
filterscript(systems) Register/Login System (Dialog) via DJson amirm3hdi 28/04/20154676
filterscript(systems) trablon's Muscle System(for RPG servers) trablon 27/04/2015671
filterscript(systems) Advanced Random Weather System - [Version 2.1] Ciandlah 26/04/2015559
filterscript(other) Sly's Weapon Shop GShock 24/04/20151166
filterscript(systems) GAdmin System (fast and advance administration with some of the best libraries; with gadmin include) Gammix 24/04/20151494
filterscript(other) [0.3.7] Flashing Police Lights (ELM) TakeiT 23/04/20151709
filterscript(other) Fighting Style [DIALOGS] [EXTREME CODING] [ZCMD] MRSAS 23/04/2015421
filterscript(other) PSYCHOBABYKILLA's Weapon / Ammo Anticheat Cant Hack A Bullet PSYCHOBABYKILLA 23/04/2015340
filterscript(systems) Extra Jobs (System) By [Ak]mal Akzmal 22/04/20152000
filterscript(other) Anti-Aimbot by ipsLeon ipsLeon 21/04/20151727
filterscript(other) Very Easy Anti-Ping And Ping TextDraw giorgosdim12 20/04/2015441
filterscript(other) iTune-Tune any vehicle IG,unseen script bustern 20/04/2015753
filterscript(other) 4 jobs in two files :D oMeR1234 20/04/2015841
filterscript(other) counter textdraw [base] - By OTACON OTACON 19/04/2015585
filterscript(other) Back O Beyond Sasquatch [For MythsHunter] Chausar 19/04/2015248
filterscript(other) LV Unique Delivery Job Jakwob 19/04/2015540
filterscript(other) I need a document oppo1234 19/04/2015266
filterscript(other) Radio Stations v1.1 - With Menus Jakwob 18/04/2015598
filterscript(systems) Exp/Level/Prestige System v1.3 - saving with y_ini Jakwob 18/04/20151134
filterscript(systems) Simple Gang / Clan System Pro_Drifter 17/04/20152634
filterscript(other) Playing Music (TextDraw) Ayzek 16/04/2015953
filterscript(other) Items spawner dialogs (zcmd & dialogs include) Q_Lite 16/04/2015409
filterscript(other) Report this forum, I invite department Maps VastoLorde 15/04/2015300
filterscript(other) Real Clock & Date ZaBraNjeNi 13/04/2015741
filterscript(systems) Az-Pm system private message Azula 13/04/2015675
filterscript(other) NStore V1 Guns,Cars,Armor,Skins DIALOGS NinjahZ 12/04/2015413
filterscript(systems) Mute system by Karan007 karan007 12/04/2015544
filterscript(systems) Simple Armour/Health Indicator System by DarkPastx v0.1 shadowstorm 10/04/2015636
filterscript(other) Simple Anticheat lanix 09/04/2015511
filterscript(systems) Credit Card System [v0.2] [Updates] ProKillerpa 04/04/20151285
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Gang System TonyVk 02/04/20151209
filterscript(other) Sweeper Job rootcause 30/03/2015385
filterscript(other) RandomMessages TD Eryczal 30/03/2015268
filterscript(other) RCON Control Panel - Feel free to control! [v1.5] GangstaSunny 29/03/20151852
filterscript(other) Infinite Plane LevPopov 28/03/2015603
filterscript(other) Spawner Vehicles LevPopov 28/03/20151322
filterscript(other) [TD] Change car color SkyLoKi 26/03/2015972
filterscript(other) Map Editor 1 BETA [MOVE, TEXTURE, TEXT YOUR MAPS] [0.3.7 RC3 DIALOGS] adri1 26/03/20155242
filterscript(systems) Simple God Mode System GoldenLion 26/03/2015830
filterscript(systems) Skin system use mselection ThuNgis 24/03/20151704
filterscript(other) [HELP]Gang Zone/Turf/Gang Revenue Hanz 24/03/2015864
filterscript(systems) Anti Advertisement System - Simple, yet effective! SickAttack 24/03/20151048
filterscript(other) [HELP]Dealers Clesio 23/03/2015339
filterscript(other) Unstick Nicker 23/03/2015227
filterscript(other) NEED MAPPER! Fantje 23/03/2015405
filterscript(systems) De4dpOol's Rappelling System (Fully Automatic) De4dpOol 23/03/2015535
filterscript(systems) Light Role Play Job System DRP 22/03/20151999
filterscript(other) Command Blocker Threshold 22/03/2015485
filterscript(systems) Ignore System - The best way to prevent arguments! SickAttack 22/03/2015516
filterscript(systems) Yet Another House System rootcause 21/03/20151879
filterscript(other) [INHanz]Weapon Skill Save + Load Hanz 21/03/2015337
filterscript(systems) [INHanz]Simple Level System with Save & Load Hanz 21/03/20151133
filterscript(other) Dropcar Command [Cooldown/Random Pay/30 Vehicles] Ciarannn 20/03/2015413
filterscript(other) Math Game Hwang 20/03/2015848
filterscript(other) Ship Blasting Mission Hwang 20/03/2015509
filterscript(other) Taser Gun Hwang 20/03/2015814
filterscript(systems) Bomb System TwinkiDaBoss 20/03/2015966
filterscript(systems) S-Quiz [ simple quiz role play system ] Golf 19/03/2015770
filterscript(other) Car Crusher rootcause 19/03/2015628
filterscript(systems) [MySQL] Friend System Jingles 18/03/20151498
filterscript(other) Aero's FreeCam Aerotactics 18/03/2015498
filterscript(systems) Fishing System TwinkiDaBoss 18/03/20152199
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Vehicle System - h-Dealership; 0.3z HY 18/03/20153124
filterscript(other) S.W.A.T roping/rappelling V2 karan007 18/03/2015893
filterscript(systems) Simple AFK System :D [FIRST FILTERSCRIPT] Mya 17/03/2015692
filterscript(systems) Vehicle Ownership System (MySQL R39-2) bondowocopz 17/03/20151975
filterscript(other) Vehicle Mapper - Mapping vehicles has never been this easy! Smileys 16/03/2015592
filterscript(other) [FS] PROFISSOES DENTRO DA /PREF mfltecgame 15/03/2015267
filterscript(other) Security Camera ZetaIco 15/03/20151467
filterscript(other) Map Editor - Simple, Easy creating; HY 14/03/20151321
filterscript(other) S_RCP - ScRipTerZ Rcon Control Panel ScRipTerZ 13/03/2015395
filterscript(other) Vehicle Spawning Commands fuckingcruse 13/03/2015696
filterscript(other) Vehice Spawner (Good for Stunt) Swager98 11/03/2015975
filterscript(systems) S.W.A.T Rappelling system by karan007 karan007 08/03/20151353
filterscript(systems) Masturbation System Kajlle 07/03/20151984
filterscript(systems) Masturbation System Kajlle 07/03/2015818
filterscript(systems) Weapon Shop System Finnick 07/03/20151930
filterscript(systems) Simple Captcha System | Keep away your server from Bot(s) MafiaOink 06/03/2015878
filterscript(other) Satellite rocket Golf 06/03/2015599
filterscript(other) FPS,PING,DEATH,KILLS,NAME,SCORE,DAY Textdraw StarPeens 06/03/20151891
filterscript(systems) Body system WardenCS 05/03/20152329
filterscript(systems) Color System finelaq 05/03/20151322
filterscript(systems) .::eXtreme PaRTy System::.. MRSAS 04/03/20151678
filterscript(other) ineed top score ThuNgis 04/03/2015577
filterscript(other) Money/Gold Bag AroseKhanNaizi 03/03/20151201
filterscript(other) Player Money Bag AroseKhanNaizi 02/03/20151491
filterscript(systems) Mute System (Nothing difficult/new) AroseKhanNaizi 02/03/2015655
filterscript(other) HRCPcreator - Hirsw0w's Race Checkpoints Creator v1.0 Hirsw0w 01/03/2015450
filterscript(other) Radio Sytem AroseKhanNaizi 28/02/20151082
filterscript(systems) Animation System (Arlindi) arlindi 28/02/20151305
filterscript(other) Leviathan Magnet by De4dpOol. De4dpOol 28/02/2015486
filterscript(systems) BesAdmin System Besar 27/02/20152606
filterscript(other) K-Roadblock by karan007 || for S.W.A.T || karan007 27/02/2015377
filterscript(other) Colorful HUDs. HY 27/02/2015763
filterscript(systems) Calculator System [+ - / *] Awesome FS TheSnaKe 26/02/2015899
filterscript(other) new DF30 bus transporter Golf 25/02/2015532
filterscript(other) [Dynamic] NOS and Repair creation [For Derby or DD/DM servers] iPrivate 25/02/2015472
filterscript(systems) [Dynamic] Balloon System [Unique] TheSnaKe 24/02/20151193
filterscript(systems) Races System and editor of races in game YSI. JuanStone 23/02/20151134
filterscript(systems) NDScript » Dynamic Radar/Speed Cam System » Y_Commands » Y_INI » Foreach mirza1221 23/02/20151457
filterscript(other) Hotrod Minigun Smileys 23/02/2015505
filterscript(systems) [FIND] Land System CrazyRussainHacker 23/02/2015961
filterscript(other) Easy_attach_editor cPawn 22/02/2015510
filterscript(other) "GameGuard" Anti-Cheat (basic) Kyance 21/02/2015405
filterscript(other) [0.3.7] UFO rootcause 19/02/2015851
filterscript(other) FPS Textdraw by De4dpOol. De4dpOol 19/02/2015925
filterscript(other) Fallout event~ X337 18/02/2015394
filterscript(other) Dog by [AW]Tom (0.3.7) AWTom 17/02/20151015
filterscript(other) Automatic random weather with weather news by De4dpOol. De4dpOol 17/02/2015415
filterscript(systems) System DriveThru + Hunger & Thirst Learning 17/02/20151298
filterscript(systems) Advanced Tuning System by Dimi DimiBre 16/02/20151840
filterscript(other) Lumberjack job. Skyflyer 14/02/2015408
filterscript(other) Lottery/Keno - Textdraw Based Gambling-Minigame Schneider 13/02/2015501
filterscript(other) Leans Helicopter Camera Mode lean1337 11/02/2015315
filterscript(systems) Advanced WAR System v1.0.0 by Dimi DimiBre 09/02/20151338
filterscript(other) Weapon Shop (Using Arrays & Dialogs) dionisak0s 09/02/20151059
filterscript(other) Country Flags over the World. [INCLUDE/FILTERSCRIPT VERSION] HY 08/02/2015481
filterscript(other) Player-based capture zones Kyance 07/02/2015620
filterscript(other) Launcher and Patcher BBBay 07/02/2015660
filterscript(other) Connect 4 (Mini-Game) + V.I.P Island NEW! andrewgrob 07/02/20151015
filterscript(other) Destruction God [0.3.7] Ygzeb 06/02/2015552
filterscript(other) The CS loading Golf 06/02/2015482
filterscript(other) In-Game FPS Textdraw SkillNasr 06/02/20151506
filterscript(other) what tis the filter-script that you want? MRSAS 05/02/2015216
filterscript(other) Gun Spawner By Karan007 karan007 05/02/2015480
filterscript(other) Launcher + Patcher in SAMP! BBBay 04/02/2015820
filterscript(other) GangZone Editor by Micklo Micklo 04/02/2015704
filterscript(systems) Toll System [Filterscript] By Micklo Micklo 04/02/20151030
filterscript(systems) Xtreme Party System {Drinks} {Fun} {Music} MRSAS 03/02/20151502
filterscript(other) Grass Mover Basic ZaBraNjeNi 03/02/2015526
filterscript(systems) Barrier System wahyumahadir 03/02/20151778
filterscript(other) jDetector v0.7/7 Rehasher 02/02/2015490
filterscript(other) Simple Anti Cheat - By RarKozz Stuun23 01/02/2015924
filterscript(systems) h-House [Dynamic House System] - 0.3z HY 01/02/20154463
filterscript(other) Cityhall and LSPD edit. Hassan12 31/01/2015747
filterscript(other) Simple Dynamic Object Creator. HY 31/01/20151133
filterscript(systems) [0.3Z]Poison Admin System(SQLITE/WHIRLPOOL/ZCMD/SSCANF2) Farooq 31/01/20151240
filterscript(other) Another Killing Spree Fs with some cool Textdraw work. De4dpOol 28/01/2015485
filterscript(other) Radiation Area With Textdraw andrewgrob 27/01/2015648
filterscript(other) Easy Anti Health-Armour Hack Columbian 27/01/2015577
filterscript(other) Speed and High Jump(My First FS) Furqan 27/01/2015683
filterscript(other) Anti c-bug v1.0 DaNg3r0s 27/01/2015987
filterscript(other) RC Vehicles (simple methods to interact with RC vehicles!) ginger 27/01/2015395
filterscript(other) Custom PNS Ciarannn 26/01/2015493
filterscript(other) Textdraws Fich 26/01/20151744
filterscript(other) Walk & Drive on Air Script Matz 26/01/2015451
filterscript(other) [DYNAMIC / IN-GAME] Screen Messages. HY 25/01/2015759
filterscript(other) Vehicle Spawner using binary search wooolly 25/01/2015781
filterscript(other) Mini Player -- DJ around the server -- Toggleable ZombieNest 25/01/2015481
filterscript(other) Interior Teleporter/Creator v0.a Kontrol 25/01/2015652
filterscript(other) Floor Paradox (Infinity) Matz 24/01/2015261
filterscript(other) NEED HELP AidenWolfeNRG 24/01/2015199
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Tree System TodaLaOnda 24/01/20151614
filterscript(other) Auto Car Repair Ufku 24/01/2015743
filterscript(systems) Graffiti System by Lean lean1337 24/01/20152423
filterscript(other) useful commands Antoniohl 23/01/2015789
filterscript(systems) System radar TextDraw Ayzek 21/01/20152555
filterscript(other) Rob && Rape nezo2001 21/01/2015838
filterscript(other) [IN-GAME / DYNAMIC] Camera Movement. HY 21/01/2015958
filterscript(systems) Duel System by Rog Rog 20/01/20151546
filterscript(systems) Chat System nezo2001 19/01/20153370
filterscript(systems) Advance Police System V.1 nezo2001 18/01/20153270
filterscript(other) Maximum Security Prison MStyleBR 18/01/2015758
filterscript(other) JH Animations JakeHunter1 18/01/2015513
filterscript(other) FLY LIKE A SUPERMAN BY oMeR oMeR1234 17/01/2015677
filterscript(other) A NORMAL ADMIN HOUSE made by oMeR oMeR1234 17/01/2015825
filterscript(systems) Versy simple weather system Neculai 16/01/2015688
filterscript(other) Damage counter for body parts PaulDinam 15/01/2015683
filterscript(other) Give me an infinite nitrogen vehicle spawning script Thank you! oppo1234 14/01/2015384
filterscript(systems) Anti-Swear System. HY 14/01/2015897
filterscript(other) multi fiture script wahyumahadir 14/01/2015525
filterscript(other) Give me a script spawning furniture oppo1234 13/01/2015345
filterscript(other) Come on people seeking regional script can save! oppo1234 13/01/2015242
filterscript(other) Neon Filterscript Rudraksh 13/01/20151046
filterscript(other) ۞ Drift Points Counter [OWNAGE EDITION] ۞ Efficiency Remake ۞ Threshold 12/01/20151750
filterscript(other) Vehicle Dashboard [Player TextDraws] ZombieNest 09/01/20151437
filterscript(other) IsPlayerInArea Maker. _Application_ 06/01/20151003
filterscript(other) Random Server Messages ~ With Fade Effect Grizzli 06/01/2015886
filterscript(systems) System jail save - y_ini, y_commands, y_timers, sscanf2, not timers. JuanStone 06/01/2015989
filterscript(other) Chain carousel AWTom 06/01/2015334
filterscript(other) Fusez's Map Editor [User Friendly] [Many Useful Features] RedFusion 05/01/2015885
filterscript(other) Search for filescript. Falken12 05/01/2015420
filterscript(other) Simple TextDraw menu tehMix 05/01/20151154
filterscript(systems) My First Fileterscrips [ NEON SYSTEM ] [NEW] LMaxCo 04/01/20151614
filterscript(other) JakAdmin3 - User-Friendly/Fast/Efficient (zcmd,sscanf2,foreach,SQLite) (ReMaKe) _Jake_ 04/01/2015876
filterscript(other) Penis Car AWTom 03/01/20151534
filterscript(other) Simple dynamite cnoopers 03/01/2015663
filterscript(other) Fix for 'Huge Shootable Range' Bug Kyance 03/01/2015274
filterscript(other) Skin Changer At Game /Skin Mijata 03/01/20151030
filterscript(systems) Anti C-Bug System. [Simple and accurate] HY 02/01/20152001
filterscript(other) Missile Hunter Limit Ammo with Reload Time ! colonel-top 02/01/2015657
filterscript(other) SA-MP Anti DDos Filterscript! Puff 02/01/20151516
filterscript(other) Admin/Vip Thoma 02/01/20152345
filterscript(systems) Custom Mask System | Like IM:RP ZombieNest 02/01/20151200
filterscript(other) Ox1gEN's Vehicles - RolePlay Friendly - Happy New Year! Ox1gEN 01/01/2015552
filterscript(systems) Simple Control Vehicle System || [Using SAMP KEYS] UploaD 01/01/20151269
filterscript(other) SoundCloud Music Player rickisme 01/01/2015985
filterscript(other) Let's-Party NayanIndia 01/01/2015865
filterscript(other) Minigun detection for rcon admins Stuun23 01/01/2015612
filterscript(other) Car Health V2.0 UltraScripter 31/12/2014930
filterscript(systems) Warn System. [Dialogs + Functions] HY 31/12/20141401
filterscript(other) Anti s0b31t By Demihawk! 100% work! DeMihawk 31/12/2014323
filterscript(other) Radioactive Zone Smoke123 31/12/20141097
filterscript(other) Useful vehicle for admin LuisPark 31/12/2014648
filterscript(systems) Chat colors system TheLustcheR 30/12/20142456
filterscript(other) Speed Boost,Fix Car,Flip Car,BounceJump! NoXuSs 30/12/2014792
filterscript(other) Anti GodMode (0.3z, YSF required) Anuris 30/12/2014640
filterscript(other) Car Health UltraScripter 30/12/2014908
filterscript(systems) Weapon Back Bags System durd2001 29/12/20141590
filterscript(other) [HELP] 1 Error on Compilation. TagAdmin.pwn !! Endom_Lyrics[BTG]Ajuda? 29/12/2014452
filterscript(systems) Relog / Reconnect system Puppy 29/12/20141652
filterscript(systems) Weapon Skills Training System Battlezone 29/12/20141430
filterscript(systems) Duelsystem[zcmd] Flori 29/12/20141200
filterscript(other) Single Player Cheats. Meller 28/12/2014502
filterscript(other) Weapon Menu Meller 28/12/20141395
filterscript(systems) I need a script turf systems xiaoyang 28/12/2014508
filterscript(other) Skin Changer Hwang 28/12/2014863
filterscript(other) Skydive With Choose astanalol 28/12/2014399
filterscript(other) Simple Weapon Dialog. Zeel 28/12/2014325
filterscript(other) Nom Automatique juliendu6z 27/12/2014220
filterscript(other) S 0 b e i t/GodOfCars Detector! Levu 27/12/2014611
filterscript(other) Colored Money Hwang 27/12/2014724
filterscript(other) Textdraw (Score,Ping,FPS,Total Players,Level) AgusZ 27/12/20142025
filterscript(systems) [FS/INC] Guide system Pasa 27/12/2014529
filterscript(other) [REQ] Need heavy RP help. SpasticCaveman 27/12/2014271
filterscript(systems) Firework sphere | Cool system CodeStyle175 26/12/20141302
filterscript(other) Super Vehicle TheArrow 26/12/2014718
filterscript(other) Christmas[maping] NayanIndia 26/12/2014616
filterscript(other) Teleport Menu Meller 26/12/20141314
filterscript(other) Looking for a >GREAT< Npc creator... Th3UnKnOwN 26/12/2014453
filterscript(systems) AirHouse v0.1 [Dynamic House System] Airblog 23/12/201412213
filterscript(other) Cheat detector (health-hack + no-spread) michalmonday 23/12/20149122
filterscript(systems) Weapon Saving System [MySQL R39-2] amirab 23/12/2014869
filterscript(systems) VIP System. HY 23/12/201412966
filterscript(other) Stunt Arena's extreme780 23/12/2014773
filterscript(systems) Jason's Dynamic Housing System BornHuman 23/12/20149791
filterscript(systems) Super Bike Jump System Hork 23/12/2014544
filterscript(other) Moon FilterScript with Gravity Rog 22/12/2014537
filterscript(systems) Battle System SpRFux 22/12/20141144
filterscript(other) Radio Sys. Text. Neculai 22/12/2014540
filterscript(other) DM Pack [Sniper/Minigun/C-Bug] Rog 22/12/2014465
filterscript(systems) AFK System. HY 21/12/20141318
filterscript(systems) Flight System Meller 21/12/20141714
filterscript(systems) Events System nezo2001 21/12/20143421
filterscript(other) A simple Admin Spec Fs VishalSama 21/12/2014301
filterscript(other) Easy / Ugly STRIPS | PIG-PEN | a_rnpc | By OTACON OTACON 21/12/2014513
filterscript(other) MoneyBag-Script[v3.2] NayanPachori 21/12/20141468
filterscript(other) Anti Adv/Flood/anti hack! VishalSama 21/12/2014977
filterscript(systems) [FS] Simple PM System durd2001 20/12/20141197
filterscript(other) Save and load position command by using INI JuanStone 20/12/2014476
filterscript(other) Mail Filterscript [MySQL] [Offline & Online 'Mailing'] OsteeN 19/12/2014716
filterscript(other) Horn Jump, Turbo, Flip and Fix iMaximus 19/12/2014562
filterscript(other) [ZCMD] Admin commands. iMaximus 19/12/20141750
filterscript(other) Simple Kick [ZCMD] Meller 19/12/2014315
filterscript(other) Anti-Rcon Hack (100% Funcional) mitico 19/12/2014373
filterscript(other) Jetpack Simple [ZCMD] Meller 18/12/2014869
filterscript(other) BestAim [Shooting Competition] Flori 17/12/2014423
filterscript(other) Stunt Map In Lv Airport UltraScripter 17/12/20141065
filterscript(other) Interactive Trashcans Manyula 16/12/2014277
filterscript(other) Radar Map Pottus 16/12/20141174
filterscript(other) KeepYourLane - Dynamic Ghost-Driving Detector + Creator Schneider 16/12/20141281
filterscript(other) Push Car Back UltraScripter 16/12/2014392
filterscript(other) Dildo Uzi ElPapaNicolau 15/12/2014427
filterscript(other) Sistema de puertas Dinamicas ElPapaNicolau 15/12/2014754
filterscript(other) Super Patriot V 1.0 By TRTDM TRTDM 15/12/2014397
filterscript(other) [FS]Single Player Cheats LarryTiger 15/12/20141051
filterscript(other) Textdraw Commands v0.1 marwanalramahi 15/12/20141293
filterscript(other) MusicV1 ea7gign 14/12/2014831
filterscript(other) Kill Textdraw v 1.0 By TRTDM TRTDM 14/12/2014758
filterscript(systems) Saving System Raweresh 14/12/20142930
filterscript(systems) JaKe's House System _Jake_ 14/12/201411641
filterscript(other) CarShop UltraScripter 12/12/20141926
filterscript(systems) Xenon System Hork 11/12/20142098
filterscript(other) [CMDFF1] CommandsForFun NoDi522 11/12/2014301
filterscript(other) Saint's Weapon Shop imSaint 11/12/2014681
filterscript(systems) Reconnect and reconnectme system by Emin06 emin06 10/12/2014508
filterscript(other) Xmas gifts! Elm0P2 10/12/20141210
filterscript(other) /menu en Textdraw RedSamp 09/12/20141290
filterscript(systems) Bomb system by Elm0P2 Elm0P2 08/12/2014532
filterscript(other) Security Captcha NullBot 08/12/2014654
filterscript(systems) Neon System Hork 08/12/20142384
filterscript(other) Admin mode(28commands, by me) BackScreen 08/12/20141409
filterscript(other) Anti Server Advertisement-Anti car warp LuisPark 07/12/2014483
filterscript(systems) Business System 1.0v [MYSQL/R39 - RPG-], with multi-dialogs for datas storage. Galletziz 07/12/20142169
filterscript(other) Join/Leave Pack opticork 07/12/20141312
filterscript(systems) Sweesskel's Logs System Using YSI Sweesskel 07/12/2014320
filterscript(systems) STAnimation System|More anims will be added| Stuun 07/12/2014584
filterscript(other) Car Color Changer(Random, zcmd) BackScreen 06/12/2014657
filterscript(systems) Vote-Kick System [Textdraws] HY 06/12/20141759
filterscript(other) mostplayeronline mamalzeus 06/12/2014572
filterscript(other) Admin Menu [Textdraw + Dialogs] HY 05/12/20141826
filterscript(other) Wheels Menu [Textdraw Based] JonathanW 05/12/2014866
filterscript(systems) Injured System Sparke 05/12/20141683
filterscript(systems) Temporary Bans System Raweresh 03/12/20141081
filterscript(other) Simple Minigun DeathMatch Rog 03/12/2014521
filterscript(other) 3Dtextlabel and CheckPoint Editor UltraScripter 03/12/20141399
filterscript(other) Basic DM Minigame mjay768 03/12/2014777
filterscript(other) 3DTextLabel Editor UltraScripter 03/12/20141089
filterscript(other) Analog Clock Pottus 02/12/20141334
filterscript(other) Wrist Watch [Textdraws] JonathanW 02/12/20141072
filterscript(other) Location Text Pupak 01/12/2014937
filterscript(other) VillageBeeDon[v.1.0] beedon02 01/12/2014307
filterscript(other) Learning pawno in game Trollerz 01/12/2014301
filterscript(other) Anti-RapidFire, Anti-Car Warp. MoHaNeD14 30/11/20141152
filterscript(other) In-Game Interior Teleporter V0.3 Th3UnKnOwN 29/11/2014822
filterscript(other) Fireworks Script Pottus 28/11/20141386
filterscript(other) Simple spawn protection Stuun 28/11/2014513
filterscript(other) AntiProxy By FoxZ Foxz 27/11/2014726
filterscript(other) Christmas DM - xMas DM citromhun 27/11/2014980
filterscript(other) Join/Leave Message Box Rog 27/11/20141069
filterscript(systems) Simple ServerBot System Rog 27/11/20141607
filterscript(systems) AFK System SyCHO 27/11/20142820
filterscript(other) I Need Helps GlaL 27/11/2014454
filterscript(other) Online/Record FS rahmanrama 27/11/20141521
filterscript(other) Small Recording Studio ElDema 26/11/2014727
filterscript(systems) Party/Squad System | Must have for DM/TDM/C&R/Freeroam DRCharlie 26/11/20141324
filterscript(other) i need a filterscripts maker adnan786 26/11/2014378
filterscript(other) Radio Jakwob 25/11/20141454
filterscript(other) 2 Anti-Swears Jakwob 25/11/2014640
filterscript(other) Simple Goverment Payout Jakwob 25/11/2014285
filterscript(other) Star Event Rog 24/11/2014829
filterscript(other) Simple GPS LeXuZ 24/11/20141332
filterscript(other) Fight Style By Demihawk DeMihawk 23/11/2014650
filterscript(other) /settele /gototele JaydenJason 23/11/20141097
filterscript(other) SpeedBoost + jump Script UltraScripter 23/11/2014739
filterscript(other) Headshot by Kapil kapilbaduwal 23/11/2014761
filterscript(other) Simple Textdraw Health & Armour. HY 23/11/2014750
filterscript(other) Respawncars JaydenJason 23/11/20141501
filterscript(other) Ibot kapilbaduwal 22/11/2014773
filterscript(systems) Craps System R0berTh 22/11/20141035
filterscript(systems) Weapons Shop System Raweresh 22/11/201410409
filterscript(other) SoNNy's Animated X-Mas Tree (TD Project Included) nGen.SoNNy 21/11/2014596
filterscript(other) Super Car Douner 21/11/20141357
filterscript(other) DAdmin - Diti's Admin FileScript Diti1 21/11/2014814
filterscript(other) Administrators Meeting [zcmd] [unique] Bingo 20/11/2014929
filterscript(other) Stunt Map UltraScripter 20/11/2014612
filterscript(other) HELP ME !!! Marakasalai 19/11/2014318
filterscript(other) Housing not saving Blonctron 19/11/2014501
filterscript(other) Ammu-Nation Shop (with NPC) Jakwob 17/11/20141205
filterscript(other) STWeaponSys|v1.0| Will be updated. with more weapons Stuun 17/11/2014513
filterscript(other) Crazy Vehicle Saver inspire by pasha97 semara123 16/11/2014603
filterscript(systems) ReportSystem v1.0.0 paul988 16/11/20141673
filterscript(other) Damage Mod Detection (sample) Banana_Ghost 16/11/2014700
filterscript(other) Anti-Spawn Kill Protection ZaBraNjeNi 15/11/2014864
filterscript(systems) Afk simple system Camataru7 15/11/20141123
filterscript(other) Textdraw Player String Camataru7 15/11/2014723
filterscript(other) In game objects creator and editor Camataru7 15/11/2014826
filterscript(systems) Anti Running and Shooting System OG Killo 15/11/2014855
filterscript(other) Vehicle Modifications 1.0 [BASIC] ScriptFohLife 14/11/20141310
filterscript(other) Pm Scrpt With Dialog(inputtext)! UltraScripter 14/11/2014428
filterscript(other) Simple command for spawn vehicle Bratic 13/11/2014599
filterscript(other) Private Message Bratic 13/11/2014952
filterscript(other) CFeedBack [MySQL] Capua 13/11/2014241
filterscript(systems) Range messaging system biker122 13/11/2014575
filterscript(other) Login/Register/ChangePass/Ban Dialog [MySQL R34] bondowocopz 13/11/20141896
filterscript(systems) Array teleports system TheLustcheR 12/11/2014856
filterscript(other) ★ 90 Animations ★ OG Killo 12/11/20142930
filterscript(systems) Police Faction/System ! [v1.0] -> Base Included HY 11/11/20144960
filterscript(systems) DropGun System. Skully82 11/11/20142699
filterscript(systems) Advanced Animation System[Simple and Effective] iLuXing 10/11/20141041
filterscript(systems) PlayerToy System - new & updated | saving. Spanes 10/11/20141121
filterscript(systems) Aleem's Neon System AleemIqbal1 09/11/20141771
filterscript(other) Anti-Adver By xMx4LiFe xMx4LiFe 09/11/2014429
filterscript(other) dBinds - Simple FS for binding keys. [DK]Dark_Knight 09/11/2014343
filterscript(other) Auto Car Respawn slorunner 09/11/20141759
filterscript(other) Easy Server Restart by Slo_Runner slorunner 09/11/2014575
filterscript(systems) Advanced Duel System xMx4LiFe 09/11/20141109
filterscript(other) Unique Script TeddyBeer 08/11/2014921
filterscript(systems) Advanced Furniture System ItalianKiller1568 08/11/20141034
filterscript(other) Health And Armour Bar By Textdraw Skully82 08/11/20141337
filterscript(systems) Advanced Register System Using Email ;) rockhopper 07/11/20142110
filterscript(other) Speedometer Daewoo 06/11/20144437
filterscript(systems) Fuel System UltraScripter 06/11/20142650
filterscript(systems) Simple Plant C4 system for NEWBIE ThunderX 05/11/20141183
filterscript(other) In-Game Object Creator & Editor [v1.0] HY 05/11/20141630
filterscript(other) Remove bot in ammunation (super simple) ThunderX 05/11/2014320
filterscript(other) TextDraw Player Strings UltraScripter 04/11/20141234
filterscript(other) DAMAGE TEXTDRAW DokyPWN 04/11/20141376
filterscript(other) Unique Gamemode mastermb2 04/11/2014357
filterscript(other) Some Objects On San Fierro Train Stations Justinclaveria123 04/11/2014340
filterscript(other) what is the best fs Hirsw0w 03/11/2014393
filterscript(other) Vehicle Damage Indicator Smileys 03/11/2014894
filterscript(other) Real-world weather in SA-MP! KingHual 03/11/2014662
filterscript(systems) Money Bag System [ZCMD | SSCANF2] biker122 03/11/20142594
filterscript(systems) Anti-Hack System [v1.0] HY 03/11/20144189
filterscript(systems) Achievements System [MySQL | ZCMD | SSCANF2] biker122 03/11/20141912
filterscript(other) SpeedoMeter V1.0 UltraScripter 02/11/20142717
filterscript(other) /move ron_tim 02/11/2014954
filterscript(other) Togabble Hitsound ron_tim 02/11/2014436
filterscript(systems) Away From Keyboard System Banana_Ghost 01/11/20141018
filterscript(other) V-Speedo [Speedometer] VinPure 01/11/20141943
filterscript(systems) AFK system by Stuun Stuun 01/11/20141437
filterscript(other) eBomb - Bombs for planes Su37Erich 01/11/2014470
filterscript(other) Drivable Pumpkin! Abagail 31/10/2014322
filterscript(other) at-400 Landing In Lv AriPort Bot UltraScripter 31/10/2014396
filterscript(other) RFD - Random Fun Dice [New Idea] M0HAMMAD 31/10/2014497
filterscript(other) [Textdraw] Vehicle's Speed/Fuel/Name M0HAMMAD 31/10/20141456
filterscript(other) Speedo/Date/Time/Ping/ServerName JonyNguyen 31/10/20141758
filterscript(other) Host Name Changer [In Game] M0HAMMAD 30/10/2014702
filterscript(other) In-Game Server Hostname Changer ! HY 30/10/2014704
filterscript(other) Advanced Time (and date) Kwarde 30/10/2014514
filterscript(systems) AFK System with 3D Text Label and Textdraw aizeah555 29/10/20141878
filterscript(other) Delete Cars Fs (FOR ADMINS) aizeah555 29/10/2014760
filterscript(other) [FS]Simple Changing World Fs (GOOD FOR RP) aizeah555 29/10/2014348
filterscript(systems) Register Login System UltraScripter 28/10/20145046
filterscript(other) Advanced. One Shot Deathmatch. Pawnify 27/10/2014528
filterscript(other) "Back To The Future" styled digital Speedometer DarkSlyder 27/10/20141486
filterscript(other) Advanced Pawn Shop Aerotactics 27/10/2014775
filterscript(other) Ping Monitor Metroplex 27/10/2014679
filterscript(other) In-Game Teleport Creator [ZCMD, DINI, YCMD, STRCMP] -> hCreator ! HY 26/10/2014905
filterscript(other) Unique Script iHawks 26/10/2014468
filterscript(other) USTruckScript Job V1.0 UltraScripter 26/10/2014828
filterscript(other) eSpeedometer Edw 26/10/20142795
filterscript(other) Shooting Range with MySQL (First FS) Gintaras123 25/10/2014380
filterscript(other) Laboratory Metroplex 25/10/2014574
filterscript(other) Pizzaboy filterscript Pawnify 25/10/20141055
filterscript(other) In-Game Pick-Up Creator [v1.0] HY 25/10/2014788
filterscript(other) MySQLBan 0.1b (BETA) paul988 25/10/2014326
filterscript(other) #1 SA-MP's Administration Filterscript Neufox 25/10/20142174
filterscript(other) Star Event [0.3z] HY 25/10/2014793
filterscript(other) MrCallum's Toy Filterscript v0.6 MrCallum 24/10/2014297
filterscript(other) One List For ALL WEAPONS iLuXing 24/10/2014492
filterscript(other) TDEditor 1.1 - New TextDraw creator with Preview models. adri1 23/10/20141982
filterscript(other) Very simple speedometer LeXuZ 23/10/20141086
filterscript(other) Alpha Planetside v0.2.0 kSpade 22/10/2014435
filterscript(other) Music | Anti jet-pack hacks | Anti weapon hacks LeXuZ 22/10/2014646
filterscript(other) iPhone Textdraw with Simple Admin Menu [UNIQUE] HY 22/10/20141558
filterscript(other) "Wasted" GTA V Style [ Death Style ] HY 21/10/20142018
filterscript(other) hSpeed (Speedometer) - Classic and unique. Metharon 20/10/20142039
filterscript(other) Calculator with textdraws zDigol 19/10/2014803
filterscript(other) Warning of Dead | Style GTA V By OTACON OTACON 19/10/20141063
filterscript(other) SAMP Advanced Server Management Majesticc 19/10/2014724
filterscript(other) Como criar um FS de Mapa? MatheusLixtoGM 18/10/2014311
filterscript(other) Anti bunnyhop (( Good for RP )) zDigol 18/10/2014598
filterscript(other) V-Inventory (Save/Load/Add/Remove/Use/Item) VinPure 18/10/2014885
filterscript(systems) H-Admin System HY 17/10/20145573
filterscript(systems) Custom Made Dynamic Map Icon system MrCallum 16/10/20141456
filterscript(other) Custom Made tolls MrCallum 16/10/2014290
filterscript(systems) Sky Dive System [Unique] MORJAN5566 16/10/20141149
filterscript(other) Dynamic Dialogs: Weapons Blunt 14/10/2014415
filterscript(systems) Fire System! ProKillerpa 13/10/20142569
filterscript(other) "Melee Weapons" - v1.0 / Cancelled Kyance 13/10/2014495
filterscript(systems) Bomb System - V1.0 - ;] LorDWarS 13/10/20141145
filterscript(other) Suggestions | for building protection against server attacks LorDWarS 13/10/2014469
filterscript(systems) Simple Roleplay Animation System RGOimpact 13/10/20141271
filterscript(systems) basic Admin System v1.0 stev212 12/10/20143030
filterscript(other) Highlight player names on chat! fall3n 12/10/2014833
filterscript(systems) Vip System --> ( + 30 Commands ) HY 12/10/20146859
filterscript(other) Random chat messages with timers Ajvanho 11/10/2014616
filterscript(other) !WasteD! - GTA V style death iWhite 10/10/2014976
filterscript(other) Need for Speed NOS eDz0r 10/10/20141219
filterscript(other) Mini Game 'The Labyrinth' By OTACON OTACON 10/10/2014948
filterscript(systems) Tleports system with enum stev212 10/10/2014955
filterscript(other) How to make /freeze and /unfreeze command without timer? Justinclaveria123 08/10/2014442
filterscript(systems) Clock, synchronized with the server system zwoorelook 08/10/20141023
filterscript(other) Velocity, Health lcp9 07/10/2014866
filterscript(other) Gta V Style Wanted For Saund FatherTr 06/10/20141206
filterscript(systems) H_System | Login | Register | VIP | Admin | --> Systems ! HY 05/10/20144266
filterscript(systems) MoDii's Teleports System V2 -Bug Fixed- mmoustafa9 05/10/2014793
filterscript(other) TX-BAN ThunderX 05/10/2014483
filterscript(systems) Saving Position System Ygzeb 05/10/2014847
filterscript(systems) TheRoW Mute System ( Sscanf2, zcmd ) RoW001 04/10/2014352
filterscript(other) OGUN Blunt 02/10/2014513
filterscript(other) Neonlights d0nTtoucH 01/10/20141316
filterscript(other) Capture the flag (CTF Minigame) HY 01/10/20141869
filterscript(other) Mounted Miniguns for Patriots Kyance 30/09/2014532
filterscript(systems) xAdmin System v1.0 xWarrior 30/09/20145429
filterscript(other) How to make a cool down after a robbery? DanielKiller 29/09/2014690
filterscript(systems) Trucker Job System ALBJ 29/09/20144040
filterscript(other) Police Department GGRoleplay 29/09/20142198
filterscript(systems) OnDuty And OffDuty System! ALBJ 28/09/20142547
filterscript(other) Basic Commands v1.0 [BETA] Vishalshetty 27/09/2014704
filterscript(other) Desativar o /login e /register !!! Edy2014665 27/09/2014652
filterscript(other) OxiDialogs 2.0 - In-Game dialog creator (inputtext, listitem, msgbox) - Newbies friendly Ox1gEN 27/09/2014820
filterscript(systems) Unique Map System By GRX Aka GRX4life GRX 27/09/20141715
filterscript(other) Name Flashing AleemIqbal1 26/09/2014642
filterscript(other) In-Game Teleport Creator v1.0 HY 26/09/2014717
filterscript(other) News textdraw momo123 26/09/2014827
filterscript(other) SUGGEST_SCRIPTS_IN_GAME Godsmazk 26/09/2014189
filterscript(systems) Best Duel System So Far [Bets] [Weapon Selection] PMH 25/09/2014900
filterscript(other) WeaponShop - Automatic/Custom prices || DIALOG Pawnify 25/09/20141072
filterscript(systems) Teleport System ! HY 25/09/20141783
filterscript(other) OxiDialogs 1.0 Beta - In-Game Dialog Creator? Ox1gEN 24/09/2014378
filterscript(systems) EPIC Dynamic House system ICO 23/09/201411316
filterscript(systems) Car Ownership System ! WTFLOL 23/09/20147047
filterscript(systems) Graffity system ICO 21/09/20142295
filterscript(systems) Ice Rink System Minigame ! WTFLOL 21/09/20141119
filterscript(systems) A simple Admin System for Begineers EPIC2LA 21/09/20141211
filterscript(systems) Vip System WTFLOL 21/09/20143546
filterscript(other) dsaadaadssdaa NeonLo 21/09/2014326
filterscript(other) Textdraw Creator v1.0 [Easy & Usefull Tool] WTFLOL 20/09/2014823
filterscript(systems) How to make a moneybag system Ricagor 20/09/20141524
filterscript(systems) Morjan admin system momo123 20/09/20141207
filterscript(other) RealVehicle 1.0.1 EnforcerDon 19/09/20141436
filterscript(other) Turtles and Deers - Parking/Cages [Good for RP] [V2] IDarkness 19/09/2014618
filterscript(systems) Jobs System ( Harvest + Trucker Job ) WTFLOL 19/09/20145140
filterscript(systems) MaroSystems v1 - Register/Login/Admin/VIP/MYSQL/WhirlPool Maro06 18/09/20142579
filterscript(systems) [FilterScript]Maths System By ReD_DeVi ReD_DeVi 17/09/2014994
filterscript(systems) UNIQUE ROLEPLAY Spraying System - OxiSpray 1.0 Ox1gEN 17/09/20141608
filterscript(systems) Advanced Mute System V1.0. [First Release] DarkSkull 17/09/2014659
filterscript(other) Posts Randoms + Range + Counter de Users ADOK1NG 16/09/2014347
filterscript(other) Anti 'ATJ'(Cleo Carjacker) script Kyance 15/09/2014670
filterscript(other) Anti-Bots Flood XStormiest 15/09/2014727
filterscript(other) Bank Filterscript [Y_ini] [One file for all] PMH 15/09/2014578
filterscript(other) Fly Cam Mode MysteriousGaming 14/09/20141417
filterscript(other) Rand msg,nitro bar,speedo :) mirza1221 14/09/2014490
filterscript(other) Register/login with textdraws mirza1221 12/09/20141995
filterscript(other) Real damage Sparke 12/09/2014825
filterscript(systems) zShadowAdmin System -With many cool features and commands !!- zShadow 12/09/20142360
filterscript(other) speedometer v1 iTzDemon 12/09/20142028
filterscript(systems) Teleport System with Clickable Textdraws Reputation 11/09/20141313
filterscript(other) bghost's Advanced Rcon Admin Script. Banana_Ghost 11/09/2014393
filterscript(other) Whirlpool without plugin EmpireSk 11/09/2014635
filterscript(other) Health, Armor and Xp bar textdraw Design GamingPro 11/09/20141612
filterscript(systems) System of Bomb By OTACON OTACON 11/09/2014817
filterscript(other) HeadShot Script MasonSFW 10/09/20141315
filterscript(other) War Minigame - New more Features Added ! Reputation 10/09/2014395
filterscript(other) War Minigame -- Terrorists vs Counter-Terrorists -- Perfect for Stunt Servers! Reputation 09/09/2014625
filterscript(systems) Trade System -- BEST Trade System Reputation 08/09/20141787
filterscript(systems) Target system! Fich 08/09/20141363
filterscript(other) Minigun Deathmatch Minigame ! Perfect for Stunt Servers ! Reputation 08/09/2014822
filterscript(systems) Party System momo123 08/09/20143519
filterscript(other) Best Admin Commands (10 Levels) +75 Admin Commands Reputation 08/09/20142630
filterscript(other) GEAR FOR SURVIVAL[INVENTORY|ITEM|BOX] VinPure 07/09/2014758
filterscript(systems) OxiRegister 1.0 - Simplest registration system - MySQL R39-2 CACHE! Ox1gEN 07/09/2014961
filterscript(other) Roleplay: local text commands (with string splitting) Mionee 07/09/20141041
filterscript(other) OxiAdmins 2.0 MySQL R33-2 - Built in RCON and more Ox1gEN 06/09/2014773
filterscript(systems) Teddy Admin System ! TeddyYeah 06/09/20142120
filterscript(other) Anims + Animlist Filescript TeddyYeah 06/09/20141777
filterscript(systems) Jueixs House System V2 (Furniture System) Updates to happen. jueix 06/09/20143092
filterscript(systems) [Textdraw] Login And Register System M0HAMMAD 06/09/20144721
filterscript(systems) Stalker's Boombox system. GreenSt4lker 05/09/2014646
filterscript(other) [Pho-AC] (Best) Anti Weapon Hack M0HAMMAD 05/09/20141452
filterscript(other) Jakwobs Simple Delivery Job Jakwob 05/09/2014555
filterscript(systems) Jakwobs Xp/Lvl/Prestige system (fully saving) Jakwob 05/09/2014926
filterscript(other) Cops and Robbers Minigame TeddyYeah 05/09/20141148
filterscript(other) SkinShop With Npc hitman14 05/09/20141548
filterscript(other) One Shot Minigame TeddyYeah 05/09/2014346
filterscript(other) Basic Music player. Th3UnKnOwN 04/09/2014495
filterscript(other) Anti-Server Advertising by 5194Hercules 5194Hercules 04/09/2014760
filterscript(other) Fix bullet crasher. kaZax 04/09/2014824
filterscript(systems) Mute Em' - Mute system Pawnify 03/09/2014780
filterscript(other) SafeRCON - Extra security measures for your RCON fall3n 03/09/2014522
filterscript(other) iPhone 4 Private200 03/09/20142081
filterscript(other) Create your own ingame skin selection (CYOISS) by 5194Hercules 5194Hercules 02/09/2014576
filterscript(other) [FS]Headshot MasonSFW 02/09/2014970
filterscript(systems) New admin Chat system Mohamedilham 02/09/20142725
filterscript(other) RNPC Zombie[RANGE/ATTACK/PUNCH] VinPure 02/09/2014977
filterscript(other) GTA 5 Cam effect 14_KaPaT 02/09/20141507
filterscript(other) Monster Truck Map [ PARKOUR ] Djc3100 01/09/2014530
filterscript(other) Dashcam in cop's vehicle Rodney Francalim 01/09/2014633
filterscript(other) eaAdministrator V0.1 w/ ZCMD, sscanf The__ 01/09/2014557
filterscript(other) rClasses - A New Unique Way To Select Classes/Teams. Ralfie 01/09/2014407
filterscript(systems) TabAdmin [BASIC ADMIN SYSTEM] GGRoleplay 01/09/20141684
filterscript(other) RC CONTROLER TheCrew 01/09/2014427
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Carownership system by RAPlaY R4PlaY 01/09/20142026
filterscript(other) [FS]Drift Map by Me (Alpha) Ryan4eto 31/08/20141008
filterscript(other) Healing Mobile with Textdraws[UNIQUE OR?] ZombieNest 31/08/2014375
filterscript(other) TEXTDRAW+CLICKABLE WALKING STYLE by dhO0m DhO0m 30/08/2014669
filterscript(systems) [RELEASE]Kangaroo system ZombieNest 30/08/2014478
filterscript(other) "Silent" Aimbot Detector (FINAL RELEASE) Kyance 29/08/2014893
filterscript(other) Railgun from Quake 3: Arena (Laser-Sniper Like) Matz 29/08/2014307
filterscript(other) Killed By textdraw design! Mckarlis 29/08/20141127
filterscript(other) PMH's Anti Weapon Hack!!! + Ammo hack PMH 29/08/2014952
filterscript(systems) Sayros Dynamic Object System ( Gates ) / Saving Included v1.0 Sayros 28/08/20141548
filterscript(systems) Tuning teleport system (first my) OvY2611 27/08/2014850
filterscript(systems) MoDii's Teleports System V1 mmoustafa9 27/08/2014363
filterscript(other) Stinger JeevanJyothish 27/08/2014290
filterscript(other) Vehicle repair 2 types . JeevanJyothish 27/08/2014793
filterscript(other) Simple Textured Ban informations textdraw design satafinix 27/08/2014388
filterscript(systems) Milo's Engine system Milokavis 26/08/20141106
filterscript(other) Simple teleport to coords JeevanJyothish 26/08/2014253
filterscript(systems) Clan System TeddyYeah 26/08/20147881
filterscript(other) AirportWars Event RcLuton 26/08/2014402
filterscript(other) (TEXTDRAW) Stats textdraw design ThePhenix 26/08/20141775
filterscript(systems) Mine system Thogy 26/08/20141308
filterscript(other) Finding players by gps for cops usefull for rp servers JeevanJyothish 26/08/2014531
filterscript(systems) Event System Deathmatch ! TeddyYeah 25/08/20142623
filterscript(other) Disguise filterscript v1 Pawnify 25/08/2014274
filterscript(systems) System Car OwnerShip TeddyYeah 25/08/201411307
filterscript(other) Simple weapon shop PMH 25/08/2014377
filterscript(other) Y_Less scammed me Le3aT 25/08/2014299
filterscript(systems) Antifall System TeddyYeah 25/08/2014733
filterscript(other) Kills, Deaths, Money, Score and website textdraw design! Mckarlis 24/08/20141385
filterscript(other) Fast AFK [Simple,Fast,Low CPU Usage] MrEdinLaw 24/08/2014597
filterscript(other) Slap Command, release. ExtendedCarbon 24/08/2014647
filterscript(other) Alej-MRandom Alej 23/08/2014212
filterscript(other) Basic Trucking FS. gtasarules14 23/08/2014537
filterscript(other) Simple player cmds v1 Mckarlis 22/08/2014405
filterscript(other) Teleport Menu v1.0 extror3 22/08/2014996
filterscript(other) Airport Fly! JasperM 21/08/2014811
filterscript(other) CIBERKILLER SCRIPTS (c) - maximum ping CIBERKILLER 21/08/2014389
filterscript(other) Hints! JasperM 21/08/2014340
filterscript(other) Camp Map near Los santos Toxik 21/08/2014416
filterscript(systems) Auto Announce System Iklesos 20/08/20141424
filterscript(other) Very Nice Reg/Login TextDraws Fich 20/08/2014702
filterscript(other) /spawnweapon Script ExtendedCarbon 19/08/2014822
filterscript(other) Aero's FreeCam [Beta] Aerotactics 18/08/2014479
filterscript(systems) System event dm DarkZeroX 17/08/20141387
filterscript(systems) Random Message System SkillNasr 16/08/20141368
filterscript(other) Remove this post by mistake killing 16/08/2014199
filterscript(systems) Teleport System SkillNasr 16/08/20141499
filterscript(other) Admin Weapon Spawner. Th3UnKnOwN 15/08/2014586
filterscript(other) Behind Name of Player a text SkillNasr 15/08/2014392
filterscript(other) Submarine (Torpedo's, Lifeboat's ...) Kyance 15/08/2014558
filterscript(other) Anyone help me? Simoer 14/08/2014200
filterscript(other) Scratch Card jidavid 14/08/2014414
filterscript(systems) Login / register system kaloul 14/08/20144123
filterscript(other) Teleport Menu ( My first filterscript ) kaloul 14/08/2014730
filterscript(other) [FS] Random Hostname Toolkit 14/08/2014473
filterscript(systems) [FS] |NClass| Simple TDM Class System NewbieTester 14/08/2014744
filterscript(systems) Auto meter system XaibBaba 13/08/201410311
filterscript(other) [FS] | NWeapons | Secret Weapon Shop by NewbieTester NewbieTester 13/08/2014383
filterscript(other) Now Protect Server From Hackers. XaibBaba 13/08/2014819
filterscript(other) [REQ] Vehicle spawner and freeroam(gm) working for 0.3z ernani 13/08/2014517
filterscript(systems) [FS] |NReaction| Reaction Test System NewbieTester 13/08/20141568
filterscript(systems) system inventory and accessory DarkZeroX 12/08/20141573
filterscript(systems) Body death system DarkZeroX 12/08/20141985
filterscript(other) Custom killist HuSs3n 12/08/2014550
filterscript(systems) trablon's Radio System trablon 12/08/2014913
filterscript(systems) trablon's Speed System for Vehicles ! trablon 12/08/20141004
filterscript(systems) Simple Duel System Affan 12/08/20141538
filterscript(other) Automatic Helmet On Bike XaibBaba 12/08/2014560
filterscript(other) Farmer Job [New Style Of Farmer Job - See Picturs] M0HAMMAD 11/08/20142169
filterscript(other) CustomBuiltGaming - HTC Phone TextDraws CustomBuiltGaming 11/08/2014415
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Fuel Station System Xenforox 11/08/20142287
filterscript(systems) Simple Regenerating System | Editable ZombieNest 10/08/2014424
filterscript(other) Player Commands V1.0 or PcmdsV1.0 Iloveimpulse 10/08/20141195
filterscript(other) CustomBuiltGaming - Dealer Ship Map Pack [Detailed Video Included] CustomBuiltGaming 10/08/2014382
filterscript(systems) Report system DarkZeroX 10/08/20141751
filterscript(other) Damage indicator DarkZeroX 10/08/20141019
filterscript(other) PizzaBoy Job [My First FS] M0HAMMAD 10/08/2014908
filterscript(systems) Easy and Simple AFK system ZombieNest 09/08/2014714
filterscript(systems) Advanced Weather System - Including Weekly Forecast [XST]O_x 09/08/2014734
filterscript(other) **Simple Skin Menu** with zcmd and mSelection [first shared FS ever :') ] Mzake 09/08/20142748
filterscript(other) Lukka's Admin House Lukka_Vercetti 08/08/20141101
filterscript(other) FULS - Federal University of Los Santos ProKillerpa 08/08/2014348
filterscript(other) b-Reactions biker122 08/08/2014328
filterscript(other) Real Time Wizdo 07/08/2014732
filterscript(systems) Simple Bank Robbery System ScriptFohLife 07/08/20142675
filterscript(other) Lift Creator [CREATE LIFTS ANYWHERE] Wizdo 06/08/2014571
filterscript(systems) SimPle AnD EaSy WeaPOn SysTeM by NGEN123.. NGEN123 06/08/2014453
filterscript(other) Jobs SturtIndia 06/08/20142221
filterscript(systems) Notorious System [good for RP] ShinichiKudou 06/08/20141090
filterscript(other) ZCProtect [ZenonCity] [Protection Against Freezing] KN4RF 05/08/2014336
filterscript(other) Some RP Commands FS MaxTuner 05/08/2014358
filterscript(systems) Basic cuff system AzaMx 05/08/2014832
filterscript(other) Reaction Test Iloveimpulse 05/08/2014482
filterscript(other) Engine On/Off by MaxTuner (First FS ever :)) MaxTuner 05/08/2014611
filterscript(other) Car Sound BarbaNegra 04/08/2014807
filterscript(other) TP menu SlimDkhili 03/08/2014746
filterscript(systems) Driver School - FileScript/System + MAP ArabScript2 03/08/201410551
filterscript(other) /setvip Command Tutorial kyriakos587 03/08/20141180
filterscript(other) need help.. Thoper 03/08/2014210
filterscript(other) Flappy Bird FILTERSCRIPT ChosedOne 02/08/2014594
filterscript(other) Bullet Bomb TazmaNiax 02/08/2014497
filterscript(other) WLock v1.0 Wizdo 02/08/2014341
filterscript(other) Online Radio Stations ☆☆☆ SreeKrishna 01/08/20141179
filterscript(other) PlantimiumAdminV1.0 Iloveimpulse 01/08/2014815
filterscript(other) Laser Light for weps 0.3z DopeX 01/08/2014812
filterscript(other) Random Car Color By Phyzic Phyzic 01/08/2014374
filterscript(other) Pre-Made Houses Ciarannn 31/07/2014521
filterscript(other) CAN - Multifunctional Bullet | Portal Bullet | Exploding Bullet | Drunk Bullet | [0.3Z] Cannary2048 31/07/2014454
filterscript(other) Toggleable speedboost,hornjump,flip & Fix [SU]Spartan 31/07/2014403
filterscript(systems) Simple Watch System Textdraw WhiteAngels 31/07/2014737
filterscript(other) NGG need to fix about security LuisPark 31/07/2014466
filterscript(other) Character Creation TextDraws (RP) Mionee 30/07/2014818
filterscript(other) Bullet Hole 0.3z Cannary2048 30/07/2014684
filterscript(other) SA-MP Walkstyles SreeKrishna 30/07/2014713
filterscript(other) Simple Weapon Shop WhiteAngels 30/07/2014433
filterscript(other) CAN - Dynamic Vehicle Renting [Saving | ZCMD | User-Friendly] Cannary2048 29/07/2014613
filterscript(other) Animation FilterScript SlimDkhili 29/07/2014772
filterscript(other) Weapon shop - Based on textdraws [Unique] SilentSoul 29/07/2014926
filterscript(other) GO2PLAYER40NlYC0P'S SreeKrishna 29/07/2014245
filterscript(systems) Simple VIP system on months with (ZCMD + sscanf + Dini) IceBilizard 29/07/20141508
filterscript(other) Weapons Shop Diti1 28/07/2014905
filterscript(other) Weap Shop AYOUYOU 28/07/2014446
filterscript(other) Call of Duty Dolphin Dive for SA-MP xF4Life 28/07/20148870
filterscript(other) [FS] Cardealership at Grotti's Sammi_Jackson 27/07/2014973
filterscript(systems) Colours system AYOUYOU 27/07/20141516
filterscript(other) [fs300] FuelBurn vannesenn 27/07/2014465
filterscript(other) Mod request/idea to fix hp bar missing Dcluigimario 26/07/2014199
filterscript(other) Cargo Ship SaintMikey 26/07/2014738
filterscript(other) How to PUT FILTERSCRIPT on script Marcoes 26/07/2014287
filterscript(other) Throw Grenade from Vehicle Cannary2048 26/07/2014318
filterscript(other) auguem me ajuda por race no meu server kalvicezca 26/07/2014192
filterscript(systems) Credit Card / Debit System [DOF2, ZCMD, sscanf] ProKillerpa 26/07/20141270
filterscript(other) Dynamic Organization by Dimi DimiBre 25/07/2014605
filterscript(other) Y_Vehicle Lasers Youice 25/07/2014469
filterscript(systems) Weed Planting System Jaddito 25/07/20141068
filterscript(other) Weapon saving [dini] compatible with gamemodes! UserName31 24/07/2014457
filterscript(systems) Simple Weapons Saving System iFarbod 24/07/2014743
filterscript(other) Hork Speedometer Hork 24/07/20143320
filterscript(other) Miniguns Kyance 23/07/2014627
filterscript(other) Grass mower by RAPlaY R4PlaY 23/07/2014578
filterscript(other) ACash [ Server-Side Money | Impossible to hack ] Clad 23/07/2014505
filterscript(other) [ACD] Automatic Cheats Detector (External Mods) icra 23/07/2014475
filterscript(other) como modifico esse menu ?auguem me ajuda pfv kalvicezca 23/07/2014212
filterscript(other) GTA 6 Fan Art hud for gta sa:mp BizarroSuperman 22/07/2014787
filterscript(other) Velocimetro 2.0 'Completo' FernandoSS 22/07/20141368
filterscript(other) Car tune Rancher hillko 21/07/2014593
filterscript(other) SA-MP Modified Cars. LivingLikeYouDo 21/07/2014993
filterscript(other) TextDrawTools - Simple TextDraw Displays Jack_Leslie 20/07/2014686
filterscript(other) GT-0 Movable lights v1.0 GrandTheftAut0 19/07/2014402
filterscript(other) GT-0 In-Game teleport maker. GrandTheftAut0 19/07/2014417
filterscript(other) Rainbow Name! [3rd FilterScript] MrWupiazZzLT 18/07/2014504
filterscript(other) Official Rainbow Name By GeekSiMo & Mionee GeekSiMo 18/07/2014368
filterscript(other) Random Messages in Game by a bot! EPIC2LA 18/07/2014435
filterscript(other) Minigun Game (Automatic) Hork 18/07/2014709
filterscript(systems) Realistic Damage And Force System [0.3z] SAMPbitch 18/07/20141936
filterscript(other) Samp Antihack Pack Mega GrandTheftAut0 18/07/2014860
filterscript(other) [Side Job]Burger Shot[Unique] ManuelNeuer 17/07/2014583
filterscript(other) ATMs GTA V style (textdraws and objects) adri1 16/07/20141042
filterscript(systems) Vehicle blink system KubiPL 16/07/20141604
filterscript(other) Anti Hack Weapon VinPure 15/07/20141109
filterscript(other) SA-MP First Person Shoot Mod!!! Sunb0y 15/07/2014674
filterscript(other) Cow Race [RACE] Sunb0y 15/07/2014724
filterscript(systems) SH0BAN = BAN SYSTEM[NEW] Sunb0y 15/07/20141462
filterscript(other) Los sontos Bus Sytem Sunb0y 15/07/2014582
filterscript(systems) TextDraw System create you own textdraw Sunb0y 15/07/20141733
filterscript(other) Animation on chatting Sunb0y 15/07/2014691
filterscript(other) Gar0y Skin Sunb0y 15/07/2014468
filterscript(systems) XP Experience System by Sunb0y Sunb0y 15/07/2014954
filterscript(other) [MINI]Awesome Music For Admin Sunb0y 15/07/2014490
filterscript(other) [SB-ZM] TextDraw Editor BizarroSuperman 15/07/2014442
filterscript(other) SnowBall [New GAme] Sunb0y 15/07/2014678
filterscript(other) Vehicle GEAR Changes v0.2 [REALISTIC DRIVING] BizarroSuperman 15/07/2014554
filterscript(other) Chase the Circle [NEW] BizarroSuperman 15/07/2014247
filterscript(other) Simple Weapon/Weapon skill shop menu AdryanViag 14/07/2014422
filterscript(systems) [FilterScript]Cops and Robbers system kirostar 14/07/20142126
filterscript(other) One-Line Youtube Player [Only Audio/MP3] fast and easy! xDarkuzSx 13/07/2014587
filterscript(other) Anti HealthHack LarryTiger 13/07/2014842
filterscript(systems) Simple Teleport System mirza1221 12/07/2014691
filterscript(other) Color IDs by ScriptFohLife ScriptFohLife 12/07/2014402
filterscript(systems) Turbo System Hork 12/07/20141891
filterscript(other) Textdraw displays your server IP (SIMPLE) ADOK1NG 11/07/20141094
filterscript(systems) Easy System Headshot lucotaku1 11/07/20141011
filterscript(systems) Request vip system [HELP] mohdapiz 11/07/2014845
filterscript(other) mDM v0.1 Maro06 11/07/2014295
filterscript(other) MapCreator MisterMania67 10/07/20141136
filterscript(other) Use GetPlayerVersion function. Baltimore 10/07/2014341
filterscript(systems) AutoAFK System Manyula 10/07/20141159
filterscript(other) XO by Inferno inferno211 10/07/2014340
filterscript(systems) Drug System - v2.0 - Using Y_Ini - With Video - New Version! friezakinght 09/07/2014896
filterscript(other) Gta 3 Cheats lucotaku1 09/07/2014385
filterscript(other) Easy vehicle fixing. DavidSparks 09/07/2014364
filterscript(systems) Dynamic House System v0.5 (w/Dialog Builder System+Customizable) ABKPot 09/07/201413496
filterscript(systems) Anti Bot System kyriakos587 08/07/20141740
filterscript(systems) TLN's Time, Week & Day System TLN 08/07/2014681
filterscript(other) Anti CrouchBug (C-Bug) + Video greentarch 08/07/2014666
filterscript(other) Animations [+300] FaZeRs 08/07/20141421
filterscript(systems) Drug System - v1.0 - Using Y_Ini friezakinght 08/07/2014598
filterscript(other) HideMe[FS] youssefehab500 08/07/2014370
filterscript(other) Pilot Job LarryTiger 08/07/20141220
filterscript(other) Flappy Bird [Textdraw] MrWupiazZzLT 07/07/2014897
filterscript(systems) Duel System v1.6 (Dialogs+CMDS) (w/ Dynamic Map Builder) ABKPot 07/07/20142110
filterscript(other) Calculator small Need4samp 07/07/2014411
filterscript(other) [Exterior]Mexican restaurant IDarkness 07/07/2014350
filterscript(other) Anti Roleplay Rule Breaks. jihadmeneer 06/07/2014609
filterscript(systems) Godmode System. GShock 06/07/20141534
filterscript(other) Random Message on Server LarryTiger 06/07/2014638
filterscript(other) Damage the vehicle without driver | FS/INC Markonisha 06/07/2014724
filterscript(systems) Realistic damage and Force systems (0.3z) DeadSkyTkb 06/07/2014877
filterscript(other) MusicMix [2014] (152 songs) By OTACON OTACON 05/07/20141955
filterscript(other) SendErrorMessage(playerid, error) - SendErrorMessage! DamonD 05/07/2014290
filterscript(systems) Safe Zone System[SAVE/LOAD] VinPure 04/07/201410280
filterscript(other) xPlosions Inverse 04/07/2014353
filterscript(other) Quizans amanrajsingh876 04/07/2014264
filterscript(other) TheRafaxadmin xRaffaelex 04/07/2014546
filterscript(systems) AFK System V1 By Frankin Frankin 04/07/2014827
filterscript(other) Phone Textdraw (clickable, GTA IV design) Mionee 04/07/20141229
filterscript(other) Enterable "Journey" Kyance 03/07/2014443
filterscript(other) Auto Car Fix youssefehab500 03/07/2014860
filterscript(systems) Zero House System zero_cool 02/07/20144543
filterscript(other) Over-Heated Sparrow (BETA Version 1.0) Crayder 02/07/2014275
filterscript(other) ShAdmin SHE790 02/07/2014775
filterscript(other) Mirza's MP3! mirza1221 02/07/2014435
filterscript(systems) New system spikes [ Like MOD spike ] Need4samp 02/07/2014650
filterscript(other) Car Flip Animation? XXJacksug8X 01/07/2014461
filterscript(other) AME and ADO ! [Great For RP Servers]! Fachrul48 01/07/2014553
filterscript(other) Coming Soon - Taxi NPC Wiliam Levy 30/06/2014995
filterscript(other) Pause Check & Kick! Vanter 30/06/2014850
filterscript(other) Speed Boost Jacob756 30/06/2014854
filterscript(other) [TestFunctions] Test all functions InGame Miguel_Leopold 30/06/2014343
filterscript(other) Shoot And TelePort :) rockhopper 30/06/2014285
filterscript(systems) Duel System Ozer2635 30/06/20141785
filterscript(systems) Teleport System v1.0 ReD_DeVi 29/06/20141418
filterscript(other) Mirza's Random Message mirza1221 29/06/2014479
filterscript(systems) -TextDraw Weapon System- ScripteRNaBEEL 29/06/20141321
filterscript(systems) Personal Weapons System | Load And Save Automatically | /Myw Excel™ 28/06/20141123
filterscript(other) Random Messages By ReD_DeVi ReD_DeVi 28/06/2014396
filterscript(other) AutoMapNameChanger By ReD_DeVi ReD_DeVi 28/06/2014282
filterscript(other) Animals [First FS] MrWupiazZzLT 28/06/2014929
filterscript(other) Dynamic Housing [Scratch] JonathanW 27/06/20141044
filterscript(systems) Sophisticated leg damage (injured system) Mionee 27/06/20141275
filterscript(systems) [BRAND NEW!!!] GTA 5 CAM SPAWN SYSTEM [LIMITED TIME] Ciandlah 26/06/20141460
filterscript(systems) caravan system DarkZeroX 25/06/20141043
filterscript(other) What a amazing script gtai 25/06/2014414
filterscript(other) Radio/mp3 mirza1221 25/06/20141360
filterscript(other) Help my RonaldinhoVantoras 24/06/2014299
filterscript(other) BigEar Deathmatch Area KurtAngle 24/06/2014405
filterscript(other) [PEDIDO] Tela login toda preta PiLoTo 24/06/2014418
filterscript(systems) SA-MP; No Rcon - Server Lock System (Version 2) Ciandlah 24/06/2014550
filterscript(other) 0.3z Aimbot Detection Kyance 24/06/20141478
filterscript(other) Apiary | Final Version LevPopov 24/06/2014372
filterscript(other) Troll command yvoms 23/06/2014864
filterscript(other) Server Maintenance Cookland 22/06/2014685
filterscript(systems) Register/Login system by Mirza mirza1221 22/06/20143636
filterscript(other) SAMP arts DialUp 22/06/2014414
filterscript(other) Jumps, Speed, Explosions and other FUN DialUp 22/06/2014506
filterscript(other) One amazing thing ivangregovich 22/06/2014294
filterscript(systems) Venom's MostWanted Killing Spree System [BUG-FIXED] VenomMancer 22/06/2014753
filterscript(systems) Random Hostname System Ciandlah 21/06/2014592
filterscript(other) Unoccupied Vehicle Damage[NEW] R0 21/06/2014465
filterscript(other) [RGB] - Simple random gifts box (Textdraws) SilentSoul 21/06/20141504
filterscript(systems) Random Weather System Ciandlah 20/06/20141564
filterscript(other) Clock Speedometer abi71 20/06/20141742
filterscript(other) [FS]Bullets Holes on Vehicles v1.0 R0 19/06/2014612
filterscript(other) Roleplay customized thing cheepecawe 19/06/2014503
filterscript(other) countdown for Fun Race server Golf 19/06/2014704
filterscript(other) Ingame Object Searching (Textdraws) Mionee 19/06/2014617
filterscript(other) In-Game Forum V2 Battlezone 19/06/20141718
filterscript(other) Modshop Fix - No collisions & passengers can enter RedFusion 18/06/2014440
filterscript(other) Advanced Best Mapping Barnwell 18/06/2014578
filterscript(other) SISTEMA DE COR PARA O NICK CloneZPlays 18/06/2014605
filterscript(other) Intro mirza1221 17/06/2014760
filterscript(systems) Simple Bounty System Jack_Leslie 16/06/2014730
filterscript(other) Music Player for SAMP Chilli9434 16/06/20141012
filterscript(other) Mta .map loader stokdam 15/06/2014579
filterscript(other) Dynamic Answer DarkZeroX 15/06/2014543
filterscript(other) Simple Give-Weapon FS bietdoidao 15/06/2014759
filterscript(other) Stunt DarkZeroX 15/06/2014518
filterscript(other) WC-RP Mapping Files! ItsSmooth 15/06/2014464
filterscript(systems) Arms Dealer + materials + system level ivan23 15/06/20141718
filterscript(other) Interesting thing scrp 15/06/2014354
filterscript(other) Vehicles In Sa-mp TheRaGeLord 14/06/2014867
filterscript(other) Dubstep Gun by RenovanZ - Dance with your Song! RenovanZ 13/06/2014570
filterscript(other) Rcon pannel ShiffeyTheGamer 13/06/2014804
filterscript(other) Traffic Laws for SA:MP Roleplay Servers SaintMikey 13/06/2014563
filterscript(other) Explosive bullets! Cena44 12/06/2014414
filterscript(systems) Simple Weapon System Inn0cent 12/06/2014849
filterscript(systems) Group Chat System by RenovanZ - Create your own Room! RenovanZ 11/06/20141260
filterscript(systems) Skin Ownership System Barnwell 10/06/20142193
filterscript(other) @ID EmpireSk 10/06/2014454
filterscript(other) TinyJumble - a FULLY custom coder/decoder Aerotactics 10/06/2014315
filterscript(other) Blinking Lights , Speed Radar , NPC Bus Sytem Kumariks 10/06/2014983
filterscript(systems) Advanced Business and House System Barnwell 10/06/20142629
filterscript(systems) Advanced Dealership System Barnwell 10/06/20141625
filterscript(other) Server name and Map name changer Barnwell 09/06/2014420
filterscript(other) Swat Cannon like Rhino. verlaj 09/06/2014403
filterscript(other) Dealership plugin for shoebill (Java) 123marvin123 08/06/2014758
filterscript(other) Name-Tag [FS] youssefehab500 08/06/20142203
filterscript(systems) Simple tuning system Pasa 08/06/20141297
filterscript(other) 8 Ball Autos Unity Station FIX - NO BOMB Metharon 08/06/2014404
filterscript(other) C' myPartner Champ 08/06/2014278
filterscript(other) Wrong section Goldenfox 08/06/2014243
filterscript(other) Fireworks by kosa451 kosa451 08/06/2014589
filterscript(other) Moving TextDraw MOTD AiRaLoKa 08/06/20141076
filterscript(systems) Harlem Shake System SturtIndia 07/06/20141625
filterscript(other) Basic Teleport Menu GeekSiMo 07/06/2014941
filterscript(other) fail... Jeffy892 07/06/2014325
filterscript(other) 'zBlock' Anti-Cheat (configurable) Kyance 06/06/2014617
filterscript(systems) Vehicle System MichealScript 06/06/201411683
filterscript(other) in-game textdraw editor MichealScript 05/06/2014980
filterscript(systems) Admin System [231 Commands] + VIP + Register sytems MichealScript 05/06/20146200
filterscript(systems) New Bus System shaff 05/06/20142250
filterscript(systems) Basic Robbery System Johnson_Brooks 05/06/20143993
filterscript(systems) Simple Radio System! :] AviPeker 04/06/20141246
filterscript(other) Textbased Inventory Base Mionee 04/06/20141145
filterscript(systems) >>> DJ System my 3rd FS ZombieNest 04/06/20142994
filterscript(other) Epic Custom Ammunations Script saikumar 04/06/2014603
filterscript(other) Hello buddies sexyscripts 04/06/2014304
filterscript(systems) Login - Register System - [Fully on textdraws] JonathanW 04/06/20147354
filterscript(other) Flashbang filterscript by CaveDweller CaveDweller 04/06/2014482
filterscript(other) 2 Death Match Cages iThePunisher 03/06/2014390
filterscript(systems) Venom's MostWanted Killing Spree System VenomMancer 03/06/2014824
filterscript(other) The Mobile Game: 2048 Matz 02/06/2014456
filterscript(other) Wellcome message.New improvement DamonD 02/06/2014408
filterscript(systems) Attachment system (Cool) momo123 02/06/20141414
filterscript(systems) Cross Admin System V1.3 [updated] Anti Cheat(sscanf, dcmd,y_ini) and lots more ! No.1 Admin System CROSS_Hunter 02/06/20143186
filterscript(other) The mad Hen v2! RowdyrideR 02/06/2014280
filterscript(systems) Simple tuning system Seregamil1 02/06/2014927
filterscript(systems) Crash System (Textdraw) Mriss 01/06/20141183
filterscript(other) AntiCheat Health And Armour Miladajir 01/06/20141238
filterscript(other) Alguem Me Ajuda Com Minha Gamemode ? zuero 01/06/2014191
filterscript(other) HyDr0gEn Administrator (HYDAdmin) - MySQL TuNNeOfficial 01/06/2014723
filterscript(other) Havin' Fun, Hahah IloveESRP 01/06/2014318
filterscript(systems) private messages system momo123 01/06/20141270
filterscript(other) Weapon Shop [SU]Spartan 01/06/2014845
filterscript(other) Car Spawner [SU]Spartan 01/06/20141372
filterscript(other) Hammer Time Mriss 31/05/2014462
filterscript(other) Vehicles Auto Repair satafinix 31/05/2014761
filterscript(other) No weapon switching if you already have a weapon Mionee 31/05/2014486
filterscript(other) Simple Anti-Spawnkill protection Rockyyy 30/05/2014548
filterscript(other) Call Of Duty Care Package [WSF]ThA_Devil 30/05/2014532
filterscript(other) Mapping Filterscript | Ability to change texture | All objects | jihadmeneer 30/05/2014963
filterscript(systems) Walker's Administration System JonathanW 30/05/20141978
filterscript(other) Last Man Standing SyntaxQ 28/05/2014639
filterscript(systems) House System [MySQL, ZCMD] biker122 28/05/20144595
filterscript(other) Weapon Dealer (BEST FOR RP) rumen98 28/05/2014553
filterscript(systems) No Rcon - Server Locking System Ciandlah 28/05/2014565
filterscript(systems) [EASY] Shoeties system WardenCS 28/05/2014389
filterscript(other) Rubik's Cube (incomplete) DarkSlyder 27/05/2014336
filterscript(systems) iCool's Simple AFK System iCool 27/05/2014486
filterscript(other) Aero's Anti-Cheat Aerotactics 27/05/2014793
filterscript(other) Guns laser MehrMh 26/05/2014801
filterscript(systems) Music System in textdraws with sprites, model previews and much more. HitterHitman 26/05/20141129
filterscript(systems) Simple GPS System! AviPeker 26/05/201410175
filterscript(other) Gun Store Dialog (/buyguns) -ZCMD Josh_Main 26/05/2014485
filterscript(other) Las Venturas Admin House | Video | Download SergBambi 26/05/2014582
filterscript(other) s.o.b.e.i.tspartan Detecter [SU]Spartan 25/05/2014640
filterscript(other) Vehicle Color IDs AustinHamilton 25/05/2014470
filterscript(systems) Area 51 auto open & close gates and Money bag system DarK_FeneR 25/05/20141499
filterscript(other) test SJWalkerz 25/05/2014725
filterscript(other) Special Skydiving Command and Teleport Rittik 25/05/2014432
filterscript(other) GTA V's tank feature in SAMP S4t3K 24/05/20141046
filterscript(systems) Simple Admin System [MySQL R38 | sscanf2 | ZCMD] AiRaLoKa 24/05/20141537
filterscript(other) Vehicle License Plate shaff 24/05/2014741
filterscript(other) Fireball game Kinglee 24/05/2014486
filterscript(other) Gun Store Filter Script Fred1993 23/05/2014449
filterscript(systems) VIP System SturtIndia 23/05/20144480
filterscript(other) Totally random spawn positions SKAzini 23/05/2014390
filterscript(other) HitMarker (With hit-sound and enable/disable) alexoneda 23/05/2014648
filterscript(systems) iCool's Anti-SpawnKill Protection System iCool 22/05/2014592
filterscript(systems) Server-Controlled Ammo System Jingles 22/05/2014682
filterscript(other) Stylish login screen. CharlieSanchez 22/05/20141501
filterscript(systems) Simple Music System SturtIndia 21/05/2014840
filterscript(other) *RELEASE* Survival Realism rumen98 21/05/2014837
filterscript(other) iCool's Hostname , Gamemode text and mapname changer iCool 21/05/2014376
filterscript(systems) iCool's PM system iCool 21/05/2014650
filterscript(other) Las Venturas Airoport gekas 21/05/2014370
filterscript(other) Skrillex Dubstep Bag Hwang 20/05/2014530
filterscript(other) Scarf for RolePlay Servers JakeHunter1 20/05/2014480
filterscript(other) Selfie Flirtscript JFF 20/05/20141378
filterscript(other) iCool's Weapon Box iCool 20/05/2014288
filterscript(other) Bait-Car (Revised Version) Aerotactics 19/05/2014358
filterscript(other) Simple Host Name & Mapname Gamemode text changer satafinix 19/05/2014400
filterscript(systems) Goto System -V1.0-Advanced- My First FS - (0.3z compiled) ShivRp 19/05/20142342
filterscript(systems) Simple Register System! AviPeker 19/05/20141355
filterscript(other) Anti-Money Hack and More ZachKnoxx 19/05/2014739
filterscript(other) [CCC] (RainBow) ChangeCarColor Chris53340 19/05/2014296
filterscript(other) BJ. Animations - Mostly All of the Animations! [ZCMD] BenJackster 19/05/2014692
filterscript(other) Anti-Sobei*-Install SickAttack 18/05/20141793
filterscript(other) Vehicle Trampoline - [Map] [FilterScript] Adityz 18/05/2014527
filterscript(other) C-Projects' - Join Counter Ciandlah 18/05/2014325
filterscript(other) Music Command Version 1.0 Rittik 18/05/2014482
filterscript(other) Anti-HealthHack & ArmourHack v1.0 driftpower 18/05/2014760
filterscript(systems) Mining System Dynamic ChuckyBabe 17/05/20142812
filterscript(other) Dynamic Class Kucin666 17/05/2014339
filterscript(other) Dynamic AudioStream in Game Hwang 17/05/2014507
filterscript(other) hInfo - " Time, Title, Message " Hwang 17/05/2014391
filterscript(other) New weapon "Joolt" TheSimpleGuy 17/05/2014570
filterscript(other) Group Skydiving /diveall Rittik 17/05/2014281
filterscript(other) Dynamic Class Kucin666 16/05/2014367
filterscript(other) Anti Money Hack / Server Sided Money HolyScripter 16/05/2014702
filterscript(systems) Simple PM System! AviPeker 16/05/2014611
filterscript(other) Weapon Shop v1.0 nilanjay 15/05/2014609
filterscript(systems) Pm System v1.0 WizzardY 14/05/20141148
filterscript(other) Object Model Previewer Emmet_ 14/05/2014408
filterscript(other) Anti Sawnoff Fast Reload ball 14/05/2014313
filterscript(other) Simple Mp3 Player in dialogs with Headphones Object. CharlieSanchez 14/05/2014614
filterscript(systems) Simple Helmet System With Dialogs. CharlieSanchez 14/05/2014613
filterscript(systems) Trolling System TheSimpleGuy 12/05/20141202
filterscript(other) Minigames v1 Maro06 12/05/20141166
filterscript(other) Damage Textdraws [My first FS] HitterHitman 11/05/2014711
filterscript(systems) CCTV Surveillance System rockhopper 10/05/20141247
filterscript(systems) Fuel System [Fuel/Speed/Vehicle Name/Health] reddromero 09/05/20143618
filterscript(other) Convertible Pillhead2007 09/05/2014382
filterscript(systems) Deathmode System Mionee 09/05/20141137
filterscript(other) Weapon Shop - Buy powerful weapons! BenJackster 09/05/2014699
filterscript(other) [0.3z]Los Santos Empire RolePlay! iRaiDeN 09/05/20141201
filterscript(systems) Simple Weapon Buy System! (Recommended for DM servers) AviPeker 09/05/2014614
filterscript(other) [REQUEST]Freeroam and Roleplay Filterscript aizeah555 08/05/2014535
filterscript(systems) [REQUEST]Vehile Deler, system rental , money system rizkiazzach 08/05/2014697
filterscript(other) Bum Filterscript !Pumpkin 07/05/2014458
filterscript(systems) Please Carshop System for DM salev13 07/05/2014782
filterscript(other) Help cmd with dialogs Luminar 07/05/2014443
filterscript(systems) Rhino System superrobot48 06/05/2014802
filterscript(systems) PM system lulo356 06/05/20141020
filterscript(systems) Basic vehicle spawn system JuanStone 06/05/20141420
filterscript(other) Activity - The First click SwiZzoR 05/05/2014327
filterscript(other) Admin Base JordanSmith 05/05/2014879
filterscript(systems) Gakha | 24/7 Market System Surguladze 05/05/2014929
filterscript(systems) Gakha | Ammunation System Surguladze 05/05/2014690
filterscript(other) DayOrNight | Simple Time Changer | Based on votes SyntaxQ 05/05/2014391
filterscript(other) Saving data - After crash LustcheR 05/05/2014311
filterscript(systems) Saved Skin System [Y_Ini & Y_Inline & ZCMD] WildWave 05/05/2014891
filterscript(other) Off Line Message/Cash Sender BroZeus 04/05/2014322
filterscript(other) Ultimate Anti Fake-Kill Daxter 04/05/2014687
filterscript(systems) Advanced registration system (MySQL) iRaiDeN 04/05/20141348
filterscript(systems) Basic Admin System [Y_Ini & Y_Inline & ZCMD] WildWave 04/05/20141375
filterscript(other) FS IR ATE O PLAYER tobidoido 04/05/2014330
filterscript(systems) Firework System ZombieNest 04/05/20141863
filterscript(other) Textdraws for Selecting Virelox 03/05/2014806
filterscript(other) Anti GodMode! iRaiDeN 03/05/2014773
filterscript(other) Xtreamerz SinglePlayer Cheats[v.1] Xtreamerz 03/05/2014343
filterscript(other) Speed Radar Roleplay PROJECTO 02/05/20141427
filterscript(other) Need to fine /seat animation jesdynguyen 02/05/2014468
filterscript(systems) Squad System [Final release] Kyance 02/05/2014579
filterscript(systems) Car System creator 1.0 Official josejoaquinzc2001 02/05/201410827
filterscript(other) [DESIGN] Racing HUD SmMcPott 02/05/2014868
filterscript(systems) Megaphone System [SOUNDS/Or basic text] Rehasher 02/05/20141639
filterscript(other) My First Simple Base with Moving gates and Elevator Mzake 02/05/2014531
filterscript(systems) Simple 13 Songs system | My first release ZombieNest 01/05/2014450
filterscript(other) | Money Ship Dynamic | y_ini / y_commands SwiZzoR 01/05/2014502
filterscript(systems) 3DTextLabel Dynamic System (MySQL) iRaiDeN 01/05/20142277
filterscript(other) Basic Needs Simulator v1 (hunger, bladder, hygiene and health) n0minal 01/05/2014807
filterscript(other) Roulette Script by Zero_Cool zero_cool 01/05/20141103
filterscript(other) iPLEOMAX's textdraw editor with preview models Alienwar3 01/05/20141641
filterscript(systems) Basic registration system+save Money/Deaths/Kills JuanStone 30/04/20141142
filterscript(other) Walking Styles - For Roleplay servers BenJackster 30/04/20141071
filterscript(other) Loading and transfer Beta VinPure 30/04/2014278
filterscript(other) Top 5 Shooters Swat AliHaider145 30/04/2014526
filterscript(other) Need Scripter Surguladze 30/04/2014311
filterscript(other) Simple NJAdmin script ( saves , cookies ,cakes, biscuit , icecreams etc) Namer 30/04/2014389
filterscript(systems) New Graffiti System DeepCode 30/04/20142715
filterscript(other) Job Builder V2 improved vegaltasendai 30/04/20141314
filterscript(other) Textdraw Rule Box ShaneOvSina 29/04/2014894
filterscript(other) Basic Item&Inventory[useitem/createitem/dropitem/pickupitem] VinPure 29/04/2014800
filterscript(other) Simple hunger script example (using progress bars) Mionee 29/04/20141258
filterscript(other) PlayTube - Play audio from youtube! iRaiDeN 29/04/20141230
filterscript(systems) Jueix's Dynamic Features (House System, Business, Vehicles) jueix 29/04/20142448
filterscript(systems) Gang System V1 iRaiDeN 28/04/20143870
filterscript(other) I phone design! Mckarlis 27/04/2014842
filterscript(other) Textdraw Connect UzzyZVR 27/04/20141288
filterscript(other) IRC Admin script RuNBoY 27/04/20141365
filterscript(systems) Building System V1 iRaiDeN 27/04/20141569
filterscript(other) Dillimore with pederastians and drivers [NPCS] kiss 27/04/2014649
filterscript(other) Ping Kicker forgottenkings 27/04/2014476
filterscript(other) Anti-Capital Letters forgottenkings 26/04/2014438
filterscript(systems) Latest Admin Command System alexanderjb918 26/04/20142095
filterscript(other) Simple Commands Good for [NEWBIES] SturtIndia 26/04/2014400
filterscript(systems) New Fishing System alexanderjb918 25/04/20142309
filterscript(other) Lux Car Spawn (for Stunt/DM/Dirft servers) Reebok1 24/04/2014528
filterscript(other) I Need Pet Attack Animation danish007 24/04/2014377
filterscript(systems) Simple Item System[CreateItem/DropItem/PickupItem] VinPure 23/04/2014649
filterscript(other) Simple TextDraw UfsDev 23/04/2014553
filterscript(other) Simple lumberjack job by Pumpkin !Pumpkin 23/04/20141513
filterscript(systems) Neon System Deci 23/04/20142591
filterscript(systems) Simple Weed System Galletziz 22/04/20141101
filterscript(other) Anti-Proxy [Prevent Ban-Evade] ic3cr3am 21/04/20143217
filterscript(other) Clan Tag Creator(v1.3) Launched !!! PrinceKumar 21/04/201410987
filterscript(systems) Petrol System v1.1 RoXONPL 20/04/20141609
filterscript(other) iPhone S. Textdraw phone. adri1 20/04/20142806
filterscript(systems) Squad System [v3.5] Kyance 19/04/2014706
filterscript(other) problema con funfair uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 19/04/2014231
filterscript(other) Simple Team Script SturtIndia 19/04/2014522
filterscript(other) [FS] Job Constructor vegaltasendai 18/04/20141478
filterscript(other) Players Hit Shoot Sound satafinix 18/04/2014955
filterscript(other) Fireball script Mionee 17/04/2014505
filterscript(systems) >>HSpeedo v2.0 [clock speedometer and gear system]<< Hanuman 17/04/20143031
filterscript(other) Simple Ghost Rider FS TheSimpleGuy 17/04/2014410
filterscript(other) iHouse - V2 | MySQL | ZCMD - [FIXED from v1] Brandon_More 17/04/20141088
filterscript(systems) Admin System [Fake] Saidde 16/04/20141785
filterscript(other) Lottery Scratchers Aerotactics 16/04/2014465
filterscript(other) Basic Admin Mode (MySQL) iRaiDeN 16/04/2014502
filterscript(other) /vstorage PierreMarley 15/04/2014768
filterscript(other) Insecticide >F.R.I.K.I<'| kills all kinds of insects instantly!. OTACON 15/04/2014256
filterscript(other) OTOCAN EXTERMINATOR 1.0 || Bot exterminator. adri1 15/04/2014374
filterscript(other) Request: /PlayMusic [URL] Ejecter 14/04/2014546
filterscript(systems) Votekick 'system' Kyance 14/04/2014998
filterscript(systems) Event system by [BFT]VaisH VaisH 14/04/20142259
filterscript(systems) Lottery System biker122 14/04/20141504
filterscript(other) Simple Textdraw UfsDev 14/04/2014509
filterscript(other) [vTc] Server Operator v1.0 [Useful] [Unique] [vTc]Patroool 13/04/2014351
filterscript(systems) Skin System (MySQL, mSelection) iRaiDeN 13/04/20141505
filterscript(other) [FS] Anti DDOS (Anti Servers Ddos) By SkulleR satafinix 13/04/20144452
filterscript(other) Map Mover 1.0 - Move whole map to another position. adri1 13/04/2014828
filterscript(systems) Gang System: Saving gangs, Zones and Members reddromero 13/04/20147480
filterscript(other) View Inside Vehicle WoohpSilent 13/04/2014352
filterscript(other) [FS]Vehicles Spawner + Dialog-Admin Spécial Cars & Auto Respawner satafinix 13/04/20141074
filterscript(other) .........HBox *[color change][Include also]*......... Hanuman 12/04/2014253
filterscript(systems) [Simple] Callsign System Davman 11/04/2014867
filterscript(systems) House / Business Information System [NEW] GODEX 10/04/20142068
filterscript(other) ADMIN LABEL FS :) PLAYHARD112 08/04/2014792
filterscript(other) Car Jump. UfsDev 07/04/2014554
filterscript(other) Math Quiez BlackBomb 06/04/2014236
filterscript(other) cSpeedo - Advanced Speedometer Coffeely 06/04/2014355
filterscript(other) Anti-Weapon CodeStyle175 06/04/2014220
filterscript(systems) Temp Ban System using y_ini V 3.0 [Now with ip ban feature and amny other updates] BroZeus 30/03/20141603
filterscript(systems) (ZCMD) Animation System Jackatron99 30/03/2014187
filterscript(systems) Spy System v1.0 LustcheR 28/03/2014565
filterscript(systems) Array music system v0.3 LustcheR 28/03/2014312
filterscript(systems) Simple mask system ZeroTheScyther 25/03/20141172
filterscript(other) iWeaponStore iFarbod 22/03/2014355
filterscript(other) [iBomb] Attach bomb to a player inshal 21/03/2014307
filterscript(other) Advance SAMP-Attachment Filterscript **Sorry for <Dini> Excel™ 21/03/2014620
filterscript(other) Stats Filterscript SPA 20/03/2014825
filterscript(other) SuperMan By Hanuman Hanuman 20/03/2014505
filterscript(systems) Lottery System with ticket number system BroZeus 19/03/20141383
filterscript(systems) Police Siren System[With Dialog] v1.0 by : VenomMancer! +REP1 VenomMancer 18/03/20142064
filterscript(systems) Event System biker122 18/03/20141787
filterscript(other) Online Ban Database ic3cr3am 16/03/2014453
filterscript(other) Regen Armor Luminar 16/03/2014292
filterscript(other) Regen HP Luminar 16/03/2014439
filterscript(other) Random MoneyBag AaronFarley 15/03/2014538
filterscript(other) Welcome Screen - Textdraws Avi Raj 12/03/20141573
filterscript(other) My first textdraw designe Mckarlis 11/03/2014533
filterscript(systems) Spray Tag System [MySQL - DOF2] NurbWill 10/03/20141234
filterscript(other) (_.)_SUPER_CARS_SAMP(beta/3cars) (_._) AlieN_ 09/03/2014484
filterscript(other) Anti-NoReload & Anti-RapidFire - SA:MP 0.3z JR_Junior 09/03/2014602
filterscript(systems) Rims System! Blazed 08/03/20141711
filterscript(other) CONfused Honey 08/03/2014513
filterscript(systems) Helmet System (5 Random Helmets!) SyntaxQ 07/03/20142302
filterscript(other) Live Map Editor [DINI/ZCMD] CuervO 06/03/20142713
filterscript(other) easy, menu 'clickable' multicolor By OTACON OTACON 06/03/20141400
filterscript(other) shark attach gekas 05/03/2014969
filterscript(other) Phone textdraw - Textdraws only! Jimmy0wns 05/03/20141011
filterscript(systems) trablon's RolePlay Tazer System for Cops trablon 05/03/2014892
filterscript(other) Simple Deathmatch FS v1.0 ChandraLouis 05/03/20141168
filterscript(other) iPLEOMAX's textdraw editor with preview models Alienwar3 04/03/20141503
filterscript(other) Simple way of changing hostname in gamemode BodyBoardVEVO 04/03/2014704
filterscript(other) EasyAdmin - For beginners. [39 cmds] HK 04/03/2014937
filterscript(other) Interior All SoNikMells 04/03/2014890
filterscript(other) Find scripts LuisPark 03/03/2014479
filterscript(other) Attach Object Shark To Car shahryar2 03/03/20141387
filterscript(other) Block Drive-By Rotanver 03/03/2014567
filterscript(other) Some Simple Vehicle Commands Keyhead 03/03/2014484
filterscript(other) Please help me with this command to give players a rocketlauncher when they put a command Archimatute 03/03/2014314
filterscript(other) Ayudenme con este comando para dar a los que pongan un comando un lanzacohetes Archimatute 03/03/2014265
filterscript(systems) [Req]Fire System Doros 03/03/20141260
filterscript(systems) Advance Ranks and Killing spree system [iRANKS] inshal 03/03/2014995
filterscript(other) /Lock & /Unlock Vehicle Rotanver 02/03/20141249
filterscript(systems) need system (thanks for help) howtodo 02/03/2014365
filterscript(other) Me poderiam passar um comando para abrir e fechar portão flafi1998 02/03/2014562
filterscript(other) Nanosuit CuervO 01/03/2014436
filterscript(other) Live object editor MasterPro 01/03/2014690
filterscript(other) Faction Creator [DYNAMIC] MattTucker 01/03/20146758
filterscript(other) FakeMessages - Troll Your Friends Now ! Golimad 01/03/2014576
filterscript(other) Animation's codes Bombo 28/02/2014696
filterscript(other) help me please howtodo 28/02/2014226
filterscript(systems) (0.3z)Simple C4 system with Object And Animation! _Mohit_ 28/02/20141996
filterscript(other) Wallshot Alpha ● Like Counter-strike ● Useful for DM ! superman21 27/02/20141107
filterscript(other) Anti DB(Drive-By) Kill [SIMPLE] - My first FS! [+REP1] VenomMancer 27/02/20141624
filterscript(other) DeliverTruck Job, My First FilterScript dimitri8 26/02/2014622
filterscript(other) Velocimetro Simples !!! Dieguinho 26/02/2014912
filterscript(other) | Jeremy | - Computer Textdraw JeremyPeterson 26/02/2014678
filterscript(other) ** Create Objects - With your Textures ** Avi Raj 26/02/2014905
filterscript(other) [Request]APGATES KDark 26/02/2014344
filterscript(other) | Jeremy | - MDC JeremyPeterson 26/02/2014834
filterscript(systems) Samp custom damage system Nurgle4 25/02/20141076
filterscript(systems) Gate System - In Script Mattakil 25/02/20143424
filterscript(other) SAMPWebStats for free ! superman21 25/02/2014661
filterscript(other) | Jeremy | - Automatic Gates JeremyPeterson 25/02/2014791
filterscript(other) | Jeremy | - Mobile Textdraw JeremyPeterson 25/02/2014504
filterscript(other) Shit-Yourself-Rich! (With an introduction by Jeremy Clarkson) Hiddos 24/02/2014534
filterscript(other) Simple stream for music rcon and user commands boxbonik 24/02/2014597
filterscript(systems) [Timers/Textdraws] Advanced C4 System [0.3z] Naruto_Emilio 24/02/20141128
filterscript(other) | Jeremy | - Random messages - First Script JeremyPeterson 24/02/2014363
filterscript(other) tAxI's Xtreme Vehicle Management - Advanced Vehicle Ownership and Administration Menu CJay9209 24/02/2014982
filterscript(other) Advanced Inventory/Object Managament Script (DayZ Themed) [SQL;Dynamic;Beta] CuervO 24/02/20142067
filterscript(other) Server Restart Command for Rcon Admins - The first of its kind! Aerotactics 23/02/20142870
filterscript(systems) Drinking(Bar) system with Dialog - by KaliKs using ZCMD KaliKs 23/02/2014753
filterscript(other) [Request]Dynamic object editor INGAME mzazon 22/02/2014928
filterscript(other) 4 Death Match Areas iThePunisher 22/02/2014538
filterscript(systems) Business system. Equuuuin0X 22/02/20143854
filterscript(other) Weapon Lisence V2 DarkZeroX 22/02/2014720
filterscript(other) Weapon license DarkZeroX 22/02/2014884
filterscript(other) Anti Rapid Fire for 0.3z xOFxK1LLER 21/02/20141251
filterscript(other) Need A FilterScript Andybhoy12 21/02/2014251
filterscript(other) /buyweapon with dialog samplol1234 21/02/2014669
filterscript(systems) Temporary Ban System using YSI/ini BroZeus 20/02/20141632
filterscript(systems) [ALX]Dynamic Sniper HeadShot System 0.3z Alexandro1 20/02/20143280
filterscript(other) jail COMMAND gekas 19/02/2014757
filterscript(systems) 1-Line House and Business system - Beta Aerotactics 19/02/20141885
filterscript(systems) My First Filterscript (Gekas Animlist System) gekas 19/02/2014722
filterscript(other) Simple Stream Music BY ALEXANDRO Alexandro1 19/02/2014613
filterscript(systems) [FS]Mats System Tomay 19/02/20141011
filterscript(other) Simple Car Creation [SQLite] bensmart469 19/02/2014451
filterscript(other) ULTRA DM/DERBY!!!!IN MAP+CMDS FS PLAYHARD112 17/02/2014890
filterscript(other) NewTeleportFS boxbonik 16/02/2014615
filterscript(other) Bullets on walls that disappear after some time im 16/02/2014434
filterscript(other) 0.3z 2014 Animations - [UPDATED] GODEX 16/02/20141618
filterscript(systems) Tazer system filtersript GamemodeRP123 16/02/20141561
filterscript(other) Animations filterscripts GamemodeRP123 16/02/2014737
filterscript(other) Car Spawner By Mriss Mriss 15/02/20141149
filterscript(other) NewAudioFS boxbonik 15/02/2014482
filterscript(systems) [FilterScript] [FS] [MySQL] [DINI] Anti Cheat System v1.3 [0.3z] [New version] eco1999 15/02/20142849
filterscript(other) San Valentin (textdraw) By OTACON OTACON 14/02/2014742
filterscript(other) Player Bodypart Damage Indicator [0.3z][Textdraws] Rehasher 14/02/20142026
filterscript(other) Stunt Welcome Textdraw [v1.0] terrow 13/02/20141364
filterscript(other) FPS/Ping labels Ha$H_Sexyboy 13/02/20141455
filterscript(other) Anti Lag shoot bigwhite584 13/02/20141169
filterscript(other) Cage Fights By Hwang Hwang 12/02/2014496
filterscript(other) Basic Teleportation Dialog [That can be edited to anything you please] NRG2 11/02/2014381
filterscript(other) Mosque BrockLesnar 11/02/2014735
filterscript(other) Simple Textdraw Control Panel Rehasher 11/02/20141223
filterscript(other) ""help me""fs v 0.2 improved :) PLAYHARD112 11/02/2014331
filterscript(systems) [AWESOME][ADVANCED]Gear System Golimad 11/02/20141231
filterscript(other) [0.3Z] Bullet cam kadaradam 11/02/20141097
filterscript(other) Rocket To The Moon By AdHaM612 AdHaM612 11/02/2014711
filterscript(systems) ruddeTR's Simple Hostname Changer System ruddeTR 10/02/2014566
filterscript(systems) Toll System Jing_Chan 10/02/20143128
filterscript(systems) Piss System Simple (Good For RP server) VinPure 10/02/20141567
filterscript(systems) Spraytag System. - Spray any tag you WANT. HK 10/02/20142030
filterscript(other) Best Music V1.0 - Sistema de Musicas Sobrevizion 10/02/2014520
filterscript(other) Como Eu Troco O Nome Do Server Que Tem No Sistema De Registro????? ces123 08/02/2014571
filterscript(other) | Advanced GotoCoords FS | Golimad 08/02/2014448
filterscript(other) Speedometer. BrockLesnar 08/02/20142515
filterscript(systems) MySQL ban system xdec0de 08/02/2014835
filterscript(other) speedometer Mr_Zlodei 07/02/20141503
filterscript(other) Server Details FrakyX 07/02/2014495
filterscript(systems) Simple Textdraw MDC System Rehasher 06/02/20142681
filterscript(other) Holster Mionee 05/02/2014514
filterscript(other) Drift Counter Ranchend 05/02/2014894
filterscript(other) Detect ****** DORMANCE 05/02/2014467
filterscript(other) Talk in SA-MP [50%] LevPopov 05/02/2014418
filterscript(other) [Design only] /stats Textdraws Rehasher 05/02/201411419
filterscript(other) Holding objects xdec0de 05/02/2014782
filterscript(systems) Simple register/login system Tuck 04/02/20141822
filterscript(other) help me shoptokens :( rynhok2 04/02/2014229
filterscript(systems) [Whitelist] System, basic, NO mysql. HK 04/02/2014734
filterscript(other) Audio PawelQ 04/02/2014578
filterscript(other) Explosive Ammo XStormiest 03/02/20141155
filterscript(other) Neon FS KyLeBlaK 03/02/20141164
filterscript(other) Marijuana growth. [Planting/Picking/Usage] Blunt 03/02/20142652
filterscript(systems) Jumping system - Jump and fly like a super duper man! ACI 02/02/2014799
filterscript(other) Tons of animations - Unique ZachKnoxx 02/02/2014394
filterscript(other) Hotdogs Job v1.0 WhiteAngels 02/02/20141394
filterscript(systems) PM System [RCON Admins reading PMS] TheFlyer 01/02/20142498
filterscript(systems) Drug System DzDanieL 01/02/20141655
filterscript(systems) The most simplest house system Equuuuin0X 01/02/20141550
filterscript(other) Simple Vehicle Boost,Horn Jump,And Repair. Symphony 01/02/2014707
filterscript(other) Remote Console Panel with 2nd RCON Password TheFlyer 01/02/2014788
filterscript(other) Vinz Animations v1.0 vinzcastmich 01/02/2014367
filterscript(other) DMreport ! , Send DM report to admins ! vinzcastmich 01/02/2014362
filterscript(other) Showrules to Rulebreakers ! vinzcastmich 01/02/2014379
filterscript(other) Special Action([a] testing filter-script!) Abagail 01/02/2014558
filterscript(other) Simple Super Powers Zack Larson 31/01/2014517
filterscript(systems) Organization/Family system v1.0 Kenrque 31/01/20142387
filterscript(other) Ayuda de comandos VinceDk 31/01/2014279
filterscript(systems) Pickup System Sojo12 31/01/20141882
filterscript(systems) Simple message system v1.0 NourdinTRP 30/01/2014698
filterscript(other) ULTIMATE GUN PACK!!(MY FIRST FS SO +REP) PLAYHARD112 30/01/2014522
filterscript(systems) Weapon System (Very Simple) Sojo12 30/01/20141036
filterscript(other) menu of weapons and vehicles useful, ect Juanito12345 29/01/2014590
filterscript(other) COMMAND SPAWN VEHICLES - BUG Proxysteve 29/01/2014581
filterscript(systems) Fishing System Jing_Chan 29/01/20143750
filterscript(systems) Unfriendly's Seatbelt System with ejections! Unfriendly 29/01/2014773
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Gate System? RyanEng16 29/01/20141372
filterscript(other) [Design Only] Yes or No BOX [Selectable] Naruto_Emilio 28/01/2014854
filterscript(other) [Design Only] Dayz Textdraws [0.3x] Naruto_Emilio 28/01/20141048
filterscript(other) Set Bomb BrockLesnar 28/01/2014500
filterscript(other) Construction Site Elevators Incognito 28/01/2014612
filterscript(systems) PM System boomerboom 27/01/20141336
filterscript(other) Aimbot Detection [FAT]Klabauter[LST] 27/01/20142927
filterscript(systems) Teleport System HuntingMan 27/01/20142449
filterscript(other) pocket calculator with textdraws Taktloss 27/01/2014348
filterscript(other) Help please i need help.. turkromeo 27/01/2014722
filterscript(systems) bAdministration - Advanced administration system. [70+ COMMANDS] Blunt 27/01/20147458
filterscript(systems) Animations system (Advanced) (50++ anims commands) Equuuuin0X 27/01/20141508
filterscript(systems) Name colors changing simple system! Equuuuin0X 26/01/20141695
filterscript(systems) Green Health Bar system (advanced) Equuuuin0X 26/01/20141342
filterscript(other) LOTTERY Proxysteve 26/01/2014702
filterscript(systems) Advanced weaponaries system with dialogs Equuuuin0X 26/01/2014486
filterscript(systems) Airstrike System (moving Dynamic Objects , ZCMDS , SAFULL.hmap) kN1GhT 26/01/2014981
filterscript(systems) Advanced AFK System Equuuuin0X 26/01/20141209
filterscript(other) M-Gear - Manual Transmission mahardika 26/01/20141158
filterscript(other) Minigame - Fireball Madness Speedy552 25/01/20141147
filterscript(other) DFT-30 vehicle with cargo box - By OTACON OTACON 25/01/2014765
filterscript(systems) [FS] Simple & Automatic AFK System Xenzia 25/01/2014753
filterscript(other) [FilterSkripta]Prikolica na DFT-30 BrockLesnar 25/01/201459
filterscript(systems) Evan's advanced Private Messaging System! Abagail 25/01/2014457
filterscript(other) Vehicle drive-by fix Emmet_ 24/01/2014513
filterscript(other) Southclaw's Map Parser [HLF]Southclaw 24/01/2014380
filterscript(other) new.pwn (Optimized for 0.3z RC) S4t3K 24/01/2014691
filterscript(systems) I need Hunted System aviv2000 23/01/20141130
filterscript(other) FCNPC ZOMBIE VinPure 23/01/201411459
filterscript(other) I am Need A DeathMatch Server gekas 22/01/2014340
filterscript(other) Admin & Owner Panel *[Admin Sistem]* cr33d 22/01/20141433
filterscript(systems) i need Duel System. aviv2000 22/01/2014798
filterscript(other) SetPlayerPosToShotPlayerPos Blunt 21/01/2014439
filterscript(other) make a terrorist job for sf omar73 21/01/2014648
filterscript(other) [FS] Job Hunter Dini. By STRIKE ivan23 19/01/20141220
filterscript(systems) [Request]Dynaimc Faction System and Crates System Doros 19/01/20141222
filterscript(other) HTTP Textdraw Updates By Krisna Krisna 19/01/2014699
filterscript(other) Shooting Training - With Levels and Custom Map Avi Raj 19/01/2014786
filterscript(other) SprunkGuard Detection ReFuSeR 18/01/2014491
filterscript(systems) Grig Private Cars System! Grig 18/01/20142076
filterscript(other) Admin base v1.2 cr33d 18/01/20141741
filterscript(other) Armour code Steveproxy 18/01/2014443
filterscript(systems) [Request]Dynaimc Faction System Doros 18/01/2014912
filterscript(other) Bug Script ARMOUR and JETPACK OFF Steveproxy 18/01/2014348
filterscript(other) Anti-Cbug[RP servers] ZachKnoxx 18/01/20141976
filterscript(systems) Tazer system. [0.3z R2] Blunt 17/01/20142520
filterscript(other) New head shot (SA-MP v0.3z) By OTACON OTACON 17/01/20141093
filterscript(other) jGarage - Dynamic garages Jstylezzz 16/01/20143251
filterscript(other) 0.3z Hunting(Concept + Base) Mattakil 16/01/20141118
filterscript(systems) Colour System by Legena. (Updated) [TMS]Legena 16/01/2014651
filterscript(other) Land Mines | 0.3x (SetObjectMaterial) Cannary2048 16/01/2014596
filterscript(systems) New Weapon Damage System [0.3z] RenSoprano 16/01/20142087
filterscript(other) [0.3z] Unoccupied vehicle damage king_hual 16/01/2014650
filterscript(systems) Drugs system[Saving system] boomerboom 16/01/2014894
filterscript(other) Player Dialog colors! (33 different | categories given | from tab) Brandon_More 16/01/2014796
filterscript(other) Anti-iWeapon / Ammo Spawner Brandon_More 16/01/2014642
filterscript(systems) Botak's Garage System botak 15/01/20142598
filterscript(other) HELP SCRIPT JETPACK Steveproxy 15/01/2014356
filterscript(other) Anti s0nicTz + Anti S0b3it + Anti Player Crasher + Anti [BoT] Hackers + Anti Server Lagger + Anti DD Pasha1000 15/01/20142502
filterscript(other) Anti HotSpot Shield jurgen 15/01/2014966
filterscript(systems) Tent System With Object HolyScripter 15/01/20141381
filterscript(other) Derbylicious - An awesome derby minigame [SF]OutLawZ 15/01/2014939
filterscript(other) RCONLogger - The tool for watching RCON logins and commands twerko13 14/01/2014480
filterscript(other) Trucking Sidejob Mionee 14/01/2014695
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Race System by V1T0(vB) vB 14/01/20142144
filterscript(other) Dynamic Vehicles - GTA's Spawns NaS 14/01/2014864
filterscript(other) Fun Script - Wrecking ball and Train (Throw/Jettisonable) Matz 13/01/2014456
filterscript(other) Basket and Football Steveproxy 13/01/20141275
filterscript(other) MTA e SAMP COSTRUCTION MAP Steveproxy 13/01/2014532
filterscript(other) Drugs and weapons. spocinsh22 13/01/2014412
filterscript(other) SAMP - STATS PLAYER SIGNATURE 2 Steveproxy 12/01/2014911
filterscript(other) SAMP - PLAYER SIGNATURE STATS Steveproxy 12/01/2014554
filterscript(other) [REQ] holding objects Enukka_ 12/01/2014454
filterscript(other) [ADVANCED] Bomb filterscript [V:0.2] ACI 12/01/2014442
filterscript(other) Roleplay Hunger & Food Script mcpookiee 12/01/20141197
filterscript(other) Turn on/off the light in the house... TheSy 11/01/20141127
filterscript(other) Artificial Intelligence (Dueller Bot/NPC) Matz 11/01/2014978
filterscript(other) any one can give me speed ometer TrollMix 11/01/2014300
filterscript(systems) Weapon specifier - Advanced weapon system. Blunt 10/01/2014806
filterscript(other) Labels Creator [LC] - InGame FailerZ 10/01/20142660
filterscript(other) [ Filterscripts ] Armamentos textDraw Simples cantiliano 10/01/20141000
filterscript(other) GiveMenu mrpb 09/01/2014706
filterscript(other) (New!)Intro By King_Ali KingServerIRAN 09/01/20141236
filterscript(other) Restricted Area 51! Lordz™ 09/01/20141179
filterscript(other) Following the Kill - Style Combat Arms @Riichard 09/01/2014461
filterscript(other) Easy, New 'Tag Name' By OTACON OTACON 08/01/2014969
filterscript(other) DE-BUGER AhsanAman 08/01/2014329
filterscript(other) Advanced Anti IP omur1905 07/01/2014589
filterscript(systems) Dynamic gate system (Moveable, labels , new features) SilentSoul 07/01/20148400
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Business System Mariooo 07/01/20148043
filterscript(other) [FS] Rob Store AustinWeerdGuy 07/01/20141562
filterscript(other) Private Positions Renshard 06/01/2014373
filterscript(other) Famous SpeedoMeter botak 06/01/20141554
filterscript(other) Animation When Chatting botak 06/01/2014728
filterscript(systems) Wizzardy's Admin System WizzardY 06/01/20141107
filterscript(other) Transporter FilterScript. EnzoMetlc 05/01/2014542
filterscript(other) DAdmin2 [ZCMD,MySQL,sscanf] -=Dar[K]Lord=- 04/01/20141017
filterscript(systems) [Fs] Robbery System Tomop 04/01/20142047
filterscript(other) small war with rc planes. The last to die will be the winner. angelxeneize 04/01/2014308
filterscript(other) w_objects Wan 03/01/2014487
filterscript(other) [FS] Alarm clock Tomop 03/01/2014671
filterscript(other) Anti Cheat Tomop 03/01/20141757
filterscript(other) Lamp Destroyer AWTom 03/01/2014566
filterscript(systems) Gang System WizzardY 02/01/20146562
filterscript(other) Anti unoccupied vehicle teleport dusk 02/01/2014388
filterscript(other) Teleports to all places [SU]Spartan 02/01/2014759
filterscript(other) Animlist script by [SU]Spartan [SU]Spartan 02/01/2014518
filterscript(systems) Full Vehicel System Useful For FR/Fun Servers amirab 02/01/20142210
filterscript(other) I_Dammage [Small_SCript] camaro8 02/01/2014359
filterscript(other) Modern PM By Camaro8 [ENG version] camaro8 02/01/2014398
filterscript(systems) 7Slash's Simple AFK + PM System! SevenSlash 02/01/2014651
filterscript(other) iTeleports [v1.0] HardRock 01/01/2014659
filterscript(other) Server name changer WizzardY 01/01/2014515
filterscript(systems) CaLderoN's Prim System omur1905 01/01/2014417
filterscript(other) Fun Mod By Gta4Epics Gta4Epics 01/01/2014451
filterscript(other) Pipe NikO1 31/12/2013403
filterscript(systems) M.A.S || McHarley Administration System DaniceMcHarley 31/12/2013660
filterscript(other) Admin House with auto gates! SRB 31/12/20131355
filterscript(other) Class Dialog Help Tjermon 30/12/2013336
filterscript(other) [Request] Gate Eonik 30/12/2013438
filterscript(other) para que los personajes del spawn bailen VinceDk 30/12/2013281
filterscript(systems) Hwang's Alarm System Hwang 30/12/2013779
filterscript(systems) Attachment System For (Only RolePlay Servers) Gta4Epics 29/12/20131271
filterscript(systems) Fun Cheats System GTA SA Gta4Epics 29/12/2013863
filterscript(systems) Weapon System RoDney 29/12/20131454
filterscript(other) AdminTroll - The best way to Piss off your players! Excelize 28/12/2013875
filterscript(systems) Well Wish System MBilal 28/12/2013522
filterscript(systems) songs system Gamo 27/12/20131181
filterscript(other) iHouse (MySQL) v1 | ZCMD Brandon_More 27/12/2013820
filterscript(systems) Helpme System NourdinTRP 27/12/2013891
filterscript(other) ANTI-CHEAT wajahatlog 27/12/20131525
filterscript(other) RC Race minigame Flaken 27/12/2013655
filterscript(systems) Radio System With Dialogs Pro_LiZzy 26/12/20131547
filterscript(systems) Mobile System KDark 25/12/20132166
filterscript(other) RCON Security(With a disabling IG Login function) EvanA 25/12/2013656
filterscript(other) Christmas Simple Utilities By OTACON OTACON 25/12/2013913
filterscript(other) In-Game Forum |IGF| [UNIQUE] Battlezone 25/12/2013896
filterscript(other) Colourfull textdraw Krisna 24/12/2013694
filterscript(other) iRules - Rules on textdraws. iDuckling 24/12/2013597
filterscript(other) VikAdmin V.1.0 * beta * TheViking 24/12/2013543
filterscript(other) Fireworks ! - Special For Christmas / New Year ! Fachrul48 24/12/20131077
filterscript(systems) SAMP-Blacklist - Online Ban System TheJayMan 24/12/20131168
filterscript(other) How to unban-serial HavingGood 24/12/20131476
filterscript(systems) Healmet System West123 23/12/2013925
filterscript(systems) Math system HavingGood 23/12/20131238
filterscript(other) 2 free Maps Kammerjaeger 23/12/20131115
filterscript(other) Area 69 with NPC's kiss 23/12/20131093
filterscript(other) Calculator on Textdraw Zume-Zero 23/12/2013409
filterscript(other) Joke Filterscripts [uL]Pottus 23/12/2013393
filterscript(other) Racing Time Attack [X]John_X 23/12/2013438
filterscript(other) Police Departmen Exterior West123 23/12/2013800
filterscript(other) Rocket HavingGood 22/12/2013565
filterscript(other) Crash player command HavingGood 22/12/20131702
filterscript(other) Ammunation Menu (Textdraw) Kammerjaeger 22/12/2013770
filterscript(systems) ChangeColour System V1.0 Awankz 22/12/2013678
filterscript(other) Selection of cars by TextDraw .. Zume-Zero 21/12/2013744
filterscript(other) Towtruck - working towtrucks/tractors in SA-MP! Sydcul 21/12/2013645
filterscript(other) Digital Health & Armour FailerZ 20/12/20131758
filterscript(other) Hi Guys Someone Help With FS moustafa0550 20/12/2013341
filterscript(systems) attachment system <3 MORJAN1122 20/12/20131554
filterscript(other) Simple object analogic clock iJumbo 19/12/2013464
filterscript(systems) Administrator system boomerboom 19/12/20133384
filterscript(systems) Bank Robbery system [ZCMD] Stereotype 19/12/20132287
filterscript(systems) Simple Jail+Gates System With A Map. Ralfie 19/12/20133646
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Car Saving System [BASIC] Tayab 19/12/20131137
filterscript(other) Tank with TextDraws boomerboom 19/12/2013526
filterscript(systems) Teleport System! WizzardY 19/12/201310558
filterscript(other) Simple Join Message rocker3410 19/12/2013479
filterscript(other) Vehicle Spawner(Model Preview Selection - mSelection) EvanA 18/12/20131191
filterscript(systems) kAdmin - Administrator System [MySQL] kaZax 18/12/20132777
filterscript(other) Hi Help With interior moustafa0550 18/12/2013327
filterscript(other) Textdraw Message Of The Day AiRaLoKa 17/12/2013772
filterscript(other) WinterEffect, AntiBannyHop Free-Fire 17/12/2013648
filterscript(systems) Inventory And Loot System kikiajahlah 17/12/20132061
filterscript(other) Hi Guys Someone Help With FS moustafa0550 17/12/2013420
filterscript(other) Need help Flaken 16/12/2013337
filterscript(other) Global Audio Streaming for Admins. Gill 16/12/2013695
filterscript(systems) iAdmin & iRegister system by iPrivate iPrivate 16/12/20131691
filterscript(other) ** Vehicles ** Fun With Vehicles !! amirab 16/12/2013889
filterscript(other) SpaceShot AWTom 16/12/2013690
filterscript(systems) Weapon carry system iThePunisher 16/12/20131122
filterscript(systems) Simple Boombox System [ Good for RP Server ] KimGuan 16/12/20132037
filterscript(systems) Simple Boombox System [ Good for RP Server ] KimGuan 16/12/2013697
filterscript(other) Simple click tab list PM angelxeneize 16/12/2013402
filterscript(other) Learning Tree United Kingdom vothanhdat 15/12/2013347
filterscript(systems) Easy Teleport System by Simple Script [My 1st Script] saikumar 15/12/2013614
filterscript(other) delete ExiTCNR 15/12/2013282
filterscript(other) Christmas Songs TextDraw captainjohn 15/12/2013718
filterscript(other) RP Position saver/loader (MySQL / y_ini) [Basic] Wizzy951 14/12/2013794
filterscript(systems) TELEPORT SYSTEM MORJAN1122 14/12/20131027
filterscript(other) Falling Snow! TwisTa98 14/12/2013988
filterscript(other) Game Mode Clock. MadLeet 14/12/2013895
filterscript(other) Parking Servis Anchy95 14/12/2013664
filterscript(other) Request marsmubarak 14/12/2013315
filterscript(other) Car Health in Progress Bar MadLeet 14/12/2013847
filterscript(other) [FVCC] Fast Vehicle Color Changer !! Like A RainBow! amirab 13/12/2013418
filterscript(other) Transformation Into A Deer LevPopov 13/12/2013344
filterscript(other) AntiDeAmx nisva003 13/12/20131104
filterscript(systems) Looking for pizzajob system roncohen 13/12/2013586
filterscript(systems) Pickup Hunt System AiRaLoKa 13/12/20131178
filterscript(systems) Rooftop system SQlite Cerealguy 13/12/2013508
filterscript(other) Admin Spawn manoc 13/12/2013632
filterscript(other) CarMenu Selection 0.3x | mSelection Krisna 12/12/20132484
filterscript(other) Simple Police Panel [SWE]Alexzz 12/12/2013981
filterscript(other) Random (Weburl - Hostname - Mapname - Worldtime) mrsh 12/12/2013369
filterscript(other) /siren for cops Zloobe 12/12/20131312
filterscript(other) /Rules for players [Simple] Zloobe 12/12/2013776
filterscript(systems) Simple Accent system Zloobe 12/12/2013654
filterscript(systems) Simple Server Lock System For Admins HoboGamings 12/12/2013709
filterscript(other) GiftBox KimGuan 12/12/20131295
filterscript(other) GodMode With Textdraw maaz 11/12/2013469
filterscript(other) ** Teleports to interiors ** BarFix 11/12/2013718
filterscript(systems) Simple Shop System Kells 10/12/2013907
filterscript(other) CAP v02 - Creating a plot (with fence) - SCREENSHOTS Zharko 10/12/2013451
filterscript(systems) ExcelAnim - Animation System. Excelize 10/12/2013752
filterscript(other) SIMPLE JOIN/QUIT MESSAGE FOR BEGINNER med01 10/12/2013396
filterscript(systems) Boombox System Works 100% Nicks 09/12/2013409
filterscript(other) Kill Yourself. MaxTheMapper 08/12/2013418
filterscript(other) Admin House + Gate RoDney 08/12/20131543
filterscript(other) J4mmyHD | AFKHD J4mmyHD 08/12/2013343
filterscript(other) We need a mapper JasonBoy99 07/12/2013343
filterscript(other) Weapon Holster Filterscript Tomix 07/12/20131515
filterscript(other) Someone Help me with my server JasonBoy99 07/12/2013266
filterscript(other) deleted Natric 07/12/2013240
filterscript(other) United Gaming RP Hiring admins JasonBoy99 07/12/2013525
filterscript(other) Idlewood Admin Houses CountryTrooper441 06/12/2013473
filterscript(systems) AFK System wolvaren1999 06/12/20131109
filterscript(systems) JAIL SYSTEM WHIT MAP MORJAN1122 06/12/20131206
filterscript(systems) Anti AFK System v1.0 BETA Kenrque 06/12/2013975
filterscript(systems) J'AFK System MeysamOlapour 05/12/2013613
filterscript(other) In-Game Team Creator boomerboom 05/12/2013502
filterscript(other) TextDraw Basic Merry Christmas ADOK1NG 05/12/2013803
filterscript(other) Help Anti DDOS FOR SEVER SAMP Vitaminz 04/12/2013643
filterscript(systems) C' Radio System Champ 04/12/2013967
filterscript(other) Infinite plane by Lev_Popov LevPopov 03/12/2013310
filterscript(other) Simple Anti-cheat tips - By iFiras iFiras 03/12/2013539
filterscript(other) mistake at installation "rc" pepysteam 03/12/2013306
filterscript(systems) [Official Topic] SupMobil System [Supporter / Helper / Admin Vehicle System] *SIRENS ADDED* Gregory00 03/12/20132142
filterscript(systems) [RU]Helper System Dmytri 02/12/20132071
filterscript(other) DDOS nisva003 02/12/2013942
filterscript(other) House Rockstar128 01/12/20131012
filterscript(other) Simple Health update and text. Kenrque 01/12/2013446
filterscript(other) 3D Text LABEL Deaths and Kills (v0.1) Kenrque 01/12/2013867
filterscript(other) Set your server In-Game ! - Areax Areax 01/12/2013399
filterscript(other) Save Spawn Position AiRaLoKa 01/12/2013784
filterscript(other) Script for set timer changes mapname,hostname gamemodename & WebURL (K.S.) Kenrque 30/11/2013405
filterscript(other) Full Music Sytem. MadLeet 30/11/2013952
filterscript(systems) Saving Clothing System - BlueG MySQL PaulDinam 30/11/20131232
filterscript(other) In-Game Label Creator 1.3 boomerboom 30/11/2013657
filterscript(other) Dynamic Label Creator [ sscanf & zcmd ] Kenrque 30/11/2013587
filterscript(other) Search Command Spazz1219 30/11/2013484
filterscript(other) Host-Name | GM | Map-Name [Change] Rockstar128 30/11/2013431
filterscript(other) Anti Connection Spammer omur1905 30/11/2013557
filterscript(systems) HK's Admin System | 1.0 | HK 30/11/20132147
filterscript(systems) Simply bandana system. [First release] HK 30/11/20131320
filterscript(other) Food Parlour - With 5 Foods to Buy Avi Raj 30/11/2013396
filterscript(other) COME NOW gonzalo120 28/11/2013320
filterscript(systems) Spree System ! Rafael_Zambrano 28/11/2013773
filterscript(other) Water bar boomerboom 27/11/2013737
filterscript(other) Call Shooter Script - 1st time Ever made - From scratch Avi Raj 27/11/2013412
filterscript(other) Help Me Pliz ilay65 27/11/2013252
filterscript(other) Christmas TextDraw v0.1 AnGeL_KRAMER 26/11/2013952
filterscript(systems) Simple Weapon System [WITH DIALOG] Gregory00 26/11/2013609
filterscript(other) Animated TextDraw(s) Bombo 24/11/20131155
filterscript(systems) Teleport System by SolutioN SplaS 24/11/2013707
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Door System v1.0[SII, sscanf2, zcmd] RenSoprano 24/11/20131838
filterscript(systems) attachments system for player MORJAN1122 23/11/20131421
filterscript(other) SkyJump adri1 23/11/2013672
filterscript(other) Weathers Jizz 23/11/2013515
filterscript(other) Simple First Person Filterscript Tomix 23/11/2013468
filterscript(other) WRental - Rentable Cars Wayland 23/11/2013426
filterscript(other) Simple /setfire command, [basic but fun ;p] smowpow 23/11/2013396
filterscript(other) Road Construction 1.0 FINAL (Stunt creator) adri1 23/11/2013764
filterscript(systems) Tackle & Auto Crack System Mark Shade 22/11/2013607
filterscript(other) help for anti server crasher :(((( html 22/11/2013548
filterscript(other) Jump with parachute byNer0x 22/11/2013421
filterscript(other) Skydiving Script - From Scratch Avi Raj 22/11/2013738
filterscript(other) AdminTune JakeHunter1 22/11/2013640
filterscript(other) Animations [V.03]! MaxTheMapper 21/11/2013693
filterscript(other) Anti God (HACKS) omur1905 21/11/2013545
filterscript(systems) IRC System - Unique MrEdinLaw 20/11/2013935
filterscript(other) (/MyID) Advances!! [ZCMD!!!]. By Exagen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Exagen 20/11/2013314
filterscript(systems) Christmas tree system with surprises. By OTACON OTACON 20/11/20131390
filterscript(other) Random Weapons [OnPlayerSpawn] dakata994 19/11/2013491
filterscript(systems) PB Teleport System PakistaniBaba 19/11/2013690
filterscript(systems) Achievement System - Many Features Avi Raj 19/11/2013942
filterscript(other) Deathmatch Game V1.0 BY Awankz Awankz 19/11/2013451
filterscript(other) Very Simple Teleport For Bigginners Awankz 19/11/2013317
filterscript(systems) Very Simple Fuel System(For Biginners) Awankz 18/11/2013851
filterscript(other) Admin Base (ZAdminBase) Zues 18/11/2013720
filterscript(other) Real Time [Clock] dakata994 18/11/201310165
filterscript(other) Auto Server Name Change [Every 5 seconds] dakata994 18/11/2013803
filterscript(other) Vehicle Spawner For all maaz 18/11/2013678
filterscript(systems) PB Neon System PakistaniBaba 18/11/20132201
filterscript(other) Simple [Engine] and [Lights] Commands KimGuan 18/11/20131916
filterscript(systems) Elections System iPrivate 18/11/20131645
filterscript(other) Score/Cash/Rank TextDraw maaz 17/11/20131072
filterscript(other) Easy SQLite Database Start (for beginners) Voxel 17/11/20131873
filterscript(other) Start engine on 2 driftgeneration 17/11/2013755
filterscript(other) PB DealerShip PakistaniBaba 17/11/20131128
filterscript(systems) J-Admin System TheNigguh 17/11/20135226
filterscript(other) [FS] Cheats in SAMP whando 16/11/2013540
filterscript(other) Advanced Anti-Spawn Kill samp_boy 16/11/2013539
filterscript(systems) PB-CarBikeSpawn (UPDATED) PB-SpawnSystem PakistaniBaba 16/11/2013480
filterscript(other) [FS] Helmet on motorcycle. whando 16/11/2013910
filterscript(other) LEET Chatting (1337 Language) Matz 16/11/2013564
filterscript(systems) Simple AFK System ReD_DeVi 15/11/2013489
filterscript(other) FEDEX [JOB] Very usefull for Roleplay servers ! MCZOFT 15/11/2013935
filterscript(other) Car-Bike-Spawn PakistaniBaba 15/11/2013597
filterscript(other) PB Rcon Panel PakistaniBaba 14/11/2013813
filterscript(other) stats radiobizza 13/11/2013763
filterscript(other) First Person Filterscript Tomix 13/11/20131005
filterscript(other) Help me I Want gun dealer job Marocain 13/11/2013353
filterscript(other) RealCity Roleplay[NEW][Looking for mods] JasonBoy99 12/11/2013582
filterscript(systems) Firework System Marocain 12/11/20131207
filterscript(systems) Simple GPS System Marocain 12/11/20131130
filterscript(systems) Groupe System Marocain 12/11/2013903
filterscript(systems) DM System Marocain 12/11/20131843
filterscript(systems) WarZ System Netress 11/11/20131153
filterscript(systems) Engine System Marocain 11/11/20131864
filterscript(systems) Car System 0.3x Netress 11/11/201311334
filterscript(other) Scripter gopal111097 11/11/2013435
filterscript(other) Flower Death [uL]Pottus 10/11/2013417
filterscript(other) Anti-Fake-Kill MoHaNeD14 10/11/20131796
filterscript(other) Basic clock speedometer. adri1 09/11/20131217
filterscript(systems) Duel System Good For Beginners Rockstar128 09/11/2013858
filterscript(other) how to control from RCON HuntingMan 09/11/20131299
filterscript(other) How to connect your irc channel to your SA-MP server HuntingMan 09/11/20131208
filterscript(systems) Fireworks System xXSPRITEXx 09/11/20131406
filterscript(other) i need anti cheat full with anti hack money html 09/11/2013490
filterscript(systems) DM SYSTEM [For Beginners] Rockstar128 09/11/2013634
filterscript(other) Hang Glider Script Emmet_ 09/11/2013415
filterscript(other) Plant Car Bomb Avi Raj 09/11/2013651
filterscript(other) Basic Protections Nickvj7 09/11/2013303
filterscript(systems) Car System v2.1 MoHaNeD14 08/11/20132557
filterscript(other) Notes v3.2 Perfect for RP Servers MoHaNeD14 08/11/2013377
filterscript(other) Info about opponent! Help to kill! brawrr 08/11/2013239
filterscript(other) Job "Apiary" v.2 LevPopov 08/11/2013820
filterscript(other) Easy, Logo RockStar (Textdraw) By OTACON OTACON 08/11/20131002
filterscript(other) Rcon Control Panel Meow22 08/11/2013757
filterscript(other) help for anti cheat money professional html 08/11/2013372
filterscript(other) Anti-Weapon Cheat Meow22 08/11/2013601
filterscript(other) Anti-Flood ([HAX]58189179171,More) MoHaNeD14 07/11/20131645
filterscript(other) Anti-Weapon-Hack MoHaNeD14 07/11/2013719
filterscript(other) Animations JakeHunter1 07/11/2013972
filterscript(other) [Anti-Cheat]HP,Money Cheat and Armour Cheat Meow22 07/11/20131020
filterscript(other) Invisible Car DarkZeroX 07/11/2013657
filterscript(other) Invisible vehicle EmpireSk 07/11/2013364
filterscript(systems) Anti-SpawnKill System MoHaNeD14 07/11/2013712
filterscript(systems) Player Teleport System [For Drift/Stunt] MoHaNeD14 07/11/20131144
filterscript(other) SLFS (Simple Lantern Filterscript) SHOROOP 06/11/2013429
filterscript(other) Mansion RM RicardoMaia 06/11/2013428
filterscript(other) BB - TP Commands BlackBomb 06/11/2013470
filterscript(other) OPICR(On Player In Car Radio) Stream Internet Radio! Spazz1219 06/11/2013503
filterscript(other) CollAdmin Version kyriakos587 05/11/2013476
filterscript(other) Army Base In Los Santos. Maro06 05/11/2013579
filterscript(systems) Teleport System By AdHaM612 AdHaM612 05/11/2013589
filterscript(other) [RCON Panel] Easy and Simple! EdwardJackson 03/11/2013519
filterscript(systems) Engine System - Max. MaxTheMapper 03/11/2013996
filterscript(other) PM in Dialog xGame 03/11/2013533
filterscript(other) Clock speedometer Daddy Yankee 03/11/201311684
filterscript(systems) Votekick system - Simple N' Easy EdwardJackson 03/11/2013836
filterscript(other) [ask] Most script, you are waiting for.. chneubeul 02/11/2013344
filterscript(other) Holandês Voador v0.1 /2014/ Flying Dutchman v0.1 Catchorro 02/11/2013741
filterscript(other) Vehicle Dialog X|Dragon|X 02/11/2013493
filterscript(other) RCON Protection EdwardJackson 02/11/2013471
filterscript(systems) AFK System EdwardJackson 02/11/2013623
filterscript(other) IRL Time EdwardJackson 02/11/2013534
filterscript(other) Mr. Helper EdwardJackson 02/11/2013536
filterscript(other) Basic Rcon Panel V1.0 GuyYahood1 02/11/2013360
filterscript(other) Rcon Control Panel (Many Features) FailerZ 01/11/20131002
filterscript(other) New Snow Weather PakistaniBaba 01/11/20136281
filterscript(other) God Mode And God Car BlackBomb 01/11/20133469
filterscript(systems) Simple Sex System Beta Catchorro 01/11/20131608
filterscript(other) Zamaroht's TextDraw Editor V1.0 Rockstar128 01/11/2013494
filterscript(systems) Radio System by Mano C manoc 31/10/2013846
filterscript(other) Simple gunkit for new scripters kingcrome 31/10/2013266
filterscript(other) Bee Vehicle AWTom 31/10/2013531
filterscript(other) Simple Repair and Heal command (Simple for newbs) kingcrome 31/10/2013406
filterscript(systems) BB - AFK System BlackBomb 31/10/2013465
filterscript(other) Trafic Sing + Tutorial sirvasy 30/10/2013766
filterscript(other) GarHouse v2.0 By [03]Garsino! bgedition 30/10/20132799
filterscript(systems) WantedBoy Admin System + VIP Rockstar128 30/10/20132303
filterscript(systems) PM System Keyhead 29/10/20131021
filterscript(other) Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2 Matz 28/10/2013574
filterscript(other) Engine JakeHunter 28/10/2013619
filterscript(other) First FileterScript (Lottery) Brandon_More 28/10/2013387
filterscript(other) mkeys - "mathuusho"/"multi" keys! Good for stuntage mathuusho 27/10/2013435
filterscript(systems) Robbery System Danialdano 27/10/20131790
filterscript(systems) Anti-Bunny Hoop System JakeHunter 27/10/20131281
filterscript(systems) DanishHaq's event system DanishHaq 27/10/20131559
filterscript(other) GTA Online styled textdraw menus (Not the screens, but the download) Rajat_Pawar 26/10/20131972
filterscript(other) Clock 3D in game sirvasy 26/10/20131004
filterscript(other) Shooting in car Seregamil1 26/10/2013447
filterscript(systems) Music System [MP3] [MySQL] HardRock 26/10/20133841
filterscript(other) Flame ON!!! Tomix 25/10/2013470
filterscript(systems) Weapon System Array[IN Dialog + Saves] yair_balilti 25/10/2013724
filterscript(other) Spectate Player's Screen (like CS or 3rdPS games) Matz 25/10/2013368
filterscript(systems) Laser Pointer System v1 with "DIALOG" !!! VenomMancer 25/10/20131347
filterscript(systems) Simple AD System [Good for RolePlay] Esef 24/10/2013936
filterscript(other) Weapon Dialog Filterscript v3.0 PawnoPro 24/10/2013300
filterscript(other) Texture Studio - Texture your maps [uL]Pottus 23/10/20137261
filterscript(systems) Basic Car Radio System! (Plays for everyone in car!) Jerm 23/10/20131475
filterscript(systems) AFK System BatZackMan 23/10/2013783
filterscript(other) Animation For your Servers.. BatZackMan 23/10/2013426
filterscript(other) Gold & Cutter Rims BatZackMan 23/10/2013554
filterscript(other) God Mod Filterscript BatZackMan 23/10/2013639
filterscript(systems) VoteKick System Daboyio 23/10/2013791
filterscript(systems) DomAdmin System MBilal 22/10/20131476
filterscript(other) Limit connections from IP's smowpow 22/10/2013464
filterscript(systems) Little Score System finelaq 21/10/2013895
filterscript(systems) AFK-System [Simple] dakata994 21/10/2013474
filterscript(other) Witch Skin Youarex 21/10/2013549
filterscript(systems) Weapon SYSTEM Wizza 21/10/2013854
filterscript(systems) [10/20/2013] - SA-MP (FilterScript): [SCNSys-v1.0] - Simple Car Neon System v1.0 SAMProductions 20/10/20131412
filterscript(systems) Phone system Danialdano 20/10/20131747
filterscript(other) Area objector [mysql] xqz 20/10/2013518
filterscript(systems) [10/20/2013] - SA-MP (FilterScript): [SRMSys-v1.0] - Simple Random Messages System v1.0 SAMProductions 20/10/2013563
filterscript(systems) Tazer system Wizza 19/10/2013785
filterscript(other) 3D Text Creator [ Create a 3D Text Label Anywhere ] Jankingston 19/10/20133993
filterscript(systems) Connection [A dynamic weapon / model attachment system] [Saving] [Commented] [Defines] TehMiles 19/10/20131013
filterscript(other) Weapon Dialog Filterscript v2.0 PawnoPro 19/10/2013282
filterscript(other) SELL YOUR FILTERSCRIPTS/MAPS! Trollcop 19/10/2013328
filterscript(other) RC-RP SCRIPT Trollcop 19/10/2013464
filterscript(other) 420 Texture Viewer and ALL SA texture Array [uL]Pottus 19/10/20131924
filterscript(other) Weapon Dialog Filterscript PawnoPro 19/10/2013261
filterscript(other) Advanced God-Mode! EvanA 19/10/2013953
filterscript(other) Anti-Ping Jankingston 18/10/2013753
filterscript(other) My 1st 2 Script Fightstyle and Anti-Spawn Kill Meow22 18/10/2013363
filterscript(other) iPad by radiobizza Coming Soon. radiobizza 18/10/2013563
filterscript(systems) News Paper System/buygun system KaliKs 18/10/2013784
filterscript(systems) Hay-IRC , One of the best IRC systems , controll your server from an IRC channel ! hayha12 18/10/2013562
filterscript(other) Amazing House !!! WhiteAngels 18/10/2013952
filterscript(other) Hospital Filtelscript hayha12 18/10/2013750
filterscript(systems) Simple Minigames system v1.0 by Kamal(qazwsX) qazwsx 18/10/20132052
filterscript(other) RNPC Pedestrians [WIP] ipsBruno 18/10/20131842
filterscript(other) SA-MP Browser (Design - download it, customise it and display pages!) Rajat_Pawar 18/10/2013398
filterscript(systems) [10/18/2013] - SA-MP (FilterScript): [SBSys-v1.0] - Simple Bomb (C4) System v1.0 SAMProductions 18/10/2013555
filterscript(other) PxIRC 1.4 [19 +cmds] Namer 17/10/2013352
filterscript(systems) Wepsmenu with Buying System Krisna 17/10/2013681
filterscript(other) James Bot [BOT] [You don't say?XD] Rafael_Zambrano 17/10/2013570
filterscript(other) Simple Rcon Console v1.0 Raza2013 17/10/2013323
filterscript(systems) AFK System + AFK Kick HellYeah 17/10/20131217
filterscript(systems) Furniture System-Carring the furniture and place it to your house,garden and everywhere chencong 17/10/20132828
filterscript(systems) Tazer System [Simple, & User Friendly] Mark Shade 16/10/2013545
filterscript(other) Smart Checker V1.2! Wizza 16/10/2013368
filterscript(other) Tear Gas Actions xF4Life 16/10/2013772
filterscript(other) BlueTuner bluebaron 16/10/2013554
filterscript(systems) [10/16/2013] - SA-MP (FilterScript): [SCBSys-v1.0] - Simple Car Bomb System v1.0 SAMProductions 16/10/2013431
filterscript(systems) Profile System ;] yDynamic 15/10/20131336
filterscript(other) Script for lazy people boomerboom 15/10/2013465
filterscript(other) fs de Gang KODAKDouglas 15/10/2013382
filterscript(other) ZeroAdmin [YCMD, Sscanf,Foreach,y_ini][Vip Sys]][More Functions] zero_cool 15/10/2013747
filterscript(other) LemonBank By LemonPunch LemonPunch 14/10/2013452
filterscript(other) Firework saba8814 14/10/2013503
filterscript(systems) Bank System by Blademaster680 Blademaster680 14/10/20131293
filterscript(other) i need nice job for Buy br155 13/10/2013409
filterscript(other) killCam v.1b 'new' Matnix 13/10/2013710
filterscript(systems) T-Admin System & MySQL [Edit Version] Team_PRO 13/10/20131669
filterscript(other) DFT-30 extension maxtorcd55 13/10/2013752
filterscript(other) [FS] In-game MapEditor ~ La{L}e Bojan Lalic 13/10/201311564
filterscript(other) Temporary Bans - SQLite, Zcmd, Sscanf Mishan1998 13/10/2013502
filterscript(other) iOVN - O-VarNews - iBeast iBeast 12/10/2013313
filterscript(other) Minimap Checkpoints OnPlayerCommandText [vTc]Patroool 12/10/20131039
filterscript(other) RandomMSG with Textdraw Krisna 12/10/20131105
filterscript(other) GTA IV Weapon Shop [Unique] by Wizzy951 Wizzy951 11/10/20131040
filterscript(other) Klingon translator Sublime 11/10/2013305
filterscript(other) Sprite & TD select menu! [USABLE FOR WEAPONS, OPTIONS, ETC] Rajat_Pawar 10/10/2013592
filterscript(systems) Small Anti-DDos Attack System Jankingston 09/10/20139407
filterscript(other) Improved Damage (WITH SPECIAL EFFECTS) brawrr 09/10/2013372
filterscript(systems) Crate System by LemonPunch LemonPunch 09/10/2013851
filterscript(other) Player Names (3D text label) Spliffy 09/10/20131206
filterscript(other) Fireman Job Real with fire [Original] sirvasy 08/10/20132015
filterscript(other) Small Admin Menu By Dom MBilal 08/10/2013556
filterscript(systems) Shop System [COSTS SYSTEM] by LemonPunch LemonPunch 08/10/2013915
filterscript(systems) Admin and Regular player system + commands efrim123 07/10/20131744
filterscript(systems) Basic Weapon System by Lemonpunch LemonPunch 07/10/2013460
filterscript(other) Snow and Santa Claus sleigh [Unique] sirvasy 07/10/20131158
filterscript(other) Remove warn cmd. For ZA !! FahadKing07 06/10/2013545
filterscript(other) Unique controllable Pirate Ship TonyII 06/10/2013635
filterscript(systems) PM System by Superhot aka Ponii Superhot 06/10/2013656
filterscript(other) New Unique Admin Island Mark_Samp 06/10/20131850
filterscript(systems) ZAdmin v1.0 | ADMIN SYSTEM + REGISTER + ANTICHEAT reNNix 06/10/20132290
filterscript(other) Basic Help Filterscript (Fill it in with what you want) IPlayGames000 06/10/2013258
filterscript(systems) Legit Log-In System IPlayGames000 06/10/2013580
filterscript(other) My first Filterscript FahadKing07 05/10/2013511
filterscript(other) Simple /updates command smowpow 05/10/2013396
filterscript(other) Cbug Detecter, Warner, and automotically kicker qazwsx 04/10/2013645
filterscript(systems) Cannon System (Cannon catches the cars) yDynamic 04/10/2013507
filterscript(systems) Cannon System (Cannon catches the cars) yDynamic 04/10/2013506
filterscript(other) MiniGame Rockstar128 04/10/20131276
filterscript(other) MiniGame Rockstar128 04/10/2013847
filterscript(systems) Admin Label System Rockstar128 04/10/20131564
filterscript(systems) Admin Label System Rockstar128 04/10/20131014
filterscript(other) Clan Tag + Clan Area Creator(v1.2) PrinceKumar 03/10/20134763
filterscript(other) Shocarrier Car Carrier Script Shoulen 02/10/2013577
filterscript(other) Dynamic Briefcase Sytem Nofear192 01/10/2013822
filterscript(systems) Gunpack System Nofear192 01/10/2013884
filterscript(other) Anti Bike Bunny Hop (Accurate) pds2012 30/09/2013715
filterscript(other) X-Radio [SQLite, sscanf2, zcmd] xXShadowXx 30/09/2013446
filterscript(other) Survival Truck MOD Rapgangsta 30/09/2013626
filterscript(other) IMusic Simple MP3 Player Inspiron 30/09/20131432
filterscript(other) Easy custom damage + damage sound Voxel 30/09/2013635
filterscript(systems) Damage Control/Adjusting System Nofear192 30/09/2013695
filterscript(systems) Duel system Rose69 29/09/20131690
filterscript(other) TacCyc - Tactical Assist Edix 29/09/2013254
filterscript(systems) Namechange system, By Rose Rose69 29/09/2013627
filterscript(other) Countdown Timer By OTACON OTACON 29/09/2013508
filterscript(other) C' Rapid Fire (Auto Cbug) Champ 29/09/20131456
filterscript(other) Best bug for fun boomerboom 29/09/2013343
filterscript(other) Street Name Textdraw Version 0.1.5 GODEX 29/09/2013780
filterscript(other) Advanced Oblect Editor denniser8 29/09/2013380
filterscript(other) Error linux KinoOn 28/09/2013240
filterscript(other) ServerSide Modded LSPD Infernus Rapgangsta 28/09/2013544
filterscript(other) FS Anti DDos Attack zikolukic 28/09/20135101
filterscript(other) 3D Text Creator V1.0 By Zero_Cool zero_cool 28/09/20132689
filterscript(other) Soccer Mod PeppeAC -Small Edited by me. Ivander 28/09/2013560
filterscript(systems) Simple Admin System![Very Good For Begginers] denniser8 28/09/20131082
filterscript(other) Attach Object To Object Tool by Zero_Cool 2013 zero_cool 28/09/2013538
filterscript(systems) Teleport system by NoFeAr Nofear192 27/09/20131077
filterscript(systems) [MJSys-v1.0] - Mega Jump System v1.0 SAMProductions 27/09/2013429
filterscript(systems) Simple Hunger System - Ideal for roleplay RedWolfX 27/09/20132133
filterscript(other) EaZy Gaming [Sell stuff] Gaming12345 27/09/2013321
filterscript(other) Why no show bot man! par30 26/09/2013305
filterscript(systems) Security Van rob system TonyII 26/09/20131266
filterscript(systems) Graffiti System treblek 26/09/20132139
filterscript(other) Cars Menu by Dom MBilal 26/09/2013867
filterscript(other) Music Player v0.1 - CesarLT CesarLT 25/09/2013655
filterscript(other) Street Name Textdraw GODEX 25/09/20133620
filterscript(other) aTrafficS - Reals traffic signals (no modelobjects) adri1 25/09/20133300
filterscript(other) Simple Teleportation - My First ever filterscript xxRichixx 25/09/2013325
filterscript(other) Screen Login/Credits style 'Iron Man Tree' - By OTACON OTACON 24/09/2013677
filterscript(other) Dynamic Custom Gold Rims & Dynamic Cutter Rims XxmazenelsayedxX 24/09/2013424
filterscript(other) Team Strength - TextDraw Youarex 24/09/2013542
filterscript(other) Server Intro (GTA V Intro on GTA SA) adri1 23/09/20131628
filterscript(systems) IRegister Simple Register/Login System (NO ADMIN THINGS) Inspiron 23/09/20131811
filterscript(systems) Simple Group System Tomix 22/09/20131701
filterscript(systems) Level System Bulgaria 22/09/20134700
filterscript(systems) AFK System Justin Reif 22/09/2013638
filterscript(other) C' Rcon Security Essential Champ 22/09/2013479
filterscript(other) MP3 Player With TextDraw (My First FS) amirab 22/09/2013905
filterscript(other) Server Control Panel V1.0.0 - A simple server control filterscript with dialog chencong 22/09/2013626
filterscript(systems) (Mini) Teleports System RCON1 22/09/2013591
filterscript(other) Array-Teleports ;] _Application_ 22/09/2013378
filterscript(other) Simple Commands First Release Nofear192 22/09/2013288
filterscript(other) Easy Time Data By OTACON OTACON 21/09/2013373
filterscript(other) Weapons Shop Driathelm 21/09/2013778
filterscript(systems) Simple PM System Justin Reif 21/09/2013532
filterscript(other) Public places known (Teleports) By OTACON OTACON 20/09/2013364
filterscript(other) Anti Fake Kill Driathelm 20/09/2013679
filterscript(other) Help Me! Charlos 20/09/2013374
filterscript(other) Anti-Bunny Hop alinategh 20/09/20131327
filterscript(other) an admin spec working in all game modes hanie 19/09/2013341
filterscript(systems) vRT - Reaction Test System Vege 19/09/2013934
filterscript(other) Simple Suggestion Command by Inspiron Inspiron 17/09/2013357
filterscript(other) Chronometer v0.1 BY OTACON OTACON 17/09/2013727
filterscript(other) C" On Connect IP saver Champ 17/09/2013387
filterscript(systems) WazzUp's Dynamic House System ( Cool features )( sscanf, zcmd, dini ) xganyx 17/09/201310913
filterscript(systems) System Time 1.0 Neutron97 16/09/2013749
filterscript(systems) Simple Mask System[0.3x] Swindle 16/09/2013836
filterscript(systems) Simple Briefcase System + A Simple Whisper System by kosa451 kosa451 16/09/2013478
filterscript(systems) Simple Sleep System (Useful for RP) Frederico 15/09/20131511
filterscript(systems) Simple Animation System [20+ Animations] by kosa451 kosa451 15/09/2013642
filterscript(systems) Jueix's bank system and Dynamic ATM system. jueix 15/09/20132422
filterscript(other) C" First Person Driving (FPD) Champ 15/09/20131497
filterscript(other) "NYAN CAT" - Graphic-art (using gangzones) DarkyTheAngel 14/09/2013635
filterscript(systems) system of tombstone + Coffin By OTACON OTACON 14/09/2013500
filterscript(other) Simple FilterScript.(A Help Menu) DeMonsta 14/09/2013408
filterscript(systems) Advanced Weapon System by kosa451 kosa451 14/09/2013606
filterscript(other) Rainbow or Disco car GShock 14/09/2013460
filterscript(systems) Basic AFK System notolerance 13/09/2013421
filterscript(systems) Business & Garage system EthanCortez 13/09/20132159
filterscript(systems) Oldphynix Register / Login System [Yini+Whirlpool] ChandraLouis 13/09/20131344
filterscript(systems) [AFK-System] BackScreen 13/09/2013536
filterscript(systems) Boombox System [Dynamic][0.3x] Swindle 12/09/20131020
filterscript(other) Server Sided Vehicle Damage [uL]Pottus 12/09/2013586
filterscript(systems) Help From System Cops! moustafa0550 12/09/2013813
filterscript(other) [INC]Create Fireworks [=] yDynamic 11/09/2013459
filterscript(other) DeathMatch Dialog [With Teleports] Omar55555 11/09/2013417
filterscript(other) Simple Weapon Dialog v1 ChandraLouis 10/09/2013437
filterscript(other) Anti S--EİT God! omur1905 10/09/2013771
filterscript(other) SQLChat - Live MySQL server feed & chat box Sinner 10/09/2013563
filterscript(other) AFK + FRAMES FS IlPrincipino 09/09/2013365
filterscript(other) for create fireworks by yDynamic (Yakov) BlueGey 09/09/2013522
filterscript(other) Weapons Menu 3.0x [strcmd][mSelection] Omar55555 08/09/20131427
filterscript(other) Nitro bar next to the hud Riddick94 08/09/20131751
filterscript(other) Hello Guys i want helpp moustafa0550 07/09/2013523
filterscript(other) Loto 6/49 YassiNn 06/09/2013576
filterscript(systems) Hwang's Lotto System. Hwang 06/09/2013719
filterscript(other) Bus interior [RP] devil shill 06/09/20131209
filterscript(other) Simple speed limits signs [textdraw] xqz 06/09/2013708
filterscript(other) Andromada prison transport interior [RP] devil shill 05/09/2013737
filterscript(other) Windshield Crashing Emmet_ 05/09/2013579
filterscript(other) Very simple Score Textdraw 007Skyfall 04/09/2013799
filterscript(systems) Simple, but good warn system. [FoR]EveR 04/09/2013638
filterscript(other) Iroman FS [/iroman] Rafael_Zambrano 04/09/2013743
filterscript(other) [AJUDA] [FS] SISTEMA VIP apressado 04/09/2013619
filterscript(systems) Skin System[SQL] Oloroî 03/09/20132679
filterscript(other) DM arena by me :-) bustern 03/09/2013673
filterscript(systems) Simple Vehicles System Dreishalm 02/09/20131020
filterscript(other) Timebomb TonyII 02/09/2013482
filterscript(other) SpawnProtection (Health + Armour) GrOobY 02/09/2013398
filterscript(other) BanBat (BanHammer) SchurmanCQC 02/09/2013346
filterscript(systems) House and .. garage system [MYSQL] treblek 01/09/20132125
filterscript(other) Teleports to 8 Places RoDney 01/09/2013403
filterscript(other) Easy Motorway Controls By OTACON OTACON 01/09/2013440
filterscript(other) Stunt Server TextDraw RoDney 01/09/2013547
filterscript(other) DM Arenas bensmart469 31/08/2013628
filterscript(other) Control of the vehicle. EnzoMetlc 31/08/2013541
filterscript(systems) Beautiful /hi | /bye & /help System 007Skyfall 31/08/2013783
filterscript(other) [Drogue] LSD ArthDev 31/08/2013399
filterscript(systems) D-Admin Administration System DamonD 30/08/20131826
filterscript(systems) Graffiti System treblek 30/08/20132813
filterscript(other) [MFA] WazzUp's Awesome Music For Admin xganyx 30/08/2013539
filterscript(other) Movable doors,gate,barier,objects near LSPD and CityHall ! bustern 30/08/2013868
filterscript(other) killCam_1x [Release V01] [0.3X] » Matnix 29/08/20131764
filterscript(systems) NamerX v1.2 [irc,random msg,admin,vip,lotto systems] Namer 29/08/2013830
filterscript(other) Advanced Vehicle Ownership & Dealership & Commands [EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE, DIALOG'S, PARK, APR DanishHaq 29/08/201310348
filterscript(systems) GPS System 3MY 29/08/20131541
filterscript(systems) [REQ] Waste Disposal System RevCeo 29/08/2013437
filterscript(other) Can someone give me this? iBots 28/08/2013258
filterscript(other) Up to 5 health automatically armor Hwang 28/08/2013321
filterscript(other) Score TextDraw Mckarlis 28/08/2013929
filterscript(systems) xstAdmin ( XStormiest's Admin System) XStormiest 28/08/20131487
filterscript(systems) Fulltune System - Hwang. - [ENG] Hwang 27/08/2013835
filterscript(other) MoreCommands, MoreShop, MoreTeleport rafii6311 27/08/2013371
filterscript(systems) XP/LVL System lapius 27/08/20131676
filterscript(systems) Troll Admin System v1.0 [ Troll Your Players ! ] SAMProductions 26/08/20131466
filterscript(systems) WazzUp's Admin System. WazAdmin (VIP system, Anti Jetpack) .::New version::. xganyx 25/08/20131161
filterscript(other) Cinema xxx with video porno sirvasy 25/08/20132286
filterscript(other) Dolphin boat XxXBr0nXxX 24/08/2013441
filterscript(other) Player Titles xXSPRITEXx 24/08/20131208
filterscript(other) MP3 Player [Cro]Nano 24/08/20132423
filterscript(other) SA News - Full-Featured Script Re-Haul Jingles 24/08/2013513
filterscript(other) player to player teleport Demon4511 24/08/2013650
filterscript(other) Tele menu(19 + places in Los Santos and around Los Santos) bustern 24/08/2013477
filterscript(other) Filterscripts jezZu 24/08/2013501
filterscript(other) Real Time Clock SmOkEwOw 24/08/2013880
filterscript(other) Fly Command xXSPRITEXx 24/08/20133239
filterscript(other) Fightstyle Changer xXSPRITEXx 24/08/2013750
filterscript(other) Weapon shop by me v3 bustern 23/08/2013613
filterscript(systems) gBug 1.0 - Bug reporting system gamer931215 22/08/2013547
filterscript(systems) WazzUp's Admin System. WazAdmin (BETA VERSION) xganyx 22/08/2013674
filterscript(systems) WazzUp's Admin System. WazAdmin (BETA VERSION) xganyx 22/08/2013381
filterscript(systems) WazzUp's Admin System. WazAdmin (BETA VERSION) xganyx 22/08/2013593
filterscript(other) DontDropTheSoap (accurate rape filterscript) Mean 22/08/2013413
filterscript(other) DontDropTheSoap (accurate rape filterscript) Mean 22/08/2013261
filterscript(other) I NEED A VEHICLE SCRIPT dvl52 22/08/2013307
filterscript(other) I NEED A VEHICLE SCRIPT dvl52 22/08/2013284
filterscript(other) I NEED A VEHICLE SCRIPT dvl52 22/08/2013268
filterscript(other) Cam hack error dvl52 22/08/2013364
filterscript(other) Cam hack error dvl52 22/08/2013253
filterscript(other) Cam hack error dvl52 22/08/2013342
filterscript(other) Weapon shop bustern 22/08/2013603
filterscript(other) Weapon shop bustern 22/08/2013438
filterscript(other) Weapon shop bustern 22/08/2013369
filterscript(other) Simple anti-log spam Mitchy 21/08/2013382
filterscript(other) A command to rename a player. BrendaSAMP 20/08/2013484
filterscript(other) KeyPad Script Maran3llo 19/08/2013496
filterscript(other) Map Location Teleports Arg 18/08/2013681
filterscript(other) Turbo Cars! itsCody 18/08/20131190
filterscript(systems) Simple AFK System v2.0 by 1Geek 1Geek 18/08/2013476
filterscript(other) Admin Music Streamer EvanA 18/08/2013943
filterscript(other) Password Strength Checker .Mento 18/08/2013493
filterscript(other) Fire Script for your server LARoleplay 17/08/2013876
filterscript(other) Console Hack Warner! JimmyCh 16/08/2013491
filterscript(systems) Ady's Reaction Test System Ady_Ro 15/08/20131305
filterscript(other) IN-Game NPC Maker HighPrint 15/08/20133975
filterscript(systems) NRadio In-Car Radio System NinjahZ 15/08/20131553
filterscript(other) Car Maker Job! xganyx 15/08/20131352
filterscript(other) Car Customization!!! EvanA 15/08/2013810
filterscript(other) Vehicle Controller(For RP servers) JimmyCh 14/08/20131121
filterscript(other) Flashlight redreaper666 14/08/20131198
filterscript(other) 1Geek Simple AntiSpam 1Geek 14/08/2013382
filterscript(other) 1GeekAdmin! 1Geek 14/08/2013365
filterscript(systems) Mappers4Life Login & Register System Mappers4Life 14/08/20131016
filterscript(systems) Crate System - Simple Smxe 13/08/20131363
filterscript(other) Smokey's Math Contest Smokeyy 13/08/2013458
filterscript(systems) Simple AFK System 1Geek 13/08/2013429
filterscript(other) Customizing Car 1Geek 13/08/2013586
filterscript(other) 1Geek Car Booster 1Geek 13/08/2013383
filterscript(other) Live stats TextDraw ( Version 2 ) hossa 13/08/20131054
filterscript(systems) Simple Cuff System EvanA 13/08/20131792
filterscript(systems) C" Admin System [DM] Champ 12/08/20131449
filterscript(other) MTD - Messages TextDraws v1.0 Joksa 12/08/2013623
filterscript(other) Bar Illuminati[masoni] [FS]+[map] sirvasy 11/08/2013671
filterscript(other) KShop Not Released yet Kyle1 11/08/2013258
filterscript(systems) NamerX v1.0 [IRC SYSTEM, dcmd Commands, Teles] Namer 11/08/2013901
filterscript(other) Useful Commands for script beginers. DeathFire 10/08/2013357
filterscript(other) Godmode V5 - Feel like /god! EvanA 10/08/2013507
filterscript(other) Intro Textdraw BodyBoardVEVO 08/08/20132606
filterscript(other) Dialog Rules ChandraLouis 08/08/2013849
filterscript(other) [FS] Strike_Truck ivan23 08/08/2013490
filterscript(other) [FS]Sistema de Vida e Colete TheftAutoKwerb66 08/08/2013841
filterscript(other) Index [PSD | PREVIEW] Kapone21 07/08/2013318
filterscript(other) Advanced Speedometer [2 Different Themes] [V.1] Naruto_Emilio 07/08/20131708
filterscript(systems) News System kelvinis 07/08/20131597
filterscript(other) Art-Phone Textdraw , art-minimalism. Yaroslaw 07/08/2013641
filterscript(other) Speedometr textdraw for bicycles Yaroslaw 07/08/20131052
filterscript(systems) Shop System [v0.0.2] [COSTS SYSTEM] Fadchor 07/08/20131349
filterscript(systems) Shop System [v0.0.1] [FREE SYSTEM] Fadchor 07/08/20131204
filterscript(other) Teleport Filterscript brandypol 07/08/2013837
filterscript(systems) DWS - Dynamic Weapon System V3 (YSI, sscanf, streamer, more) JusstinRoller 07/08/2013643
filterscript(other) Vanter's vehicle control Vanter 07/08/2013509
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Boombox System[Fresh] San1 06/08/20133127
filterscript(systems) Skin Changer [FULLY DIALOG FUNCTIONALITY || EASY AND USER FRIENDLY || YSI SAVING SYSTEM] Private200 06/08/20131263
filterscript(systems) PORTAL system (enter / exit) - MySQL R8 r32 McLuhan 05/08/2013967
filterscript(other) My First FS: Counter strike (CS). AmirRFCNR 05/08/2013873
filterscript(systems) SEE system (spectating) McLuhan 05/08/2013470
filterscript(systems) Poll System (By Napster101) Napster101 05/08/2013643
filterscript(other) Jake's Efficient Color Changer _Jake_ 04/08/2013531
filterscript(other) Live stats TextDraw hossa 03/08/2013837
filterscript(systems) Donor System [VIP system] 5 Ranks Zcmd V1.0 Rafael_Zambrano 03/08/20132167
filterscript(systems) 24/7 System Vrag 03/08/20132139
filterscript(other) Zones Filterscript JusstinRoller 02/08/2013535
filterscript(systems) AntiSwear with warning system [Includes English & Dutch words] Sellize 02/08/2013690
filterscript(systems) Simple Auto Messages system FS Necip 02/08/2013577
filterscript(systems) [T] Login-Register-Saving System. Tuntun 02/08/20131944
filterscript(other) dEcooR's Speedometer dEcooR 02/08/20132086
filterscript(other) Vuki_Transporter (transport almost vehicle with DFT-30 !) Vukilore 01/08/2013510
filterscript(other) Dynamic Entrance maker Songason 01/08/2013436
filterscript(other) Check Lag BlackHorse 01/08/2013477
filterscript(other) Zero Admin V3.9 Vip Sys, 5 Admin Levels, Anti JetPack, Anti Spam, Anti Advertisements [y_commands] zero_cool 01/08/20131470
filterscript(other) Faction Buttons SAMPbitch 31/07/20131117
filterscript(other) [PEDIDO] Eventos e Sistemas Soldado 31/07/2013821
filterscript(other) Gold Rims 1.1 GhostPerk77 31/07/2013525
filterscript(other) Delivery boy [xT]Emaratii 31/07/2013501
filterscript(other) Camera with Flash in SA-MP 'Object & Textdraw' By OTACON OTACON 31/07/2013923
filterscript(systems) Simple Godmode System With Textdraw nrg700 31/07/2013506
filterscript(other) Server Lock (in TextDraw) zero_cool 30/07/2013512
filterscript(other) Screen Fade Out After Death redrussian 29/07/2013584
filterscript(other) Zero Admin V3.9 [5 Levels] [Commads 100+] [VIP Sys] [AntiCheat] [More Functions] zero_cool 29/07/20131059
filterscript(other) Shark That Kills by Zero_Cool zero_cool 29/07/2013665
filterscript(other) Digital Clock by Zero_Cool zero_cool 29/07/2013684
filterscript(systems) Event System ( zCMD / SSCANF2 ) Diogo123 29/07/20133066
filterscript(other) NumPad Commands lsreskjn 29/07/20131188
filterscript(other) Sethome [Inspired by bukkit Essentials] Sellize 29/07/2013539
filterscript(other) Godmode[Never Die again!] EvanA 29/07/20131522
filterscript(systems) Pirate Boat System [Unique] Ady_Ro 28/07/2013898
filterscript(other) 3D Speedometer SDraw 28/07/20133713
filterscript(other) script /vstorage Jonald05 28/07/2013813
filterscript(other) How To Enable Player's Map icon? [xT]Emaratii 28/07/20131465
filterscript(systems) Seatbelt System! Lina 28/07/20131034
filterscript(systems) DWS - Dynamic Weapon System (Gun object, Saving system,...More) JusstinRoller 28/07/20131032
filterscript(other) C" Simple and fast Player color changer. Champ 27/07/2013571
filterscript(other) Excitation in SA-MP 'Troll' By OTACON OTACON 27/07/2013382
filterscript(other) All Skins Class Selection Menu in 9 lines Opah 27/07/20131398
filterscript(systems) Level System v1 [ By SanCio ] sn0p 27/07/20131262
filterscript(other) Faggio's with hydraulics [LOL] Sellize 27/07/2013453
filterscript(systems) Wellcome msg system V3 by BlackHorse BlackHorse 27/07/2013602
filterscript(systems) Ady's Animations System v1.0! Ady_Ro 26/07/2013639
filterscript(systems) Music system[My Second FilterScript] chuck100 26/07/20131590
filterscript(systems) Simple PM System EvanA 26/07/2013671
filterscript(other) /spec Sytem! Lina 25/07/2013544
filterscript(other) entire GM NotePadGaming 25/07/2013363
filterscript(other) DropSpikeStrip FS [good for a race server] andrewgrob 25/07/2013479
filterscript(other) [FS]INGAME pickup maker ron_tim 25/07/20131298
filterscript(other) MessageBox Jernu 24/07/2013500
filterscript(other) Jetpack/Godmode RCON Filterscript EvanA 24/07/20131004
filterscript(other) AC filterscript for A/D gm ESA 24/07/2013300
filterscript(other) Advanced AFK ( enable / disable ) Chrisis 23/07/2013354
filterscript(systems) Teleport System (My first filterscript) JusstinRoller 23/07/2013795
filterscript(systems) Name Change System D3vin 23/07/20131792
filterscript(systems) [FS] Lottery 24/7 - (Best & Easy Lottery System) Zanice 22/07/20131290
filterscript(systems) [Ax] Admin System (35+ AdminCmds, 7 VIP Cmds) Areax 22/07/20132506
filterscript(other) Cheats Allowed Basic Commands Vrag 22/07/2013577
filterscript(other) Warn Command [ ZCMD-SSCANF-TEXTDRAWS ] hossa 22/07/20131219
filterscript(other) AntiOnFootCrasher kaZax 22/07/2013635
filterscript(systems) System of dynamic Hotdog kiosks. Zume-Zero 22/07/2013912
filterscript(other) Selecting TextDraw skin by Clickable. Zume-Zero 22/07/2013917
filterscript(other) [NEW] Anti swear and Anti Advertising [BLOCKS WORDS] Dopefull 21/07/20131608
filterscript(systems) MRank System M3HR4N 21/07/2013730
filterscript(other) DropBarrel FS [good for a race server] andrewgrob 21/07/2013408
filterscript(other) What ?!, have Fun morocco 21/07/2013281
filterscript(other) Call of Duty - Real World at War [TDM] Kalia123 21/07/2013677
filterscript(other) HoldNos - Changes the way NOS works. RedFusion 20/07/2013433
filterscript(systems) [MYSQL] Simple GPCI ban system Marc Johnson 20/07/20132195
filterscript(other) Simple Horse Dynamic 'TextDraw' By OTACON OTACON 20/07/2013693
filterscript(other) Anti /q joke script Titanic4 20/07/2013590
filterscript(systems) BigGroter's simple land mine system BigGroter 20/07/2013405
filterscript(systems) Plant System PabuLetz 19/07/20131138
filterscript(systems) Plant System PabuLetz 19/07/2013646
filterscript(other) Bomber mubashir 19/07/2013450
filterscript(other) LSPD Nice Mapping Hazko 17/07/2013825
filterscript(other) Seatbelt[FS] #No.1 NotePadGaming 17/07/2013461
filterscript(other) Sytem /fakekick /fakeban :) Hazko 17/07/2013761
filterscript(systems) Simple afk systems with reason..!!+listafk + pm systems with togpm + brb sytem with reason Hazko 17/07/2013831
filterscript(other) Distance bug fix Slice 16/07/2013660
filterscript(other) Server Lock Sys V1.0 zero_cool 16/07/2013354
filterscript(other) Money Drop Filterscript xganyx 16/07/20131113
filterscript(other) Zero Admin V3.5 [5 Levels] [Commads 80+] [More Functions] zero_cool 16/07/2013737
filterscript(other) Clan Tag Creator PrinceKumar 15/07/20131851
filterscript(other) Nade Parkouring v1.2 + Level Creator hbzi 15/07/2013529
filterscript(systems) Graffity System v1.0 PabuLetz 15/07/20131363
filterscript(other) Simple Dynamic Ads' TextDraw' By OTACON OTACON 15/07/2013815
filterscript(other) Super Power xganyx 14/07/2013829
filterscript(systems) RankSystem - [First FS] mahardika 14/07/2013899
filterscript(other) Anti High-Pings WorldWideGaming 14/07/20132116
filterscript(other) Credit Menu Urrutia 14/07/2013615
filterscript(systems) Ads Dynamic System Parka 14/07/20131054
filterscript(other) Daytona Race Track Map ShaneOvSina 14/07/2013397
filterscript(other) Anti-(Player)Crasher bartekdvd 13/07/20131164
filterscript(systems) Pause System ScRipTeRi 13/07/2013644
filterscript(other) Job MilkShake [with cow driving] sirvasy 13/07/2013828
filterscript(other) Auto Car Repair [Full Repair] Vikshay 12/07/20131594
filterscript(other) Flatulence in SA-MP 'Troll' By Otacon OTACON 12/07/2013365
filterscript(other) D.VIP[Mysql-YCMD-Foreach-SSCANF2] [+30 CMDS] [DM|TDM] DeMoX 12/07/2013583
filterscript(other) Slot Machines redrussian 12/07/20131005
filterscript(other) Controllable Alien Ship [uL]Pottus 11/07/2013687
filterscript(other) Blind script TeRmiNaTorR 11/07/2013430
filterscript(other) Passenger Drive By ScRipTeRi 11/07/2013518
filterscript(other) Rocket and Sniper DeathMach kalanerik99 11/07/2013415
filterscript(other) AutoBots NotePadGaming 11/07/20131160
filterscript(other) Realistic Gun Damage Nines 10/07/2013949
filterscript(other) Helicoper Rescue MiniMission. KingyKings 10/07/2013884
filterscript(systems) Simple Speedboost system with command XxXBr0nXxX 10/07/2013893
filterscript(other) GodMode purchased through Dialog. TheKingIvan22 09/07/2013269
filterscript(other) Vanter's Anti-Speed Hack Vanter 09/07/20131378
filterscript(other) Vanter's Anti-Weapon Hack Vanter 09/07/2013450
filterscript(other) Money Drop - When Dieing justinnater 08/07/2013957
filterscript(other) Evo Vehicle Ownership™ | IX.1 Essentials Released Evoturk 08/07/20131861
filterscript(other) Security camera Urrutia 08/07/20131294
filterscript(other) Close please SAMPbitch 07/07/2013388
filterscript(other) Advanced bomb filterscript. ACI 07/07/2013455
filterscript(other) Realtime and New Textdraw by Krisna Krisna 07/07/2013658
filterscript(other) AutomaticMessager - Beginners BlueQuiq 06/07/2013353
filterscript(other) Block Pandemonium 1.0 (Minigame) Youarex 06/07/2013437
filterscript(other) Simple Dynamic Entrance/Exit for Shops drichie 06/07/20131180
filterscript(other) [FS]RanDom Messages [FS]NABEEL 06/07/20139189
filterscript(other) gMusic (Cool Music Ever) xganyx 05/07/2013798
filterscript(other) Air-Vehicles Ejected in the Sky. xF4Life 05/07/2013593
filterscript(other) Also Known As [MySQL] R.I.P.Roy Nash Kathleen 05/07/2013449
filterscript(other) [FS]SpeedLimit ScRipTeRi 05/07/20132166
filterscript(other) Dialog Help Menu Version 1.1 GhostPerk77 05/07/2013639
filterscript(other) Flaming Hand ahmad95 05/07/2013563
filterscript(other) Bomb Create [Basic FS] xganyx 05/07/2013526
filterscript(other) Easy Load/Unload/Reload FS ingame redreaper666 05/07/2013721
filterscript(other) Dynamic gift box script (i dont' copy) LuisPark 05/07/20133626
filterscript(other) NerdCompany First Script NerdCompany 04/07/2013311
filterscript(systems) Simple Music System NeXoR 04/07/2013998
filterscript(other) Bait-Car Prototype Version 2 (New Idea for CnR!) Aerotactics 04/07/2013438
filterscript(other) (Useful) DeathBody base code iJumbo 04/07/2013342
filterscript(systems) Weapon system. Youwannaplayarough?OKAY! 03/07/20131169
filterscript(other) Camera for GTA SA-MP Configurations 03/07/2013652
filterscript(other) Simple City Teleporter v1.0 fahadtariq73 03/07/2013323
filterscript(other) Animations 2013 - Updated Version GODEX 03/07/2013714
filterscript(systems) ST's Paintball System [BASIC] Goldilox 03/07/20131676
filterscript(other) Textdraw intrare [SLG] UzzyZVR 03/07/2013556
filterscript(other) SA-MP Spike Strips Stylock 02/07/2013742
filterscript(other) Pizza Boy Job maxy153 02/07/20131725
filterscript(other) Give me FS of this trucker job !!! ngumcutoi1999 02/07/2013801
filterscript(other) Dynamic Radio Filterscript v1! Alternative112 01/07/20131773
filterscript(other) "Bait-Cars" for Cops and Robbers Servers! Aerotactics 01/07/2013827
filterscript(other) T-Security AntiHack y AntiAtaques incluye /sban ScptProcura 01/07/20131220
filterscript(other) Glowing Blinkers xqz 01/07/20132204
filterscript(other) Cops Flashing Lights and Siren Loranzo_De_Andreas 30/06/20131618
filterscript(other) Simple Rcon Restart dEcooR 30/06/2013871
filterscript(other) Bait-Car Prototype (New Idea for CnR!) Aerotactics 30/06/2013486
filterscript(systems) Firecrackers System By BlueGey BlueGey 29/06/2013616
filterscript(other) Boxing Match Pocketstealer 29/06/2013633
filterscript(systems) [WIP] Landmine system Twizted 29/06/2013668
filterscript(other) [FS]Skin ScRipTeRi 29/06/2013734
filterscript(other) Flexible Mission Script Rokzlive 29/06/2013299
filterscript(other) Flexible Mission Script Rokzlive 29/06/2013246
filterscript(other) Flexible Mission Script Rokzlive 29/06/2013258
filterscript(other) Flexible Mission Script Rokzlive 29/06/2013268
filterscript(other) Anti God of Cars Seregamil1 29/06/2013388
filterscript(other) Anti God of Cars Seregamil1 29/06/2013671
filterscript(other) Anti God of Cars Seregamil1 29/06/2013410
filterscript(other) Anti God of Cars Seregamil1 29/06/2013438
filterscript(systems) Radio system [0.3c, 0.3e, 0.3x] Urrutia 29/06/2013947
filterscript(systems) Radio system [0.3c, 0.3e, 0.3x] Urrutia 29/06/2013802
filterscript(systems) Radio system [0.3c, 0.3e, 0.3x] Urrutia 29/06/2013494
filterscript(systems) Radio system [0.3c, 0.3e, 0.3x] Urrutia 29/06/20131132
filterscript(other) Recruitable Bambi! :3 Alternative112 29/06/2013384
filterscript(other) Recruitable Bambi! :3 Alternative112 29/06/2013227
filterscript(other) Recruitable Bambi! :3 Alternative112 29/06/2013235
filterscript(other) Recruitable Bambi! :3 Alternative112 29/06/2013224
filterscript(other) Funny DeathMatch (Fun DM) (SC)=Sky= 29/06/2013399
filterscript(other) Hospital Healing Kittylol 28/06/2013496
filterscript(systems) Music streaming system - 8 genres JimmyCh 28/06/20131444
filterscript(other) Help me CARMENU Freeroam manu2424 28/06/2013273
filterscript(other) Help me CARMENU Freeroam manu2424 28/06/2013242
filterscript(other) Help me CARMENU Freeroam manu2424 28/06/2013213
filterscript(other) Help me CARMENU Freeroam manu2424 28/06/2013216
filterscript(other) Help me CARMENU Freeroam manu2424 28/06/2013210
filterscript(other) Help me CARMENU Freeroam manu2424 28/06/2013206
filterscript(other) Help me CARMENU Freeroam manu2424 28/06/2013237
filterscript(systems) Dynamic House System V0.1 [Basic] [INI] Naruto_Emilio 28/06/20132112
filterscript(systems) Dynamic House System V0.1 [Basic] [INI] Naruto_Emilio 28/06/20133208
filterscript(systems) Dynamic House System V0.1 [Basic] [INI] Naruto_Emilio 28/06/2013924
filterscript(systems) Dynamic House System V0.1 [Basic] [INI] Naruto_Emilio 28/06/20131193
filterscript(other) Basic Tazer Permission Script. Jawz 28/06/2013321
filterscript(other) Basic Tazer Permission Script. Jawz 28/06/2013242
filterscript(other) Basic Tazer Permission Script. Jawz 28/06/2013263
filterscript(other) Basic Tazer Permission Script. Jawz 28/06/2013225
filterscript(other) Basic Tazer Permission Script. Jawz 28/06/2013205
filterscript(other) Basic Tazer Permission Script. Jawz 28/06/2013237
filterscript(other) Basic Tazer Permission Script. Jawz 28/06/2013353
filterscript(other) Dynamic Vehicle Saving (dialog) Kuntum123 28/06/2013452
filterscript(other) Simple anti-car-spam kaisersouse 28/06/2013554
filterscript(other) SA-MP mp3 Dialog creator nton 28/06/2013373
filterscript(other) Zero Admin v3.5 by Zero_Cool zero_cool 27/06/2013279
filterscript(other) Ban hammer Sellize 27/06/2013508
filterscript(other) CBug-Timer v1.0 (Final) hbzi 27/06/20131115
filterscript(systems) Lottery System v 1.0 by Zero_Cool zero_cool 27/06/20133123
filterscript(other) Tele to 134 place in GTA (House/HQ/biz/house) morocco 26/06/2013712
filterscript(systems) Disco System By BlueGey BlueGey 26/06/2013853
filterscript(other) CIDR Ban - Ban precise IP ranges (VPN, ISP, ...). R@f 26/06/20131350
filterscript(other) CBUG Records justinnater 26/06/2013526
filterscript(systems) YoText system ChrisYo 26/06/2013866
filterscript(other) OnPlayerRequestClass Can4ns 26/06/2013861
filterscript(other) Journey Interior thejamesster13 25/06/2013540
filterscript(systems) [FS]Bank System ScRipTeRi 25/06/20133096
filterscript(systems) Friends System [MySQL, sscanf, ZCMD] Smokkr 25/06/20132196
filterscript(systems) Roadblock System. NathNathii 24/06/20131265
filterscript(other) Gun store dialogs (/buyguns) Josh_Main 24/06/20131614
filterscript(systems) Sasoft's Dynamic Building System Sasoft 24/06/2013819
filterscript(other) Zone saver DobbysGamertag 23/06/2013519
filterscript(systems) xXTanglesXx Radio System xXTanglesXx 23/06/2013540
filterscript(systems) [FS]Pause System Configuration 23/06/2013566
filterscript(other) [FS]Anti Armour Hack Configuration 23/06/2013987
filterscript(systems) Gang System Gireada 23/06/20133688
filterscript(other) Rescue Truck (garbage) yagomapper 22/06/2013966
filterscript(other) Server Protect Attack [v1.0.3] [June 22, 2013] TheCartman 22/06/20133027
filterscript(systems) ATM system AminoVendetta 21/06/20131997
filterscript(systems) Simple Drinking System AminoVendetta 21/06/2013564
filterscript(other) Create and Repair xXHeatHXx 21/06/2013479
filterscript(other) Textdraw SA-MP Urrutia 21/06/20131195
filterscript(systems) System Taser by DE18 DiamantEspace18 21/06/2013756
filterscript(other) Blizzard Explosion Guest123 21/06/2013590
filterscript(systems) [Simple] Trucking System (SC)=Sky= 20/06/20133908
filterscript(other) Pilot Missions Tuntun 20/06/2013577
filterscript(other) Pilot [V.1] Simple Tuntun 20/06/2013537
filterscript(systems) G-Weapons And Cars System v1.0 xganyx 19/06/2013931
filterscript(other) Simple Teleports With Dialog (No Bugs) HaiderABbas 19/06/2013355
filterscript(other) Windows SA-MP TraniLurese 19/06/2013601
filterscript(other) [DM]One Shot Death Match InTeL_cOrE_i7 19/06/2013503
filterscript(other) WWE WrestleMania 29 Game - Special For Fans danielhertz 19/06/2013593
filterscript(other) Teleport Script [Full Version] Vikshay 18/06/2013618
filterscript(other) SimpleDialog ProjectRP 18/06/20131163
filterscript(other) Last Man Standing AldoT 17/06/2013567
filterscript(other) [MAP]Coast City marcushin 17/06/2013467
filterscript(other) DGang [Dini,SSCANF,ZCMD] -=Dar[K]Lord=- 17/06/2013600
filterscript(systems) Reputation System BASE OTACON 17/06/2013699
filterscript(systems) RCON Admin System EvanA 17/06/20133208
filterscript(other) RC Cars DobbysGamertag 17/06/2013672
filterscript(other) TextDraw Urrutia 16/06/2013912
filterscript(other) [Text Draw] Server Name maxy153 16/06/20131179
filterscript(other) Make Gate with Password andreasputrawijaya 16/06/20131045
filterscript(other) Anti-SpawnKill BlackHorse 16/06/2013664
filterscript(other) [MAP]Stunting World [Over 30k lines] kN1GhT 16/06/2013435
filterscript(other) Anti-Car Modding Crashing Rocky Racoon 16/06/2013526
filterscript(other) Question For Map andreasputrawijaya 15/06/2013354
filterscript(other) [RSW] Real Weather in SA-MP [PAWN] xDarkuzSx 15/06/20131235
filterscript(other) RCON Jetpack - /jetpack EvanA 15/06/20132632
filterscript(other) Super Dealership [DOF2 & ZCMD] BielCOP 15/06/20131365
filterscript(other) Simple /me and /do commands [Roleplay] Red_Dragon. 14/06/20132254
filterscript(systems) Easy Lottery System BASE OTACON 14/06/2013825
filterscript(systems) Tollbooth system. DobbysGamertag 14/06/20131354
filterscript(other) Command for Cleaned yourself the chat By BlueGey BlueGey 14/06/2013339
filterscript(other) Privates Messages By BlueGey BlueGey 13/06/2013435
filterscript(other) [RP] Vehicle GEAR Changes [REALISTIC DRIVING] V1ceC1ty 13/06/20131852
filterscript(other) Full Weapon Set[My first FS] ProjectFutureRolePlay 13/06/2013499
filterscript(other) • SIMPLE GOD MODE v1.0 • dEcooR 13/06/20133475
filterscript(other) Maths Riddle G0rniczek 13/06/2013392
filterscript(other) EveryOne Tell ME What U Need FileScript Say Here daemon3304 13/06/2013310
filterscript(systems) Simple PM System Rapha3L 12/06/2013668
filterscript(other) /god(mode) - RCON Admin godmode EvanA 11/06/20131940
filterscript(systems) [FS]Gang System Civilian 11/06/20135862
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Changes System KickInTheMick 11/06/2013671
filterscript(other) [map]LaserDM kelvinis 09/06/2013436
filterscript(systems) Permanent Ban System [Beta] ColuiCheTiUccide 09/06/20131118
filterscript(other) Weapons Shop 2.0 [UPDATED] hossa 08/06/2013781
filterscript(systems) YotiVIP [VIP System by JohnYoti] JohnYoti 05/06/20131466
filterscript(other) [ IN GAME ] - > Server Controller by SanCio` [ 0.1 ] SanCio 05/06/2013371
filterscript(systems) Tuning System v1.1 by Captive Captive 05/06/20131376
filterscript(other) Zamaroht's TextDraw Editor Version v3.1 Kar 05/06/20131269
filterscript(other) SwyftBuster | Ban Database | V1 Swyft™ 05/06/2013895
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Changes System RenSoprano 05/06/2013504
filterscript(other) SRT AntiCheat kaZax 05/06/20131533
filterscript(other) Elite Parkour Filterscript [ 0.2 ] hossa 05/06/20131564
filterscript(systems) Simple Scrap Car System RenSoprano 04/06/20131207
filterscript(other) fbAdmin + VIP V2.0 [MANY FUNCTION + COMMANDS] Uses Y_INI + Whirlpool FunnyBear 04/06/2013701
filterscript(other) PREVED MEDVED OT UZBEKOV!!! [Only For You :)] MellikJKE 03/06/2013259
filterscript(systems) LuxAdmin System MundoTorrejon 03/06/20139244
filterscript(other) Simple rob casino pickup [FS] JohnnyIV 03/06/20131212
filterscript(systems) Walky Talky System by Captive Captive 02/06/2013573
filterscript(other) ExcelNeon v1.0 Excelize 02/06/2013593
filterscript(other) lSpeedo-meter [3DTextLabel] [Dynamic] [12 different colors to choose!] Littlehelper[MDZ] 02/06/20131391
filterscript(systems) [DEVIL] NPC Bus System. Dare Devil..... 02/06/20132713
filterscript(other) looking for some zombie skins kjek98 02/06/2013421
filterscript(other) Simple and plain firework Sellize 02/06/2013399
filterscript(systems) Register & Login system (verification code + return password + auto login [by ip]) benel1 02/06/20132318
filterscript(other) [FS]Pizzaboy Job maxy153 01/06/20132608
filterscript(other) Prefixo Admin Em Cima do Nick. Zopote 01/06/2013472
filterscript(other) Advanced Neon4Cars FS redreaper666 01/06/2013866
filterscript(systems) Car Wash System maxy153 01/06/20131863
filterscript(systems) Login/Register System Mysql r8 (version cache) raddetine 01/06/20133302
filterscript(other) M&M Rank sYs MeysamOlapour 01/06/2013343
filterscript(other) Car Shop maxy153 01/06/20131882
filterscript(other) Vehicle color changer Rimmon 01/06/20131074
filterscript(other) [FS]Sweeper Job maxy153 01/06/20131012
filterscript(other) [FS]Pilot Job maxy153 01/06/20131764
filterscript(other) IN GAME GATE CREATOR JPS222 31/05/2013876
filterscript(other) [cCN] Change Color Nick by cLerIsoN clerISoN 31/05/2013560
filterscript(other) Goldpots ScRaT 31/05/2013482
filterscript(other) Music from your scriptfiles Samp4lifes 31/05/2013367
filterscript(systems) Token System By Giroud12 Giroud12 30/05/2013572
filterscript(systems) [FS] AFK SYSTEM NO BUGS HaiderABbas 29/05/2013682
filterscript(systems) Login and Register System NotoRiouSs 28/05/20138823
filterscript(other) Rocket To Moon! ElectroHouse 28/05/20131153
filterscript(systems) System of administration cAdmin NotoRiouSs 28/05/2013812
filterscript(other) Save and Load positions in-game DeathKing 28/05/20139520
filterscript(other) Prefix By d0nTtoucH d0nTtoucH 28/05/20131059
filterscript(other) L.R.S (Login Register Sistem) radiobizza 28/05/2013740
filterscript(systems) [T]AFK System [V2] Tafara...(.) 28/05/2013568
filterscript(other) Einstein's Audio Filterscript ESGaming 28/05/2013456
filterscript(other) Map Editor Panwo Error Moleex 28/05/2013386
filterscript(systems) My Very First Admin System! ElectroHouse 28/05/2013619
filterscript(other) Problem in FileScript. Viggo 28/05/2013574
filterscript(systems) Quiz System by Kiyozi_Mu - Create your own Quiz! Kiyozi_Mu 27/05/20131109
filterscript(systems) PM System NotoRiouSs 27/05/2013980
filterscript(other) Steal the Area69 Prototype! Face9000 26/05/2013424
filterscript(other) Admin22 Horse Admin22 26/05/2013469
filterscript(other) Admin22 Animation Admin22 26/05/2013835
filterscript(other) Circular menu || Base code. adri1 25/05/2013489
filterscript(other) uSlotMachine [english Version] ulbi1990 25/05/2013299
filterscript(other) AFK BACK Simple daemon3304 25/05/2013295
filterscript(other) Forest Arena DM Jumper. 25/05/2013750
filterscript(other) Pms Script Hope U Like It daemon3304 25/05/2013284
filterscript(other) AimList By Daemon Hope U Like It :) Rate :) daemon3304 25/05/2013277
filterscript(other) Raimbow Man [Skin change with time] sirvasy 25/05/2013484
filterscript(systems) Drugger Job [UPDATED || SAVING SYSTEM PROVIDED || Y_INI] Private200 24/05/2013902
filterscript(other) Skin Changer [FULLY DIALOG FUNCTIONALITY || EASY AND USER FRIENDLY] Private200 23/05/2013559
filterscript(other) Urban Airlines Shamal [uL]Pottus 23/05/2013445
filterscript(other) GasMunition (Filterscript) andrewgrob 23/05/2013421
filterscript(other) Advanced Job Menu & Sytem [Best for RP/Clickable Textdraws] DaRk_RaiN 23/05/20131014
filterscript(systems) **Toy System - With 20 Toys** Avi Raj 23/05/20133830
filterscript(other) Tic-Tac-Toe. HuSs3n 22/05/2013589
filterscript(other) Alien Car [uL]Pottus 22/05/2013888
filterscript(other) [BG/EN] FastRestart sok40 22/05/2013351
filterscript(other) DAnims rockerman 22/05/2013367
filterscript(other) [FS][My first script]Random messages NaziHotdog 22/05/20131015
filterscript(systems) BuySystem hund35 22/05/20131056
filterscript(other) Host Name Changer ++ Styles AntonioCroatia 21/05/2013498
filterscript(other) zDivines S0nicTz So-be-it Anti-Cheat [zAntiCheat] zDivine 20/05/20131481
filterscript(other) Faction Doors Help Ryan McDuff 20/05/2013421
filterscript(other) Animation Help Ryan McDuff 20/05/2013339
filterscript(other) Kick 0.3x update F1re 20/05/2013335
filterscript(other) t_Zone | Create Ingame Gangzones Taktloss 20/05/2013545
filterscript(other) Voice Messages - Version 1.0 - Unique Avi Raj 19/05/2013472
filterscript(other) Rainbow car BpVanshVk 19/05/2013502
filterscript(other) Random Spawns Array Generator (In-Game) [DX]Aru12345 19/05/2013428
filterscript(other) Gisland | Private Admin Island || With Shop More Guest123 19/05/2013577
filterscript(other) cTranslator VanillaRain 19/05/2013435
filterscript(other) Help Me plz Sumair 19/05/2013224
filterscript(other) Simple Chiken Running Detector edgargreat 19/05/2013298
filterscript(other) HQ Image GTA Map 24064*24064 - 141mb KyleSmith 19/05/2013547
filterscript(other) Bus Interior Stream 18/05/2013631
filterscript(systems) Basic Weapon System! Areax 18/05/2013956
filterscript(systems) Radio Dialog System edgargreat 17/05/2013786
filterscript(other) Bug SetPlayerHoldingObject! Dister_Robi 17/05/2013296
filterscript(systems) Unique Mask System edgargreat 17/05/20131887
filterscript(other) M3SS4G3 SYST3M Giroud12 17/05/2013296
filterscript(other) Simple Speedometer Rimmon 17/05/20131400
filterscript(systems) [0.3x] zDivine's Admin System [zAdmin] zDivine 17/05/20133461
filterscript(other) Car Disco. ofekw2 16/05/2013726
filterscript(other) Find The Guitar. ofekw2 16/05/2013369
filterscript(systems) Horseshoe System _Jake_ 16/05/2013914
filterscript(other) Random Race Generator (RouteConnector Contest) --- Create randomized races dynamically! Basssiiie 16/05/20131924
filterscript(systems) Unique Boombox system edgargreat 16/05/2013702
filterscript(other) Area51Game - New Advanced Mini Game sKgaL 16/05/20131020
filterscript(other) uRconConsole ulbi1990 16/05/2013289
filterscript(other) Rcon Defender - Protect your rcon password tomsalmon 16/05/2013505
filterscript(other) Weapon dialog. Chasm 15/05/2013301
filterscript(other) [FS][MiniGame]Area 51 BlackHorse 15/05/2013962
filterscript(systems) [0.3x] zDivines Dynamic Object System [zObjects] zDivine 15/05/2013956
filterscript(other) Missing Bracket Finder Dragony92 15/05/2013303
filterscript(other) Superpower Filerscripts | Troll Other Player Guest123 15/05/2013471
filterscript(other) Training for fight style ervinmasic 15/05/2013333
filterscript(other) Facebook Link Textdraw Onfroi 15/05/2013887
filterscript(systems) Simple Team Saving System colonel-top 14/05/2013451
filterscript(other) Polygonal area Seregamil1 13/05/2013304
filterscript(other) BuyWeapon with Dialog - My First FilterScript chuck100 13/05/2013381
filterscript(other) BugReport - Let players report bugs! Kwarde 13/05/2013368
filterscript(systems) Advanced Mechanic System [CG]Milito 13/05/20131327
filterscript(other) 3 New FS by InfiniteAmmo. InfiniteAmmo 13/05/2013317
filterscript(other) Chat Bot Byter 12/05/2013607
filterscript(systems) Swimming system(Suitable for use in RP) lizhihang5308 12/05/2013794
filterscript(systems) Rank + Class System [DX]Aru12345 12/05/20132690
filterscript(other) Los Santos ferry livests 12/05/2013727
filterscript(other) Vehicles ShaneOvSina 11/05/2013942
filterscript(other) Vehicles ShaneOvSina 11/05/2013438
filterscript(other) SpeedoMetar vannesenn 11/05/20131337
filterscript(other) rVip - SQLite , ZCMD , SSCANF2 Rimmon 11/05/2013360
filterscript(other) Create3DTextLabel Code Generator(BETA)(First filterscript) [DX]Aru12345 11/05/20131049
filterscript(systems) [Simple]Bank Robbery System UnlimitedDeveloper 11/05/20134891
filterscript(systems) Police System (By Dragon) Dragonsaurus 10/05/20136586
filterscript(systems) Neon System gal050 10/05/20131745
filterscript(other) Lg Monitor v1.0 by Zero_Cool zero_cool 10/05/2013891
filterscript(other) GEO-IP (GeoIp) v3 : Faster & Flexible abhinavdabral 10/05/20131108
filterscript(other) Bolt Car Parks Chenko 10/05/2013629
filterscript(other) Anti Drive-By BlackHorse 09/05/2013573
filterscript(systems) RECS - Raf's External Chat System - Chat from your Android phone ! R@f 09/05/20131372
filterscript(other) Speed-O-Meter with GPS SomebodyAndMe 08/05/20131704
filterscript(systems) <3rd FS> Basic AFK System! DJTunes 07/05/2013475
filterscript(other) Ingame Object Editor Dj_maryo1993 07/05/20131113
filterscript(other) Ajudar com Escudo Dieguinho 07/05/2013271
filterscript(systems) Simple Login/Register system BlackHorse 07/05/20131387
filterscript(other) Wellcome message.New improvement BlackHorse 07/05/2013424
filterscript(other) Welcome&Info [my first fs] Christian7073 07/05/2013508
filterscript(other) Order FS from brawrr! brawrr 06/05/2013225
filterscript(other) Question Calculator Game brawrr 06/05/2013296
filterscript(other) Vehicle Spawn With Menu 0.3x Broker 06/05/20131901
filterscript(systems) J4mmyHD Vehicle Spawning System J4mmyHD 06/05/2013516
filterscript(other) Text replacer - replace a string in text by another string easily! ¤Adas¤ 06/05/2013948
filterscript(systems) Neon System BETA Version ahmad95 06/05/20133263
filterscript(systems) Vip system d0nTtoucH 05/05/20132308
filterscript(other) Simple anti bot Marc Johnson 05/05/2013440
filterscript(systems) J4mmyHD Road Block System J4mmyHD 05/05/2013572
filterscript(other) AVC - Advanced Vehicle Creator Dystans 05/05/2013392
filterscript(systems) RoadBlock system [CG]Milito 04/05/20131032
filterscript(other) Weapon packs BlackHorse 04/05/2013664
filterscript(other) San Andreas Singleplayer cheats[cmd based and text based] Rayan_black 04/05/2013467
filterscript(other) FireNitro brawrr 04/05/2013634
filterscript(other) IGTC Rimmon 04/05/2013292
filterscript(systems) Register System V1 ajam123 04/05/20131072
filterscript(other) Gaming machine Piccaso 04/05/2013328
filterscript(systems) Simple cage system [AK]Nazgul 03/05/2013876
filterscript(other) Loggo Textdraw radiobizza 03/05/2013818
filterscript(other) Driveable Wheelchair ahmad95 03/05/2013418
filterscript(other) Red Screen On Player Damage With HP Lost Opah 03/05/2013609
filterscript(systems) **Ice Cream System - Different Ice creams - From Scratch** SimpalK 03/05/2013728
filterscript(other) Camera Linguritza 02/05/2013616
filterscript(other) Zero Admin V3.0.0 zero_cool 02/05/2013728
filterscript(systems) Register System [BUD : Configurable Register System] XStormiest 02/05/2013722
filterscript(other) Drinks BlackHorse 02/05/2013365
filterscript(other) Megajump Vytixz 02/05/2013365
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Bus System [MySQL-ZCMD] Skyrise 02/05/20131260
filterscript(systems) M-AFK System MagicWhistle 02/05/2013406
filterscript(other) Simple PingKicker (hooked version included) 2KY 01/05/2013242
filterscript(other) » GTA:SA Cheat code -- let's use it in SA:MP thegreathom 01/05/20133833
filterscript(other) **DM Pack - 3 in One - From Scratch** SimpalK 01/05/2013297
filterscript(systems) Gang System[Saved gang] (SC)=Sky= 30/04/20132403
filterscript(systems) **Radio System - 8 Channels - From Scratch** SimpalK 30/04/2013624
filterscript(other) Easy to use and simple admin filterscript lewis1682 28/04/20131017
filterscript(other) Minigames & Autorepair ....Help HaiderABbas 27/04/2013410
filterscript(other) Error /tune Y2Jerichoholic 27/04/2013276
filterscript(other) /ame command please Y2Jerichoholic 27/04/2013366
filterscript(other) Spotlight Civilian 27/04/2013712
filterscript(other) [HELP]Attach Object To Player Cebo 27/04/2013516
filterscript(systems) Simple ChatBox System JeffAnder 27/04/2013945
filterscript(other) [LOOKING FOR FS] Set the color on the player! Voksha 27/04/2013325
filterscript(systems) Mining System - With 12 Metals - Added Inv System. Avi Raj 27/04/20131710
filterscript(other) Zero Admin by Zero Cool 50+ Commands 5 Levels zero_cool 27/04/2013678
filterscript(other) Weather changer Xport6050 26/04/2013413
filterscript(other) [FS]Flare Civilian 26/04/2013462
filterscript(systems) Mining System - With 10 Metals - From Scratch Avi Raj 26/04/20131100
filterscript(systems) My Frist Jet VIP System Visatara 25/04/20131333
filterscript(systems) Simple AFK System Visatara 25/04/2013392
filterscript(other) HacksDetect (Samp sobiet) Strier 24/04/201310780
filterscript(systems) [0.3x] zDivines Dynamic Teleport System [zTeleports] zDivine 24/04/20131135
filterscript(other) Car spawner by name Pettersen 23/04/20131168
filterscript(other) Please tell me radiobizza 23/04/2013241
filterscript(other) New York City to SA-MP [2013 Edition!] Updated DaddyYankee19 22/04/20131426
filterscript(other) ERROR DwayneVanKom 22/04/2013192
filterscript(other) Need Some Stunt Maps HaiderABbas 22/04/2013306
filterscript(other) RafaCarmenu ]Rafaellos[ 22/04/2013496
filterscript(other) [0.3x] /Fuck command :)) radiobizza 22/04/2013774
filterscript(other) Speedboost n Jump ahmad95 22/04/2013694
filterscript(other) Weapon Spawner + AFK + Godmode by LeeXian99 LeeXian99 22/04/2013842
filterscript(other) Gplaylist xXitsgodzillaXx 21/04/2013341
filterscript(other) SubWoofer Music[EDIT][REL] Alex Magaña 21/04/20131246
filterscript(systems) ☠☛Beginning of a admin system☚☠ radiobizza 21/04/20131751
filterscript(systems) G2BH Ranking System [Score Base + Stars +ratios] Glad2BeHere 21/04/2013583
filterscript(systems) Cable Car System Cebo 21/04/20131262
filterscript(systems) Music System [BETA] RandomDude 21/04/20131523
filterscript(systems) J4mmyHD Vehicle Spawning System! J4mmyHD 20/04/2013622
filterscript(other) Jbobjects horsemeat 20/04/2013435
filterscript(systems) J4mmyHD Simpel Away From keyboard System! J4mmyHD 20/04/2013514
filterscript(other) Niko Admin Filterscript 1.0 GwENiko 20/04/2013487
filterscript(other) RC-Gates (easy and completely dynamic in-game gate creation with MySQL) by RealCop228 RealCop228 20/04/2013634
filterscript(other) Fireworks™ Jay' 20/04/20131622
filterscript(other) Anti ESC (it work) Fixed MArkvane092 20/04/2013324
filterscript(systems) Spectate System For Players. RandomDude 20/04/2013980
filterscript(systems) /vstorage & /shopobjects car spawn system+shop tech alexstryker 20/04/20131486
filterscript(other) /repairveh CMDS! Giroud12 20/04/2013380
filterscript(other) Slapped UP! RandomDude 19/04/2013366
filterscript(systems) Duel System z3r0w1zard 19/04/20131918
filterscript(other) [0.3x] zDivines Wheel Rotator [Unique] zDivine 19/04/2013350
filterscript(systems) Simple Briefcase System + A Simple Whisper System Kilos 19/04/2013727
filterscript(other) Vuki_TrashCar Vukilore 18/04/2013338
filterscript(systems) Simple Animation System [20+ Animations] Kilos 18/04/20131020
filterscript(other) Essentials [17.04.2013] [Ro]DuReX 17/04/2013612
filterscript(systems) Register/Login System - Dr.Lozer dr.lozer 16/04/20131233
filterscript(other) Fuel MarkIsJames 16/04/2013604
filterscript(other) Help Me.. InterpolateCameraLookAt!!! Kevin[JTG] 16/04/2013490
filterscript(other) Find The Hidden Briefcase minigame BlackID 16/04/20131038
filterscript(systems) [T]AFK/Back System %100 Tafara...(.) 16/04/2013268
filterscript(other) Shop FS DobbysGamertag 15/04/2013485
filterscript(other) Basic Commands Using Sscanf And Zcmd Giroud12 15/04/2013322
filterscript(other) Wheels Changer kalanerik99 15/04/2013355
filterscript(systems) Reputation system NicholasA 14/04/2013812
filterscript(other) [BG/EN] GodModeLife sok40 14/04/2013284
filterscript(other) REQ MarkIsJames 14/04/2013256
filterscript(other) Anti Bunny Hoop (Good for RP) sconer 14/04/2013622
filterscript(other) Parkour Gaurav_Rawat 14/04/20131342
filterscript(systems) aVip System Version 1.0 []Allex[] 14/04/20131007
filterscript(other) Anti-bunny Hopping. v1 thegreathom 14/04/2013850
filterscript(systems) Admin System [Basic] Using Yini! Giroud12 13/04/20131925
filterscript(other) Job Toys + Map [Unique] sirvasy 13/04/20131074
filterscript(systems) Register And Login System [Fixed] Strike97 13/04/20131925
filterscript(other) Spawn Protected ShakurMorinno 13/04/2013263
filterscript(other) Job Ice Cream + Maps sirvasy 13/04/2013915
filterscript(systems) [0.3] Walkie Talkie System [Simple] zDivine 13/04/2013662
filterscript(other) Los Santos Amusement Park/Funfair adri1 13/04/20131487
filterscript(systems) Achievement and Medal System - Dialog Boxes - About 25+ Things Avi Raj 13/04/20131041
filterscript(other) Moneybag Event Guest123 12/04/20131866
filterscript(systems) AFK System BlackHorse 12/04/2013462
filterscript(systems) [0.3] Bait Car System [Unique] zDivine 12/04/2013877
filterscript(systems) Register And Login System [COD] Strike97 12/04/2013949
filterscript(other) MP3 Player By Giroud12 Aka Shadowz ! Giroud12 12/04/2013356
filterscript(other) Weapon spawner command BlackHorse 11/04/2013702
filterscript(other) [MINIGAME] Find Star G3n1uS 11/04/2013851
filterscript(other) O.T [0.3x] DarkyTheAngel 11/04/2013693
filterscript(other) Ajuda erro willian167 11/04/2013496
filterscript(other) fbAdmin + VIP [Y_INI, WHIRLPOOL] NOW WITH ANTI-SWEAR FunnyBear 11/04/2013595
filterscript(systems) Walkie Talkie System [First Release] Fritzy 11/04/2013543
filterscript(systems) Basic VIP System [First Release] Ibrahim.E 11/04/20131115
filterscript(other) Digital Clock in Object By OTACON OTACON 10/04/2013717
filterscript(other) Some problems breckmen 10/04/2013174
filterscript(other) team radio/chat andrewgrob 10/04/2013522
filterscript(systems) Leans Cellphone System (Not PlayerID's) lean1337 10/04/2013994
filterscript(systems) Ban System save with MySQL DetoNater 10/04/20131933
filterscript(systems) Mask System Windows32 09/04/20131575
filterscript(other) /luck command andrewgrob 09/04/2013406
filterscript(systems) Simple Death Match system PabloDiCostanzo 09/04/20131219
filterscript(other) Simple on connect rules dialog mgd 09/04/2013525
filterscript(systems) How To Make Map Change System Strike97 09/04/2013847
filterscript(systems) fAdmin - Administrator/Login system - Y_INI, WHIRLPOOL - NOW WITH FILTERS FunnyBear 09/04/20139950
filterscript(other) Manual car control DobbysGamertag 09/04/20131043
filterscript(other) When Spawn ! Giroud12 08/04/2013321
filterscript(other) Random Messages Script ! Giroud12 08/04/2013330
filterscript(other) NOS+Fix MytzaMytz 08/04/2013402
filterscript(systems) AFK Simple System MytzaMytz 08/04/2013463
filterscript(other) CJ's RuN MytzaMytz 08/04/2013688
filterscript(systems) Speedometer + motor system + fuel system[zcmd]. Darknoobster 07/04/20133023
filterscript(systems) Speedometer + motor system + fuel system[zcmd]. Darknoobster 07/04/20134457
filterscript(systems) Simple range system [progressbar included]. Darknoobster 07/04/2013910
filterscript(systems) Simple range system [progressbar included]. Darknoobster 07/04/2013350
filterscript(other) Dynamic Music Player | New Featured Excel™ 07/04/20131483
filterscript(systems) Dynamic radar system Vegas. 07/04/20132218
filterscript(other) Sounds finder command HurtLocker 06/04/2013210
filterscript(other) Sounds finder command HurtLocker 06/04/2013157
filterscript(other) Sounds finder command HurtLocker 06/04/2013173
filterscript(other) Sounds finder command HurtLocker 06/04/2013183
filterscript(systems) Simple Dynamic Barricade System XtremeYlorD 06/04/2013511
filterscript(other) ROB BANK macparas 06/04/20131466
filterscript(other) 3DL - In-game 3d labels editor Ptasior 06/04/2013540
filterscript(systems) Simple afk systems with reason..!! + pm systems with togpm + brb sytem with reason Hazko 06/04/2013304
filterscript(other) Missile command. NeuZz 06/04/2013285
filterscript(systems) Simple afk,brb,pm,togpm afk systems with reason..!! Hazko 06/04/2013333
filterscript(other) Online Players and Records OffensiveGaming 05/04/20132051
filterscript(other) NPC Police Bots OffensiveGaming 05/04/20137607
filterscript(other) Easy Speedometer v0.01 By Otacon OTACON 05/04/20131274
filterscript(other) Random Message [STRIKE] Strike97 05/04/2013346
filterscript(other) vyper's Sound Explorer vyper 04/04/2013317
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Inventory System Seregamil1 04/04/20132532
filterscript(other) Auto Messages editable ingame with dialog deffo 04/04/2013373
filterscript(systems) Neil's Reputation System | MySQL Neil. 04/04/2013503
filterscript(other) CAr shop sn0p 04/04/20131354
filterscript(other) Firstperson for Cars redreaper666 04/04/20131491
filterscript(systems) Leans Dynamic Teleport System v1.0 lean1337 03/04/2013643
filterscript(systems) system Gold Rims & Cutter Rims Hazko 02/04/2013467
filterscript(systems) J.L Administration system V1.0 [Y_INI, ssanf2, foreach, ZCMD, Whirlpool and 200+ commands] | NEW | Jewell 02/04/20133934
filterscript(other) JakAdmin (RomAdmin) [v2.0] (145 commands) - AntiSwear/AntiSpam/AntiWeapon Hack | by Jake Romel 02/04/20131196
filterscript(other) Interior searcher Kayaque 02/04/2013609
filterscript(other) [FS]CAR-SHOP sn0p 01/04/20131980
filterscript(systems) GYM System (Including bench,running machine,Barbell) gta191977649 01/04/20131672
filterscript(other) Simple Walk-Style Filterscript Zack Larson 01/04/2013418
filterscript(other) Simple Police Siren Filterscript Zack Larson 01/04/2013695
filterscript(other) The Blast Survival Minigame BlackID 01/04/2013955
filterscript(other) Save Position[Y_INI]0.5][Updated] XStormiest 01/04/2013730
filterscript(other) Max Ping - Mike MikeLovesToHelp 01/04/2013330
filterscript(other) Welcome Messages V2 - Official Release xF3AR 31/03/2013399
filterscript(other) Imagen Gift 007Skyfall 31/03/2013549
filterscript(other) Shadow RolePlay MelodyRP 31/03/2013534
filterscript(other) Simple Rules FilterScript V1 xF3AR 31/03/2013348
filterscript(other) SIMPLE EXPLOSIONS organe. 31/03/2013225
filterscript(other) TextDraw Random Messages 0.3x Joksa 31/03/20131145
filterscript(systems) Simple AKA System ColuiCheTiUccide 30/03/2013742
filterscript(other) AntiPing by hustrine hustrine 30/03/2013347
filterscript(systems) Custom Pay 'N' Spray System [CPNS] yaron0600 30/03/2013990
filterscript(systems) 10 Code system for trucking gamemodes. DobbysGamertag 29/03/2013764
filterscript(other) Driveable Objects [Dialog] FalconeX 29/03/2013344
filterscript(other) Is There A Anti Server Advertisement FS? Lisaax 29/03/2013384
filterscript(other) DM and Some commands Xoomer 29/03/2013364
filterscript(systems) Drugger Job/System Private200 29/03/20131218
filterscript(systems) I Admin system v1.0 - Newly Released irfu 29/03/20131223
filterscript(other) Mask and Seat-Belt FilterScripts Beastorc55 29/03/2013395
filterscript(systems) Barricade system with Dialogs by Nick Derlo Joshman543 28/03/2013626
filterscript(systems) Simple Barricade System By RACGaming & Joshman543 RACGaming 28/03/2013423
filterscript(other) Flamethrower Blaster FalconeX 28/03/2013277
filterscript(systems) Login Register System - MySQL Omirrow 28/03/20131393
filterscript(systems) Simple Reg and Login system Pawnie 28/03/2013485
filterscript(systems) Vehicle Barrel Drop System Khalifa42O 28/03/2013553
filterscript(other) Fighting styles BlackHorse 28/03/2013349
filterscript(other) [MAP] Football field [BY STRIKE] ivan23 28/03/20131204
filterscript(systems) NumberPlate System FalconeX 28/03/2013887
filterscript(other) Welcome Messages Basic V2- Under Development (Still adding messages and commands) xF3AR 28/03/2013942
filterscript(other) antifall from bike (for stunt servers) greentarch 27/03/2013523
filterscript(other) Farmer Job virusa1 27/03/20133499
filterscript(other) Car Spawner / De spawner lsrgta 27/03/2013498
filterscript(other) simple TP to Los santos lsrgta 27/03/2013196
filterscript(other) Prison Interior,Filterscript lsrgta 27/03/2013545
filterscript(other) Welcome Message Basic xF3AR 27/03/2013363
filterscript(systems) Simple event system [SSANF][DCMD] [AK]Nazgul 27/03/20134927
filterscript(systems) AFK/BACK System Private200 27/03/2013524
filterscript(other) Simple Health Textdraw by S4ba S4ba 27/03/2013552
filterscript(other) Dynamic Food stall creator with food items and textdraw menus! (Create tons of food stall in-game wi Rajat_Pawar 27/03/2013579
filterscript(other) Anti-SpawnKill V:0.1 ACI 26/03/2013380
filterscript(other) s0**** detector Mean 26/03/2013450
filterscript(other) [FS] /Troll Command: To troll annoying players Dopefull 26/03/2013333
filterscript(systems) ...: Easy Mini System 'Engine Broken' :... bytytus 26/03/2013859
filterscript(other) Semi-Clickable Textdraw Radio Private200 26/03/2013613
filterscript(other) Real Time Sync Private200 26/03/2013444
filterscript(systems) Trusted Player System cbasimc 25/03/2013719
filterscript(other) /Troll Command FilterScript! To troll annoying players Dopefull 25/03/2013730
filterscript(other) Movable TextDraw for Intros (BASE) bytytus 25/03/2013428
filterscript(other) Event BMX + MP5 PabuLetz 25/03/2013446
filterscript(other) Lights MrSpoke 25/03/2013506
filterscript(systems) AFK BRB SYSTEM Xtream 25/03/2013411
filterscript(other) Hold Objects [DIALOG] BlauPunKT 25/03/20131103
filterscript(other) HELP! Xtream 25/03/2013506
filterscript(other) Rim Switcher Dzines4SAMP 25/03/2013233
filterscript(systems) Guns'n'Drugs - Simple guns and drugs system! Xaerie 25/03/2013551
filterscript(other) DubMusic v3.0 [All-New] Dubya 24/03/2013535
filterscript(other) Real DriveBy adri1 24/03/2013516
filterscript(other) [MAP] stadium de Basketball ivan23 24/03/2013605
filterscript(other) GoldRims FilterScript sampplayer12 24/03/2013370
filterscript(systems) Airport System v1.0 +, Textdraws, Dialogs, NPCs, Skydives and much more to explore! Anak 24/03/20131828
filterscript(other) WhoIsAdmin v1.6 sheders 24/03/2013362
filterscript(other) Party Place Filterscripts +Signboard +Object +No Weapons On Party + Teleport Guest123 24/03/2013521
filterscript(other) STUNT :x Ge0 24/03/2013401
filterscript(other) [BETA] Anti Proxy [Over 15.000 Proxy Supported!] ColuiCheTiUccide 23/03/20131075
filterscript(other) Simple PM blocker with array. (ZCMD) PaulDinam 23/03/2013697
filterscript(other) Dilaog Maker - In Game! By Ergastolo Ergastolo 23/03/2013245
filterscript(other) The Zombie Chair [uL]Pottus 23/03/2013613
filterscript(systems) F-AFK System iFear 23/03/2013453
filterscript(other) Delete ZizPower7610 23/03/2013260
filterscript(other) TextDraw Captcha OKStyle 23/03/2013524
filterscript(other) Simple /v cmd Xoomer 22/03/2013443
filterscript(other) Hostname & Weather Changer 0.3x Joksa 22/03/2013416
filterscript(other) Player Objects sith123 22/03/2013468
filterscript(other) tColors - Get Map Color From Game - With Dialog - 40+ Colors - V.1 Thour57 22/03/2013300
filterscript(other) OrcGamingRoleplay Alpha Stage. OrcGamingCoOwner 21/03/2013278
filterscript(other) /lights command for vehicles Hussain 21/03/20131535
filterscript(other) PartyBus(V1.0)[0.3x] billy123321 21/03/2013491
filterscript(systems) System of administration cAdmin [Y_ini/sscanf2/zcmd] cesar_google 20/03/2013890
filterscript(other) [Map] OrcGamingRoleplay Map, BETA will be Updated. OrcGamingCoOwner 20/03/2013390
filterscript(other) WhoAcceptRules v1.2 sheders 20/03/2013282
filterscript(other) Button FS by YOM Genious 19/03/20131235
filterscript(other) [FS] EVENTO BATALLA NAVAL [BY STRIKE] ivan23 19/03/2013510
filterscript(other) WhoAcceptRules v1.0 sheders 19/03/2013244
filterscript(other) WhoIsAdmin v1.4 sheders 19/03/2013426
filterscript(other) WhoIsAdmin v1.2 sheders 18/03/2013247
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Profile-card system | Nice textdraw design | Offline user statistics etc benson09 18/03/2013713
filterscript(other) Any Tutrial here for make FS ? yaron0600 18/03/2013264
filterscript(other) BombMaker [Job] dakata994 18/03/2013608
filterscript(systems) Simple AFK System J4mmyHD 17/03/2013388
filterscript(other) yTunings - Tune your car fast! yooMx 17/03/2013700
filterscript(other) Teleports by dakata994 [ V2 ] dakata994 17/03/201311432
filterscript(systems) Radio System - In-car radio! yooMx 17/03/20135173
filterscript(other) Buy Weapon Menu [DM/TDM Server] BETA proSeryoga 17/03/2013470
filterscript(systems) Fuel System FiReMaNStone 17/03/20131564
filterscript(other) Simple Commands FiReMaNStone 17/03/2013342
filterscript(other) WhoisAdmin filterscript sheders 17/03/2013268
filterscript(other) Vehcile Internet Radio FiReMaNStone 16/03/2013347
filterscript(other) Goto Command FiReMaNStone 16/03/20132913
filterscript(other) PM COMMAND FiReMaNStone 16/03/20131010
filterscript(other) Europa World Stunt[Beta] adi443 16/03/2013413
filterscript(other) New Cmd /goto place morocco 16/03/2013620
filterscript(other) Chat OOC for key y Dialog EN/ES todosgt 16/03/2013320
filterscript(other) Xoom-IRC Script v0.1 Xoomer 16/03/20131401
filterscript(systems) SoNNy's - Harlem Shake System nGen.SoNNy 16/03/2013684
filterscript(systems) Rank System proSeryoga 16/03/20131257
filterscript(other) Simple Teleports Dialog hossa 15/03/2013343
filterscript(other) Creating Teleports Ranchend1998 15/03/2013332
filterscript(other) DPS DiGiTaL_AnGeL 15/03/2013258
filterscript(other) + [MAP] LSPD by Joksa Joksa 15/03/2013628
filterscript(other) Digital Clock [v1.0] [UNIQUE] DarkyTheAngel 15/03/2013774
filterscript(other) Castle by ZKX Pablo Borsellino 15/03/2013315
filterscript(other) + [MAP] Admin Island 0.3x by Joksa Joksa 14/03/20131079
filterscript(systems) Tank Lights System OKStyle 14/03/2013752
filterscript(other) Teleport Maker [YINI] Save/Load [0.3x] Romel 13/03/20131297
filterscript(other) Armour & Health Numbers P3DRO 13/03/2013784
filterscript(other) Lookin's AmAw Version 4 Featuring KiwiBot! Lookin 13/03/2013368
filterscript(other) [FS]+Map Prision. By [strike] ivan23 13/03/2013509
filterscript(systems) Announce system and Kill all system. Tuntun 13/03/2013568
filterscript(other) [MAP] BOXING HALL ivan23 13/03/2013808
filterscript(other) [PEDIDO]Job de Piloto Sasukeyy 13/03/2013505
filterscript(other) /god command for admins HurtLocker 12/03/2013924
filterscript(other) Simple Veh Spawner With Dialog faiznurfaza 12/03/2013370
filterscript(other) | strcmp2zcmd | command converter | DarkyTheAngel 12/03/2013623
filterscript(systems) Position System | Load / Save / Overwrite | Yini - ZCMD Excel™ 11/03/201310306
filterscript(other) Label Filterscript Sliceofdeath 11/03/20131301
filterscript(other) Drop weapon with Dynamic Object & Textdraw bigtigerbeee 10/03/20131069
filterscript(other) Excluir Wooziesan 09/03/2013229
filterscript(other) Atracction The Jail [Sky, Funfair. Amusement FS] adri1 09/03/2013451
filterscript(systems) Car Spawner System iFear 09/03/20131576
filterscript(other) i Just Create Skin Changer Same As [0.3x skin changer] but it have a checkpoint Fitri 08/03/2013571
filterscript(other) [Picture] Food Shop With Ceheckpoint Fitri 08/03/2013336
filterscript(other) Food Shop With Chckpoint Fitri 08/03/2013365
filterscript(other) Barrett Strier 08/03/2013352
filterscript(other) presiso de um fliterscript de cartorio Dieguinho 07/03/2013319
filterscript(other) Mgd Pro Irc script mgd 06/03/2013453
filterscript(systems) [Roleplay] Seatbelt System [V ajam123 06/03/20131709
filterscript(systems) Kilometers system by Shidony Shidony 05/03/20132253
filterscript(systems) Easy System By OnPlayerTakeDamage HeadShot bytytus 04/03/20132214
filterscript(other) MAdmin [VIP,Admin,More Admin Commands,6lvls] RobertoScript 04/03/20131574
filterscript(other) Anti-AmmoHack v1.0 by iRage iRage 04/03/2013378
filterscript(other) [FS] Teleports to 14 Locations By dakata994 dakata994 04/03/20131856
filterscript(systems) Taser System Using Simple OnPlayerTakeDamage bytytus 04/03/20131792
filterscript(systems) Math System [No Command Require] Romel 03/03/20131281
filterscript(systems) Automatic Gates System Joksa 03/03/20132149
filterscript(other) Cheats Script[zcmd/sscanf] adi443 03/03/2013347
filterscript(other) [FS] Weapons Shop hossa 03/03/2013687
filterscript(other) Assult Weapon in both hands GrayFoxx 03/03/2013277
filterscript(systems) Killing Spree System Pranesh 03/03/2013582
filterscript(other) Color Changer kalanerik99 03/03/2013482
filterscript(other) ADRI1 STUNT CREATOR FINAL (Roller coaster [Road/Tubes/Tunels] and ramps & others stunts) adri1 02/03/2013925
filterscript(other) Smart Bot!(Auto Answer,Has Name,Can Speak,MORE)[0.3] Eliminator 02/03/2013815
filterscript(other) Cycle Shop - iFear iFear 02/03/2013318
filterscript(other) Easy AFK and Back Filterscript nor15 01/03/2013339
filterscript(other) Anti-GodMode Marco_Valentine 01/03/2013617
filterscript(other) G2BH Objects [LOAD/SAVE/EDIT] Glad2BeHere 01/03/2013434
filterscript(other) Anti Cheat Renchand1998 01/03/2013667
filterscript(other) Join/Leave Server radiobizza 01/03/2013419
filterscript(other) /PM & /KICK & /BAN & ESC-Menu acajoksa 01/03/2013617
filterscript(other) AnimList LoaderRO 28/02/20131389
filterscript(other) vget by mgd[work for all samp clients!!] mgd 28/02/2013253
filterscript(systems) Simple PM & AFK System MiGu3X 28/02/2013501
filterscript(other) [FS] Los Santos Sweeper Job Patkata 28/02/20131245
filterscript(other) Texas Holdem Poker (Multiplayer) (NG-RP) GhoulSlayeR 28/02/20132881
filterscript(other) Limo Interior Stream 27/02/2013676
filterscript(systems) Advanced Bank System. AfikAtashga 27/02/20131287
filterscript(other) FilterScript objects SmokeScripter 26/02/2013685
filterscript(other) Simple DM FilterScript MiGu3X 26/02/2013306
filterscript(other) [0.3d+] Hide dat Object! richardcor91 26/02/2013320
filterscript(other) [Job] Drug Smuggler dakata994 26/02/2013836
filterscript(systems) Advance Killing Spree System [SCORES,WEAPONS,MONEY] Bonus theomanking 26/02/2013915
filterscript(other) Simple /radio command that allows your own URL kaisersouse 26/02/2013479
filterscript(other) S74`Register Syst. by RastaOrecha (JM_Millers) JM_Millers 26/02/2013388
filterscript(systems) Material run system with weapon maker Zempist 26/02/2013903
filterscript(other) Roleplay Name Checker [Advanced] jueix 25/02/20132207
filterscript(systems) krank -Killerjoke's Rank System Killerjoke 25/02/2013611
filterscript(other) GTA IV Grenade Mode TraniLurese 25/02/2013499
filterscript(systems) Simple Pilot System Filterscript Da_Noob 25/02/20132055
filterscript(other) Non-RP Name Detector [Auto Kicker] Joshman543 24/02/2013679
filterscript(other) Spedometer clock sirvasy 24/02/2013817
filterscript(systems) greenBank - a simple bank system ( Y_INI ) greentarch 24/02/20132658
filterscript(other) Anti - Cheat Health endless ko2 24/02/2013420
filterscript(systems) Automatic AFK system(Anti-Pause) Jewell 24/02/20131422
filterscript(systems) Admin System Joshman543 24/02/20135492
filterscript(other) Server Message [SERVER TIPS, SERVER MESSAGE OF THE DAY] - Simple, basic but editable! roar 24/02/2013582
filterscript(other) Defecate [uL]Pottus 23/02/2013370
filterscript(other) BOT Communication {Creative Simple Script} Javon_Glover 23/02/2013384
filterscript(other) KILLER COW Mean 23/02/2013448
filterscript(other) [0.3x] Hitting Sound. [UG]Daniel 23/02/20131232
filterscript(other) Super Sniper [Fs] yusei 23/02/2013467
filterscript(other) Bomb - seeks player continously with a nuclear bomb explosion sound! Rajat_Pawar 23/02/2013489
filterscript(systems) Flying system/airbreak/speedhack!!! LoganStone 23/02/20133168
filterscript(other) FT - Bot Chat ** @FatalFormat 22/02/2013528
filterscript(other) Automated Messages (COMPLETELY DYNAMIC! RANDOM, Add,remove,edit lines, easy-to-install!] Biesmen 22/02/2013281
filterscript(other) Weapons Pack Filterscript Private200 22/02/2013457
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Box [Vip System/Help System/2 previous script all in dBox!] Romel 22/02/2013958
filterscript(systems) Dinamic Gates System acajoksa 22/02/2013932
filterscript(other) Health Lost, Armour lost bubble over target's head Rajat_Pawar 22/02/2013371
filterscript(other) Working FerrisWheel (with sound) redreaper666 22/02/2013447
filterscript(other) Vehicle Spawner FIXED [NEW] Fitri 22/02/20131621
filterscript(other) CrapYoPants thefatshizms 22/02/2013343
filterscript(other) Hydrobots - 4 NPC Hydra's (Easy install) AnDrew. 21/02/2013773
filterscript(other) Active/Unactive /b For Roleplay faiznurfaza 21/02/2013337
filterscript(other) Los Santos Administration California_ 20/02/2013589
filterscript(systems) Anti-Lag/Anti-Lead/MTA-Bullet Hit Sync System v0.1 (Weapon Damages Synced) Matz 20/02/20131544
filterscript(systems) Serial Ban System [0.1] GWX 20/02/20135677
filterscript(systems) Simple [AFK/BACK] System [L4T]Left4Theft 20/02/2013369
filterscript(other) Loggo 3D Version 2 [with tutorial] sirvasy 20/02/20131484
filterscript(systems) jTaxi - A taxi driver system Jari_Johnson* 19/02/20132491
filterscript(systems) Fishing System + Afk System IlPrincipino 18/02/20131434
filterscript(other) PD Lift Cipanu 18/02/2013739
filterscript(other) Driveable Wheelchair redreaper666 18/02/2013395
filterscript(systems) Weapons & Equipment System [0.3x] radiobizza 18/02/20131295
filterscript(other) Loggo 3D on player][admin and helpers duty] sirvasy 18/02/20131197
filterscript(other) fAFK (With Reason - AFK List - Disable Chat) ProPoint 18/02/2013330
filterscript(systems) Rated R Vip System Glad2BeHere 18/02/2013781
filterscript(systems) Small Shop System by [BG]WestSize sok40 17/02/2013809
filterscript(other) Automatic Message [Random News] dano68071 17/02/201310058
filterscript(other) Police guard NPC Goldino 17/02/20131824
filterscript(systems) afkSystem ( A simple AFK system with 3 commands ) greentarch 17/02/2013354
filterscript(systems) Drug System v1.0 iManakoss 17/02/20131460
filterscript(systems) House System [Easy To Edit] Create,Edit,Delete House Ingame Lady-Happy 17/02/20138029
filterscript(other) Loggo Car[loggo text on car] sirvasy 17/02/20131047
filterscript(other) Pickup Editor [UNIQUE][0.3X FEATURES] E_Meec 17/02/2013583
filterscript(systems) [RASystem] Rock's Account System(SQLite/BUD) Rockk 17/02/2013665
filterscript(other) [0.3e+][Dini]Player Attached Object Editor Robo_N1X 16/02/20134338
filterscript(other) Toilet v.2 [best of samp] sirvasy 15/02/20131189
filterscript(systems) Vehicle System. BlackRaven 15/02/20132303
filterscript(other) [~DropGun~] radiobizza 15/02/2013512
filterscript(other) Maploader Jari_Johnson* 15/02/2013361
filterscript(other) AutoMessage Random falco3205 14/02/2013399
filterscript(other) Reaction Contest - Question Test Creator Romel 14/02/2013655
filterscript(systems) Pickup and dropoff system - Similar to NGRP matrun system. Zempist 14/02/20131047
filterscript(other) Derby MTA v0.1 proSeryoga 14/02/20131481
filterscript(other) rAnGe BaN falco3205 14/02/2013848
filterscript(systems) Police Systems[Cone , Handcuff , Taser and Police Siren] Oloroî 14/02/20134482
filterscript(other) [AP] Bounce FM SDraw 14/02/2013288
filterscript(other) [Real Seatbelt in car]-[Centura de siguranta] sirvasy 14/02/2013789
filterscript(other) [Loggo Servar for cars] sirvasy 13/02/2013436
filterscript(other) Toilet in SA-MP[RP] sirvasy 13/02/2013848
filterscript(other) Roleplay /CCTV for Cops YoungKris 13/02/2013774
filterscript(other) [Cinema 3D on SA-MP] sirvasy 13/02/20139991
filterscript(other) Zayan`s_High Jump V-0.3 [UPDATED] [BUGS FIXED]-[ALL] [MUST SEE] ZayanImran 13/02/2013283
filterscript(other) High Jump fS V-0.2 [update released] ZayanImran 13/02/2013483
filterscript(systems) Simple AFK Systems With Reason V2 AnonymouseSAMP 12/02/2013640
filterscript(systems) Radios&Songs System Johny32 12/02/2013615
filterscript(other) Car Spawn falco3205 11/02/2013633
filterscript(other) ADRI1 Roller Coaster Creator adri1 09/02/2013426
filterscript(other) xTuned Cars Version 2.0 [More Cars!] XtremeR 09/02/2013840
filterscript(systems) [MYSQL] Login/Register system with kills, deaths, skin, position, admin levels & commands!! [Goo Rajat_Pawar 09/02/20136675
filterscript(other) Private Messaging [Simple] Edmund_Kavel 08/02/2013263
filterscript(systems) Dynamic Entrance System [Saving / Loading] Infinity90 07/02/20131129
filterscript(systems) (v1.0+) Drug System + Anti-Drug Squad ,Different Drug Items Anak 06/02/2013776
filterscript(systems) IRC Admin System By Avenger Extreme. (20CMDS) Aveger 05/02/20132199
filterscript(other) Street Sweeping Job ThePhenix 05/02/2013964
filterscript(other) hGun - hustrine gun's hustrine 05/02/2013270
filterscript(other) We got A-Spam/Forbidden Word [FS] _Jake_ 03/02/2013469
filterscript(other) Custom Spoiler For Elegy Lotuz 03/02/2013306
filterscript(other) Pickup Maker DarkyTheAngel 03/02/2013547
filterscript(other) [MySQL R6] Dynamic Vehicles. (With license plate saving) iGetty 02/02/2013466
filterscript(other) DXTC DiGiTaL_AnGeL 02/02/201376
filterscript(systems) DBind System - Key Binder DreDasLT 02/02/2013560
filterscript(systems) Simple AFK Systems With Reason..! AnonymouseSAMP 02/02/2013275
filterscript(other) Ingame vehicle missions/job designer! Easy to use, works perfectly! [Cashprize dependant on distance Rajat_Pawar 31/01/2013425
filterscript(systems) Weapon System [0.3x]! KittyGaming 31/01/2013550
filterscript(systems) Anti Cheat System FiReMaNStone 30/01/20131775
filterscript(other) Androm Interior Stream 30/01/2013309
filterscript(systems) Radio system FiReMaNStone 30/01/2013490
filterscript(systems) Rate System Stream 30/01/2013432
filterscript(other) 【Novice】a small island!OBJ lizhihang5308 29/01/2013860
filterscript(other) House By Me. AnonymouseSAMP 29/01/2013587
filterscript(systems) Anon Vip Systems AnonymouseSAMP 29/01/2013602
filterscript(systems) Server Bot system HavingGood 28/01/20132599
filterscript(other) Greenlands [Bone county is not a desert anymore!] Tamer T 28/01/2013262
filterscript(other) Battlefield Deathmatch [100 OBJECTS] theomanking 27/01/2013390
filterscript(other) Troll admin! [ Troll your players! ] Sellize 27/01/2013395
filterscript(systems) [>Weapon System (all guns+dialog) good for Rp/RpG servers<] radiobizza 26/01/2013623
filterscript(systems) Furniture System V1 coakiddo 26/01/20131628
filterscript(other) RealSkin by RealCop228 (a better class selection) RealCop228 25/01/2013809
filterscript(other) +[Map] basicLSPD TheCancler 25/01/20139811
filterscript(systems) [MUG] Brand AFK System + Random Message Updated [23/01/2013] Compiled with 0 BUGS мυ∂υℓ_вacнα 24/01/20131037
filterscript(other) Casino rob Johny32 24/01/20131088
filterscript(systems) RoW Advanced Weapon System RoW001 24/01/2013436
filterscript(other) Essentials [Standard server commands, new features] Sellize 24/01/2013422
filterscript(systems) NWeapons System NickHaudMTA 24/01/2013592
filterscript(systems) [WIP] Firework System PhantomZ 24/01/2013921
filterscript(systems) Simply Adjustable AFK System PhantomZ 24/01/2013306
filterscript(systems) This is the simple fishing system FiReMaNStone 23/01/2013786
filterscript(systems) SIMPLE AFK SYSTEM FOR BEINGNNERS FiReMaNStone 23/01/2013342
filterscript(other) Dynamic Entrances/Exits on SUBMISSION KEY Filterscript v1.0 Y_INI, streamer, sscanf ... caki 23/01/2013351
filterscript(other) Countdown Filterscript! SilverKiller 23/01/2013401
filterscript(systems) <Second FS> wColors System on dialog Wolfman1 22/01/2013523
filterscript(other) Textdraw On player connect and on player disconnect Wolfman1 22/01/20131343
filterscript(other) Flying tank bug fixer return0 21/01/2013329
filterscript(systems) Advanced AFK System / AAS [1.0] Harry :) 21/01/2013716
filterscript(other) Easy editable radio script iGamerX 20/01/2013436
filterscript(other) citizens (npc's) hiddebas 20/01/20131397
filterscript(systems) Mgd-AFK System mgd 19/01/2013442
filterscript(systems) tAxI's XVM System (menu version) (Xtreme Vehicle Management) CJay9209 19/01/2013969
filterscript(other) classic speedometer Mr_Zlodei 19/01/20131698
filterscript(other) So sorry wrong section >>>Gamemode section :) shadyahmed614 19/01/2013338
filterscript(other) [Question]Plssss Help Me acajoksa 19/01/2013310
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filterscript(systems) Away from keyboard system | by ~JIC~ Xjeaniscrazzyx 19/01/2013530
filterscript(other) (un)cuff By For Cops and Robbers - by mgd mgd 19/01/2013971
filterscript(other) 100% accurate s0b detector Mean 18/01/2013408
filterscript(other) Connection Messages via TD RealCop228 18/01/2013378
filterscript(other) Announce Command [by mgd first work] mgd 18/01/20131014
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filterscript(other) New on GTA SA-MP SonOussi 18/01/2013395
filterscript(other) +[Map] Krusty Krab (SpongeBob) Essle 18/01/2013614
filterscript(other) Power man 1.0 <zcmd> anybox 17/01/2013424
filterscript(other) Fun Little Script yourfunworld 17/01/2013786
filterscript(systems) [0.3x] Model Preview Admin system with about 14 commands (Will be updated with time) Rajat_Pawar 15/01/20131351
filterscript(systems) [Request]: Specific dynamic businesses and houses system I remember had here slerox 15/01/20131049
filterscript(other) Need gunfire indicator script Toast_MacTavish 14/01/2013351
filterscript(other) /vmodel, /mission Cyber94 14/01/20131126
filterscript(other) Saveable Player Attachments Richie© 14/01/20131409
filterscript(other) UnDrive-By AirKite 14/01/2013407
filterscript(other) Simple Weapon Shop BodyBoardVEVO 13/01/2013829
filterscript(other) Quero Por No Roda Pé casa id vip ouro Smoking_Script 13/01/20131299
filterscript(systems) AntiPing System [ Dialogs ][ User Friendly ] RaZzZzoR 13/01/2013671
filterscript(systems) New Weed System [ Made for RavensRP ] UnknownGamer 12/01/20131332
filterscript(other) GarSkin v1.1 - Skin Selection Menu Garsino 12/01/20132211
filterscript(other) Speedometer with carname, engine and doors status x96664 12/01/20132106
filterscript(systems) RaFaeL's ATM system (Good for RP) Swimor 11/01/20132010
filterscript(other) [0.3x RC1+] Zamaroht TextDraw Editor with Model Previews adri1 11/01/20139272
filterscript(other) XDrift modified [+25 objects] Must see!! CBCandyBoy 11/01/2013546
filterscript(systems) Marihuana System RodriiK 11/01/2013995
filterscript(other) Police Spikes filterscript - by Templar37 Templar37 10/01/2013524
filterscript(systems) trablon's Meeting System with mySQL(For RPG servers) trablon 10/01/2013537
filterscript(systems) Weapon System [Basic] nor15 10/01/2013611
filterscript(other) SetPlayerAttachedObject - Aim Fix return0 10/01/2013765
filterscript(other) Speedometer Basic Diogo123 10/01/20131302
filterscript(systems) tAdmin - Many Commands - VIP System - Much more Thour57 10/01/20131373
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filterscript(systems) Leans Simple Adminsystem. lean1337 09/01/2013416
filterscript(systems) N-Level System [Simple] Unirom Shaw 09/01/2013924
filterscript(systems) New Drink System By Giannissofos Giannissofos2 08/01/20131089
filterscript(systems) Registration Accounts System (Dof2, Recovery password via email) Schocc 08/01/20131337
filterscript(other) Simple Score/Cash/Name Textdraw pds2012 07/01/20131919
filterscript(other) Apartment buildings radiobizza 07/01/2013605
filterscript(other) Connection time of a player CR7KeS 07/01/2013335
filterscript(other) AdvLog+ (Revision 3) (MySQL + SQLite Supported) ViruZz 07/01/2013398
filterscript(other) Las Venturas Deathmatch[WIP/?] Alex Magaña 07/01/2013370
filterscript(other) BlackHawk's | Vehicle Menu v1.0 xBlackHawk 07/01/2013519
filterscript(other) Simple Sync Filterscript Ped_Dep1 07/01/2013355
filterscript(systems) Clothing System fanta291327 07/01/20131198
filterscript(other) Automatic Velocity Vehicle. Right-Left... adri1 07/01/2013537
filterscript(other) Justin Bieber MP3 player. Piderast 06/01/2013537
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filterscript(other) Simple Clothe's buying fanta291327 06/01/2013364
filterscript(other) Arme réaliste ! EvoRoleplay 06/01/20131323
filterscript(other) Anti Team-Killing ajam123 06/01/20131192
filterscript(other) DeathMatch/Racing/HideAndSeek FS + Map fanta291327 06/01/2013416
filterscript(systems) Car System for SaMp By Itay